How To Spot Fake YSL NIKI Medium Bag

How To Spot Fake YSL NIKI Medium Bag

To authenticate Saint Laurent Niki Medium we would recommend starting by analyzing the overall look method where you get to observe the leather, flap, and stitching. The Yves Saint Laurent logo is as important to check as the magnetic closure, which is a hidden detail. Make sure to observe the chain, zipper, strap, and labels that are vital when it comes to authenticating a Yves Saint Laurent bag.

Follow these 9 methods closely.

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YSL NIKI Medium Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Yves Saint Laurent NIKI medium is exquisite with its crinkled vintage leather.

For some reason, the leather used by the replica factories is not as wrinkly but rather smooth which is a huge flaw.

The original flap is bigger and the stitching should be pointed out too: while each line is symmetrical and neat in the left picture, the stitches are asymmetrical and sloppy on the fake Yves Saint Laurent.

YSL NIKI Medium Bag Authentication

How To Legit Check YSL NIKI Medium Bag: The YSL Logo Method

What is a Saint Laurent bag without its iconic YSL logo? We agree it wouldn't be as elegant. 

Each corner of the metal on the original Yves Saint Laurent bag is well defined and squared whereas the edges in the right picture have an unfinished, "melted" look.

We have already mentioned the crinkliness of the authentic leather which still has shininess to it. On the other hand, the leather on the replica Yves Saint Laurent NIKI looks like dried earth with clefts.

How To Legit Check YSL NIKI Medium Bag

Fake YSL NIKI Medium Bag: The Magnetic Closure Method

The authentic magnetic closure of the Saint Laurent Niki bag typically features matte, sanded metal with the Saint Laurent lettering. However, it's important to note that variations can occur in the production process. For instance, the color and finish of the metal parts may change depending on factors such as the season, supplier, and production cycle.

In addition to the texture, the font of the lettering is also a distinguishing factor. On authentic closures, each letter tends to be thick, wide, and deeply engraved, whereas on counterfeit versions, this level of detail may be lacking.

It's worth mentioning that the production of luxury bags has evolved, with some brands opting for mass production to reduce costs and maximize profits. This shift can lead to inconsistencies in the manufacturing process, resulting in differences in the appearance of certain features like the magnetic closure.

Fake YSL NIKI Medium Bag

Fendi YSL NIKI Medium Bag Real Vs Fake: The Chain Method

Saint Laurent bags are distinguished with their unique chains.

The fake chain is flat and it does not replicate the same dimensional shape as it is in the left picture: thick, wide chain elements with sanded, matte effect.

Apart from the handle, we should mention ring-shaped metal with Yves Saint Laurent lettering too- while it is flat in the right picture, the original ring is dimensional with a rounded surface.

Because of the details mentioned above, the placing of words is different in both cases: While the wide letters are put straight on the replica surface, they take the whole round space in the left picture.

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Fendi YSL NIKI Medium Bag Real VS Fake

Real Vs Fake YSL NIKI Medium Bag: The Puller Method

The next detail we will be analyzing in Saint Laurent bags is the puller method.

It is vital to search for the differences everywhere.

The authentic puller is narrow and long with very neat stitching that is secure. On the other hand, the fake puller is wider, shorter with asymmetrical and loosened stitching that might come off any time. 

For some reason, the fake one is bulkier too when it is supposed to be flat just as shown in the left photo.

Colors are different too- the original puller is pitch-black, whereas the fake one is silver.

The replica font is larger and wider too.

Real VS Fake YSL NIKI Medium Bag

How To Tell If YSL NIKI Medium Bag Is Fake: The Shoulder Strap Method

The shoulder strap is as important to check as any other method. 

As already mentioned previously, the crinkled vintage leather that we see on the authentic model is replicated poorly in the right picture.

A few words should be mentioned about the font too: while small and narrow engraved letters blend in well with the background on the authentic strap, they have a completely different look in the right picture: each letter is bigger, wider, and paler rather than pitch-black.

How To Tell If YSL NIKI Medium Bag Is Fake

Legit Check YSL NIKI Medium Bag: The Serial Number Tag Method

Let's analyze the serial number tag now.

Each number and letter on the authentic tag blend in well with the background as they are smoothly engraved in the leather. On the other hand, each detail on the fake tag is bigger and differently shaped. You can clearly see these differences on the "Made in Italy" text.

Shapes of tags themselves are different in both cases too: the tag of the fake YSL bag is wider with rounded corners when it's supposed to be pointy just as shown in the left picture.

Legit Check YSL NIKI Medium Bag

How To Spot Fake YSL NIKI Medium: The Zipper Method

It has to be said that each detail on the authentic model complements each other.

For example, in this case, the authentic zipper color goes well with other details of the Yves Saint Laurent bag whereas the fake zipper is pale silver which makes the model look cheap overall.

Each tooth of the original zipper on the YSL Bag is shorter and closer to each other, which means that the slider will move smoothly. The same thing can not be said about the situation in the right picture.

The fonts are different in these cases too: While each letter is small and symmetrical to one another on the authentic pocket, they are super large and differently colored on the replica.

How To Spot Fake YSL NIKI Medium

Real VS Fake YSL NIKI Medium: The Label Method

The last method we will be talking about today is the label method. 

Even though it might seem that there are a lot of details, stick with us for this last step and you will be able to do the authentication by yourself.

First things first, the shape of the label; as you can already see, each side of the original label is perfectly even whereas on the fake YSL bag they are bent and just not what they are supposed to be.

The fake Saint Laurent lettering is done in silver and the letters are super big without any given reason when they are supposed to be small, symmetrical, and golden.

Real VS Fake YSL NIKI Medium

How do I spot fake Yves Saint Laurent NIKI Medium?

After completing these 9 methods, you will have just enough knowledge to tell the original and the fake apart. Follow the instructions very carefully and closely!

Is Yves Saint Laurent NIKI in the medium worth it?

Absolutely! With its crinkled vintage leather, the Yves Saint Laurent bag is super durable so we would recommend getting it if you are extremely careful with the stitches. Its iconic look is not even worth mentioning.

In Conclusion…

After following this guide, you will be able to legit check Yves Saint Laurent NIKI in the medium by yourself. We don’t think that it will be necessary, but if you still have questions to clarify some details, then we would encourage you to reach out and ask our expert team anything. If you need your item professionally authenticated then you are more than welcome to use our Saint Laurent authentication services available 24/7!

Get To Know If Your YSL NIKI Medium Bag Is Real

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