Nordstrom Rack Review 2024 - Legit or Not?


If you are a budget fashionista you must have heard of Nordstrom Rack. It's the lower price section of Nordstrom, which is a high-end store. Nordstrom Rack provides trendy and designer clothing, shoes, and other fashion accessories at  discounted prices. But the question is whether Nordstrom Rack is legit or not. For that reason, in this review, we will take a closer look at their products and other related facts to help you decide if Nordstrom Rack is legit or not.

Nordstrom Rack has been in business for more than 50 years and has over 250 stores in the United States. The reason why Nordstrom Rack is so famous is their discounts, offering 30%-70% off the original price. However, this is the reason why some may ask "Is Nordstrom Rack legit?". So let's dive deep to find out the truth about Nordstrom Rack.

About Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is the off-price division of Nordstrom. It was founded in 1973 and since then Nordstrom Rack stores have had a special place in discount hunters hearts. The company is mainly owned by Nordstrom but there is no reason to think that both are the same. In 1973 Nordstrom Rack was opened as a clearance center for Nordstrom and since then it has increased so much that they have more than 250 stores in the United States. Nordstrom Rack sells designer clothing, shoes, and other fashion accessories. The best thing about Nordstrom Rack is its discounts and sales. Nordstrom Rack works as a clearance center for Nordstrom so they sell the products of the previous season at a much lower price. They offer a 30%-70% discount on items that are from previous seasons and that is the reason people like Nordstrom Rack so much. In short, Nordstrom Rack is a go-to destination for discount lovers.

Is Nordstrom Rack Legit?

Nordstrom Rack is surely a favorite place for discount hunters but is the department store legit or not? Well, they usually sell products that didn’t sell in Nordstrom. This is the reason why Nordstrom Rack can sell products at a much lower price. But alongside Nordstrom, they also sell products from other brands as well. But how can they sell products at such a discounted price compared to other luxury brands?

This is the reason why people wonder if Nordstrom Rack is legit or not. Also, there are some customers who have faced problems while buying designer clothing from Nordstrom Rack. They stated that the product was different from the real designer product and the quality was also poor.

In 2019 there was a lawsuit where the store claims they use false reference prices to advertise their sales. In the Nordstrom Rack advertisements, they offer a compared price which is totally misleading. Plaintiff Erin King stated that the compared prices shown in the advertisements are totally false and are not compared to any actual price. This is part of marketing where they show huge discounts to influence the customers to buy their products.

However, the price comparison scam is proven but there is no solid proof of Nordstrom Rack selling fake products. Also, Nordstrom Rack is quite a marketplace for other brands so there is no guarantee that all of their products are legit. So the question of whether Nordstrom Rack is legit or not still remains an unsolved mystery.

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How are Prices at Nordstrom Rack Prices?

Nordstrom Rack is always flexing about their discounts and sales. It is true that they offer huge discounts like 30%-70%, they also run some sales where prices are really low. There are enough reasons why Nordstrom Rack can sell items at such a discounted price. First of all, it is the clearance center for Nordstrom stores. The items sold in Nordstrom Rack are mainly the products that are unsold in Nordstrom stores. They also sell designer clothing and branded products that are from the previous season. Also, Nordstrom Rack changes their collection very frequently and this is a big reason why their prices are so low. They always make space for new collections so they sell previous ones at a discount.

This is true that most of the Nordstrom Rack products are deeply discounted but some products might be the same price as other retailers. All over, prices at Nordstrom Rack are lower than at Nordstrom and most other places.

Clearance clothing on a rack

Does Nordstrom Rack Have Good Customer Service?

Nordstrom Rack has a huge fanbase of discount shoppers. Their customers love their discounts on designer and branded items. According to Nordstrom Rack, they have a pretty promising return policy for their customers. Nordstrom Rack says they have a 45 days return policy but many customers have faced problems with it. They stated that Nordstrom Rack uses a hidden return policy of 30 days which is written in a very small and light letter on the receipt. Also, there is no way to exchange the returned items, all they do is refund. This might be because of their product shortage but customers do not like the idea of refunding instead of exchanging their products.

Aside from the return policy issues, the customers are not very happy with the service. It seems like Nordstrom Rack does not care about its customers and all they think about is selling products. Many customers have complained about Nordstrom Rack’s customer service. Customers stated that online orders take more than the estimated time and that they get no response regarding the issues. Buyers also complain about wrong orders. Many customers have received wrong orders and had to repay the shipping charges. Some of them have received the wrong item more than 5 times and Nordstrom Rack executives did nothing about it.

The worst thing to customers is Nordstrom Rack's pickup fees. Customers have to pay around 9.95$ for picking up the order from the store on online orders. Some customers tried to contact support after their shipment was missing but they were unable to contact them online or by phone.

