Nordstrom Review 2024 - Legit or not?

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Nordstrom is a high-end luxury American retailer that specializes in clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company has been around over one hundred years and has a reputation for offering high-quality products. The real question is, is Nordstrom legit or not? Well, the straight answer is yes, however there has been much speculation around this question and answer. In this article we will look into what Nordstrom customers have to say about Nordstrom’s prices and customer service.

About Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a leading luxury fashion retailer based in the US and Canada. They Have an online presence and are able to ship to many parts of the world. Nordstrom offers compelling clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids. The company was founded in 1901, a first store opened in Seattle originally by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin in Seattle, Washington. The company began as a shoe store and gradually expanded into clothing and accessories.

As of 2021, Nordstrom had been in the market for over 120 years and has become one of the largest and most successful department stores in the United States. They offer a wide range of products, including men's and women's apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, and home furnishings. Nordstrom also operates its own restaurants and coffee shops within some of its stores, which gives customers a unique shopping experience.

So how successful is Nordstrom as a business? Well, in 2022, Nordstrom’s global revenue amounted to 15.1 US billion dollars. Does this mean that all of these figures were a result of legit product? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Nordstrom was once ridiculed for selling a 425 dollar pair of jeans which were stained with fake mud! The stained jeans originate from a New-York luxury denim brand, PRPS. Nordstrom’s description of the brand even boasted that the jeans were 'crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you're not afraid to get down and dirty'. This is just one speculation out of the many where customers felt their legitimate clothing may not be so worth it, and may not deserve their label as authentic. I mean, would you buy these?

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Over the years, Nordstrom has faced some controversy over allegations of selling counterfeit designer goods. Authentic or not? In 2016, the company settled a lawsuit with luxury brand Burberry, which had accused Nordstrom of selling fake Burberry merchandise. Nordstrom denied the allegations but agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to settle the case.

Is Nordstrom Legit?

Yes, Nordstrom is a legitimate and reputable department store.

Nordstrom is known for its high-quality products, excellent customer service, and a wide range of products, including clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, and home goods. The company is quoted to withhold an excellent reputation for customer-service and takes any complaints or issues with products very seriously, however some online reviews state differently, we will dive into this further on. With more than 350 physical locations, Nordstrom also has a strong online presence and offers a seamless shopping experience both at their physical locations and online store. However, just as you should with any online retailer, you should be super careful to protect your personal data and your finances when shopping digitally.

Nordstrom has an effective, thorough process to ensure that their items are being sold legitimately, authentically and of highest quality. Nordstrom also works closely with the brands they service and ensure they have a team of buyers who carefully review and select the products. If you ever have concerns or queries about a product purchased then their customer service team will be at your disposal for assistance. Nordstrom has received numerous awards and accolades for their business practices and customer service, further cementing their legitimacy and reputation as a trustworthy brand.

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Are Nordstrom Prices Fair?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by consumers. Whilst this is a subjective question and the answer will differ from person to person, it’s important to weigh out the factors. We will examine a few factors to see if Nordstrom’s prices are reasonable or not.

Firstly, it is important to consider the quality of the products that will be sold by Nordstrom, whether they are legit or not being included. Nordstrom is known for sourcing and selling high-end, designer brands. High-end, designer brands are often sold for a higher price because of the quality and the craftsmanship, time and excellence gone into the making.

Whilst some may believe once you pay for a designer product, you are paying for the label, or as some may say, the ‘status’, you are also paying for the high level of quality that the brand is known for in the industry. This can, of course, drive the prices of products up, however some individuals are super happy to pay this, knowing what has been put into their purchase. High quality garments and products are also known to have a long life-expectancy, being the fact that they are made with quality and accuracy.

The market demand for products that Nordstrom sells is another key factor to weigh up when deciding whether their prices are fair. Because Nordstrom sells luxury brands, the market and consumer demand for these products can be a high desire for the consumers, and therefore command a higher price. When Nordstrom is selling limited edition items, this is sure to reflect in the prices, which could result in an increase. This isn’t necessarily because of the production of the product, but more so because of the rareness of the product. This is another factor of where consumers could query Nordstrom’s products as over-priced.

Customer service and satisfaction is also a large factor of why prices at Nordstrom may be ‘higher’. Nordstrom is known for their excellent customer service and quality, this involves their generous return policies, free shipping and free returns, and their personal styling services. Sustainability and ethical sourcing is also a key factor of Nordstrom’s values, this can be a factor in price increase. While these values may not directly impact the consumer, it shows the dedication and thought put into each product.

Nordstrom offers seasonal sales, where they carefully select each sale line. They also offer discounts for frequent, loyal customers who hold a Nordstrom credit card, which will make consumers feel valued. Nordstrom also holds a rewards program which offers points for every purchase. This can be redeemed for future discounts. These particular promotions can help Nordstrom’s consumers have access to more reasonable prices. Lastly, they have an off-price department called Nordstrom Rack where the prices are more down-to-earth.

Whether or not Nordstrom’s prices are fair, is a matter of subjective choice. Many will deem prices as high whereas others may be fully satisfied with the price ranges, being aware of the quality and level of service provided.

A Nordstrom previous customer once quoted, ‘I love the products at Nordstrom, but I cannot justify spending so much money on them. The prices are just too high.’

