How To Spot Fake Celine Teen Box Bag

How To Spot Fake Celine Teen Box Bag

To authenticate a Celine Bag at home easily you should start by observing the leather quality, stitching, and buckle. observe the little details like width, outlines, shoulder strap and label as they are as vitally important as any other step. Remember, you might find the most differences in the places you don't expect them to be.

Now let’s start analyzing Celine bags.

How to legit check Celine Teen Box Bag?

Celine Teen Box Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

There is no doubt that the overall shape of the authentic model is cute and practical at the same time. Let's compare these two pictures:

If you look closely you'll notice how the measurements of the fake bag are different from the original: the flap is smaller with almost a straight bottom when it's supposed to be curvy just as shown in the left picture.
Stitching should be mentioned too- a detail that gives the replica away immediately. As you might have noticed, each stitch on the authentic model is symmetrically and nicely done whereas they are almost impossible to see on the replica: the thread is too thin and we doubt its durability too.
The quality of the closure is also different but we'll talk about it more in the next method.

Celine Teen Box Bag Authentication

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Fake Celine Teen Box Bag: The Closure Method

The closure is a very important detail of this model: something that makes the whole thing come together.

The original buckle has a grainy texture but smooth surface whereas the replica looks almost worn-out with its pale spots. The fake closure is more square-shaped rather than a rectangle.
We want you to also take a look at the width of both buckles: the replica has two "layers" when the bottom one is supposed to be hidden underneath the flap.
The screw part that connects the pieces is bigger on the fake model too. Fake Celine Teen Box Bag

How To Spot Fake Celine Teen Box: The Side Method

Measurements were not taken into mind in this case either.
The authentic bag is more spacious- you might ask how can we tell- well, the width of it is wider than it is on the replica. If a bag does not have a room inside of it then what's the point?

Neat stitching on the authentic shoulder strap needs to be observed as well.
The flap connection to the bag is curvier on the replica bag too.

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How To Spot Fake Celine Teen Box

Celine Teen Box Bag Real Vs Fake: The Bottom Method

The outline of the authentic model is not as obvious as it is on the fake bag: the quality of the outline material is different from the original leather.
A few words on the stitching too: a bag needs to have neat stitching that will truly keep the whole thing together. This is not the case on the fake model where the stitching is too sloppy.
Want to learn more about how to authenticate designer bags? Check out these pages:

Celine Teen Box Bag Real VS Fake

Real Vs Fake Celine Teen Box Bag: The Label Method

Let's analyze the differences in the labels.
First of all, the font- the authentic letters are small and thin whereas on the fake model they are wide and bolder too.
Apart from it, the second E in the right picture is supposed to have an accent.
In this case, the replica factories did a better job in stitching but keep in mind that we are searching for what is different, not what is good looking. Real VS Fake Celine Teen Box Bag

How To Tell If Celine Teen Box Bag Is Fake: The Font Method

We should take a look at the font closely.
In this case, the letters on the authentic bag are small but thick and bold whereas they are super thin, big, and overall differently shaped.
The differences can be both seen on "Celine" and "Paris" How To Tell If Celine Teen Box Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Celine Teen Box Bag: The Pocket Method

It is as important to check the interior pocket as any other step.

As you can see, the leather used for the replica pocket is smoother with just a little bit of grain when it is supposed to be textured and rough just as shown in the left picture.
The engraved "Made in Italy" is thin and rounded whereas on the fake bag are all capital letters with sharper shapes.

Legit Check Celine Teen Box Bag

How To Legit Check Celine Teen Box: The Paperwork Method

If you buy a bag and it comes with a bunch of paper-work don't be super convinced that you are holding an authentic model.
Just as shown in this comparison the fake bag came with several "documents" just to fool the buyers. Don't get caught in a trap, follow the authentication process and see if the bag has the authentic features.

How To Legit Check Celine Teen Box

Is the Celine Box bag worth it?

With its timeless design, the Celine Box bag can be more than worth it. If you are looking for a stylish bag that can be used daily then Celine bags are the way to go.

How can I tell if my Celine bag is real?

If the methods mentioned in our guide are followed closely then telling a fake bag from the original is very easy. Observe the details like stitching, leather quality, fonts, and pockets.

Where can I get my Celine Teen Box Authenticated?

If you still are doubting yourself then we would recommend you to reach out via live chat and use our legit check services with the fastest turnaround time! Check out Celine bags authentication service: Celine legit check.

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