How To Spot Fake YSL Sunset Bag

How To Spot Fake YSL Sunset Bag

To authenticate a classic YSL Sunset bag you should start by observing the overall look method with its shape, corners, and overall quality. Then, move onto observing the bag from the side followed by analyzing the Saint Laurent logo. Then, check the leather attachment and the pocket. Don't forget to analyze the magnetic closure and the label. Finally, end the authentication process by checking the paperwork.

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YSL Sunset Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

If we take a look at the shape of these models, we'll notice how the replica YSL bag has a different shape in comparison to the original one: the top part of the flap isn't supposed to be as narrow as it is in this case but rather the same width as the bottom.

The corners of the counterfeit bag are also supposed to be sharper instead of round as shown in the picture.

Overall, the counterfeit bag has a cheap look whereas the original one looks exquisite and expensive. 

YSL Sunset Bag Authentication

Fake YSL Sunset Bag: The Side Method

Let's observe the bag from the side. 

We love how flawless the bottom edge of each section is in the left picture, whereas the replica failed to do so: the bottom edges are supposed to be curvy and not squiggly as shown in the picture. This detail takes away a few points from its exquisiteness. 

Another major problem with the counterfeit YSL bag is the flap: it is supposed to be bigger, almost reaching the bottom edge of the bag and not so small reaching the front part mid-way. 

We'd say the replica bag is almost unwearable with its major issues.

Fake YSL Sunset Bag

How To Legit Check YSL Sunset Bag: The YSL Logo Method

Honestly, if the logo is messed up by the counterfeit brand then no matter how flawless everything is it's too obvious that we are looking at a replica.

Notice how the surface of each letter on the original logo is flat whereas the replica ones look bumpy and weird giving the logo a different look.

The difference also appears in the "italic" effect: the original logo is more tilt on the side.

The overall color of the fake logo is different.

We should mention a few words on the flap texture too: even though the original flap is also covered in the square-like pattern, the replica flap is covered in smaller and embossed sections.

How To Legit Check Chanel Sunset Bag

How To Spot Fake YSL Sunset Bag: The Leather Attachment Method

This leather attachment that comes with a bag also needs to be analyzed carefully.

Even though the original attachment is covered with a pattern doesn't mean that putting any shapes on the surface will create the same look. The surface of the replica attachment looks as if the creator of it wanted to draw balloons and did it unsuccessfully.

We should say a few words on the lettering too: while the letters on the authentic piece are symmetrical and thick, they are all asymmetrical, narrower, and thinner in the right picture.

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How To Spot Fake Chanel Sunset Bag

YSL Sunset Bag Real Vs Fake: The Pocket Method

Let's open the bag and take a look at the pocket.

You might have already noticed how thick the thread was used creating the stitches on the authentic pocket, whereas the counterfeit stitching is done with thin thread that doesn't secure the pieces as well. Besides that, each stitch is sloppy, asymmetrical, and loose so we can't count much on its solidness. 

The lettering is done in ridiculously big and thin letters that give the model a cheap look when they are supposed to be small but bold and thick.

YSL Sunset Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake YSL Sunset Bag: The Magnetic Closure Method

This magnetic closure makes it safer for you to carry your personal belongings around.

The replica piece is much shinier and smoother than it should be as the original one is matte and grainy. 

The middle part of the original closure isn't flat but rather bumpy and the counterfeit brand should have copied so.

Letters on the fake piece are much bigger again when they need to be smaller and thinner just as shown in the left picture.

Real Vs Fake Chanel Sunset Bag

How To Tell If YSL Sunset Bag Is Fake: The Label Method

While the authentic label is a perfect rectangle, the replica one seems to be asymmetrical.

There seems to be some kind of an obsession with the counterfeit brand with shiny items as the label is shiny too just like in other parts of the bag when there is no need of having that effect. 

Letters in the right picture are bigger and bolder than they are supposed to be.

Lastly, the stitching that isn't following a straight line is also a major problem.

How To Tell If Chanel Sunset Bag Is Fake

Legit Check YSL Sunset Bag: The Paperwork Method

Whenever you purchase your Saint Laurent bag or another item, the paperwork comes with it. Sometimes counterfeit brands don't even include them, sometimes they do to fool their customers into thinking that they got the authentic piece which is wrong.

You might have already noticed how asymmetrically the replica cards are cut out when they need to be as straight as the ones shown in the left picture.

Letters are pale and asymmetrically written too which also indicates the fakeness of the model.

Legit Check Chanel Sunset Bag

Is YSL Sunset a classic bag?

Absolutely! If you are searching for a bag that is chic, stylish, and will stand the test of time, then getting a YSL Sunset bag is a great idea. You can use them daily and even for a night out; it's perfect for any occasion!

Is YSL Sunset bag durable?

It is. If you want to have an extra layer of protection we recommend getting a model in a crocodile-embossed style which is scratch-resistant and it makes a perfect model for daily use.

Where can I get a YSL Sunset bag authenticated?

“Help will always be given at Hogwarts, Harry, to those who ask for it.” Couldn’t agree more with Dumbledore. If you still need professional help, you can always get it at LegitGrails, all you need to do is reach out, and use our authentication services. Check it out: YSL legit check.

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