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Inside the Nordstrom store

How is Nordstrom Customer Service?

As we approach the topic of customer service at Nordstrom, it’s super important to recognise that they are known as one of the best in the retail industry. The company has a reputation for going above and beyond for the benefit of their consumers. This is reflected in many reviews, one review quoted, ‘Nordstrom has always been my go-to store for the best customer service. They truly go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. Another wrote, ‘Nordstrom customer service is top-notch. They really care about their customers and it shows!’

Nordstrom’s commitment to their customer service shows thoroughly through their return policy. They have a generous return policy that allows customers to return items at any time, for any reason! Nordstrom quote, ‘We handle returns on a case-by-case basis with the priority of making our customers happy. We stand behind our goods and services and want our customers to be satisfied with them. We will always do our best to take care of customers - our philosophy is to deal with them fairly and reasonably.’

Further to Nordstrom’s return policy, they are known for their fast and efficient customer support. Many customers have reported to receive quick, reliable and helpful responses when they reach out to Nordstrom’s customer service team. One customer quoted. ‘I had a question about a product I was interested in and their customer support team got back to me within an hour with a helpful and informative response.’

Overall, it is clear that Nordstrom puts excellent customer service first. Whether it is through their generous return policy, their efficient customer support, or dealing with customers fairly and reasonably, Nordstrom is dedicated to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their overall interaction with the store. As one customer quotes, ‘Nordstrom is more than just a store, it’s a company that truly cares about their customers. I will always be a loyal Nordstrom shopper because of their commitment to customer service.’

What do Nordstrom Customers Say?

While Nordstrom is generally known for its excellent customer service, there are some negative reviews written by customers that highlight areas where the company could improve. Most Nordstrom reviews, however, state how satisfied customers are.

One customer wrote:

"I reached out to Nordstrom's customer support team with a question, but they were not helpful at all. It was a frustrating experience and I felt like my concerns were not taken seriously."


The company, however, has got a reputation for going above and beyond to satisfy their customers, and this is reflected in the many positive reviews they receive.

One customer writes:

"Nordstrom has always been my go-to store for the best customer service. They truly go above and beyond to make sure you're happy with your purchase."


Another says:

"Nordstrom's customer service is top-notch. They really care about their customers and it shows."


Overall, customers are highly satisfied with Nordstrom’s stores and site and are pleased with the legitimacy of the products.

Nordstrom Yelp rating

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nordstrom a good brand?

Nordstrom is a respected and well-known brand in the retail industry. The company has a reputation for providing high-quality products, a wide range of products to choose from and excellent customer service. Nordstrom’s commitment to customer satisfaction is a key element in their values, this is definitely shown through their employees. Nordstrom has a well-established online presence and offers a smooth experience for their consumers.

Besides Nordstrom’s reputation for great customer service, they are also known for carrying a large variety of high-end luxury brands and products. Their garments are carefully crafted to ensure that consumers have access to the latest fashion styles, trends and moments, which are authentic. Nordstrom also places a big emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices. They have also made a commitment to reducing their environmental impact and supporting ethical factors within the industry.

Is Nordstrom considered high-end?

Nordstrom is considered a high-end retailer due to its reputation for carrying high-quality, luxury brands. The company’s garment selection includes a mixture of both mid-range and high end brands. They are however known for carrying more designer labels that scream with luxury and prestige.

From Nordstrom’s flagship store being located in Seattle in the downtown area, this also symbolizes luxury and sophistication. This, as a result, reflects onto their brand and reputation as a luxury, high-end retailer.

In addition to Nordstrom’s selection of luxury brands and well-known store locations, the company also offers a personal styling service and complimentary gift wrapping. This symbolizes luxury in many ways. This will also make consumers feel valued and unique.

In conclusion, while Nordstrom does carry a range of brands at different price points, the company’s reputation for luxury, high-end and quality has earned them a position as a high-end retailer in the minds of many.

Can I return Nordstrom products?

Nordstrom offers a very generous return policy where you can return most products for a full refund or exchange within 90 days of purchase. There are a few T&Cs to this policy, as you would expect. This includes final sale items, personalized items and a few beauty and health products.

Further to this, Nordstrom offers free returns by mail or in-store. This ensures that the process is convenient and hassle-free for consumers. Nordstrom’s commitment for customer satisfaction is at the core of their values and beliefs. This is structured to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their product purchase. Whether you are unhappy with the quality of a product, it doesn’t fit correctly, or you just simply changed your mind, Nordstrom’s return policy will ensure that each individual customer is satisfied. 

Another great thing about their return policy is that you can return products bought at Nordstrom to Nordstrom Rack locations.

Conclusion - Legit or Not?

In conclusion, Nordstrom is a legitimate, well-respected high-end retailer in the industry. With a long history of providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, Nordstrom has earned the trust and loyalty of many consumers universally. Nordstrom’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, as well as their outstanding return policy, to their process to ensure each item is legit and authentic.

Whether you are shopping in store or digital, Nordstrom is a company you can trust to ensure you have the best experience possible. We do recommend doing your own research before buying a product to ensure you are provided with your personal answers. LegitGrails provides luxury authentication services for anyone looking to check whether their item is legit, please do not hesitate to reach out, our team would be more than happy to assist your needs!

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