However, not every customer is unsatisfied with their service. Some customers are satisfied with Nordstrom Rack's service and they appreciate it. But most of the Nordstrom Rack customers demand better customer service and return policy.

Nordstrom Rack Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews tell a lot about a company. Just like that Nordstrom Rack customer reviews also describe a lot about their service. Nordstrom Rack's customer reviews are wild and it will make you wonder if really Is nordstrom rack authentic or not. According to Sitejabber, one of the biggest customer reviewing websites, Nordstrom Rack has 2.46 starts. The majority of reviews are 1 star and people are furious about many issues with Nordstrom Rack. and Most of the Nordstrom Rack reviews are negative.

Some reviews say that their Final sale is a joke. If the item is defective there is no way to return it. Products sold in these big sales are low quality and it is a bad deal for the customers.

One customer also stated that Nordstrom rack delivered worn, strained, and smelly garments with no tag. When they tried to contact the customer service Nordstrom Racks supervisor kept her on hold and never connected the call to the customer service. The cloth smelled of cigarettes and the customer's family was feeling sick of it. That customer had to return it to the store and the employees had no idea how it was shipped to their house. The customer felt that the employee lacked empathy and they were unable to assist the customer.

Another review also says Nordstrom Rack has a hidden return policy of 30 days printed in very small and light letters. They state that this is a scam of Nordstrom Rack that they use for their profit. The shocking news is some customers have faced racism as well. A customer states that one of their employees did not assist them because of her daughter's look.

These were all the negative reviews that showed the dark and unsolved side of Nordstrom Rack. Along with the negative reviews, there are some positive reviews as well. Those reviews stated that they had an excellent time shopping in Nordstrom Rack and the employees helped them a lot. They are happy with the prices and sales and some of these 5-star reviews are about thanking some specific employees.

Overall, it seems like customers are happy with the price but they are disappointed with the customer service. Some of the customers are so disappointed that they encourage others to not buy from Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom Rack has to fix those issues or it might push them toward big losses in the future.

Yelp reviews of Nordstrom Rack

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nordstrom Rack the same as Nordstrom?

Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack are owned by the same company but they are not the same. Nordstrom is a fashion retailer that sells designer clothing, bags, shoes, and other fashion accessories. Nordstrom sells the latest and trendy items at a high price. On the other hand, Nordstrom Rack sells products that are returned, unsold, or overstocked in Nordstrom. Nordstrom Rack sells these products at discounted prices and they work as the clearance center for Nordstrom. At Nordstrom Rack, you can find products from previous fashion seasons at a higher discount.

In simple words, Nordstrom is a place for people who are ready to pay the price for the latest and trendy items. And Nordstrom Rack is a place for people who like quick and cheap shopping.

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Does Nordstrom Rack sell real brands?

Most of the Nordstrom Rack products are from the Nordstrom store. Nordstrom sells authentic and branded items which have been proven before. But the problem is not all of Nordstrom Rack's products are from Nordstrom, they also sell other brand's products. So it is hard to say that all the brands sold by Nordstrom Rack are real. But most brands sold by Nordstrom Rack are real.

Why are clothes cheaper at Nordstrom Rack?

Everyone knows that clothes in Nordstrom Rack are cheaper than in other places. But very few know why they are so cheap. Nordstrom Rack is actually the clearance store of Nordstrom, items that are unsold and overstocked in Nordstrom are sold in Nordstrom Rack. This is one of the key reasons why clothes are cheaper at Nordstrom Rack. Another thing about Nordstrom Rack is they sell designer clothes from the previous seasons and sell them for a lower price. Also, Nordstrom Rack updates their collection on a regular basis so they sell the last ones at huge discounts.

Is Nordstrom Rack selling returned items?

Yes, Nordstrom Rack sells returned items from Nordstrom. This way they do not have much effect on their profit margin. Nordstrom Rack is owned by Nordstrom and they sell Nordstrom products to clear their unwanted items. Some items sold in Nordstrom Rack might be returned by customers in Nordstrom. But the good news is Nordstrom Rack says they have a quality control team to check the quality of returned products and to make decisions before selling them.

Conclusion - Legit or Not?

Nordstrom Rack is famous for their discounted prices and their open business strategy. Nordstrom Rack runs regular sales and gives a 30%-70% discount depending on the product. Some customers are happy with the product pricing and others are disappointed with the customer service. In this Nordstrom Rack review, we mentioned many important points to find out whether Nordstrom Rack is legit or not.

Well after all this research we have come to the conclusion that Nordstrom Rack is officially legit, but they have many issues going on. Their customer service is bad and they think about business more than their customers. They also sell products of other brands and sometimes the quality drops by a lot. So this was totally our opinion, and no matter what we say, always check the products before buying and make sure to do your own research.

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