Purse Affair Review 2024 - Legit or Not?

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If you are a purse enthusiast, you have likely heard of The Purse Affair. This reputable company is renowned for offering an extensive collection of pre loved luxury and designer handbags such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Hermes. Their focus on second-hand items sets them apart from other companies in the industry, and they have gained recognition for their exceptional selection of pre-owned purses.

The Purse Affair not only sells second-hand purses but also offers watches and footwear. However, there have been rumors circulating about the authenticity of their designer purses. Despite this, The Purse Affair is a legitimate company. Nonetheless, we should look into this more in-depth.

In this article, we will present our research on  The Purse Affair and answer the question: is The Purse Affair legit or not? 

So without any further ado, let's jump into the world of purse affairs and discover the truth about them.

About The Purse Affair

The Purse Affair specializes in selling pre loved purses online. While other companies are famous for selling brand-new designer purses, The Purse Affair has gained its name by selling second-hand handbags. Aside from selling pre-owned purses, they also sell watches and footwear, but their main focus is designer bags. 

Established in Melbourne, Australia in 2016, The Purse Affair not only sells pre-owned designer bags, but also buys them from customers and resells them. They provide an easy and convenient option for people to sell their used bags and receive a decent amount in return.

By offering an online platform, The Purse Affair enables customers to conveniently purchase their desired designer purses from the comfort of their homes, regardless of their location. This allows them to reach a global customer base and offer a wide range of brands, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Dior, Cartier, Bvlgari, Van Cleef Arpels, and Saint Laurent. The Purse Affair's user-friendly website makes it easy for customers to browse and select their preferred brand and model.

They provide high-quality images and detailed information on every purse on their website. It allows the customers to choose from the best purses before buying them. Overall, The Purse Affair is a good place to buy pre loved designer purses. 

Is The Purse Affair Legit?

The Purse Affair has gained a lot of fame because of its unique business strategy and selling designer pre-owned purses worldwide. However, people always want to make sure they’re buying legit products. With so much fame and a huge amount of designer purse collections, there is also a question, is The Purse Affair legit or not? 

As we previously established, The Purse Affair is a legitimate business. They take great care to ensure the authenticity of the pre-owned designer handbags they sell. Before posting any product images, each item is meticulously checked by two highly trained authenticators, who inspect both the interior and exterior of the bag. 

The Purse Affair's professional authenticators pay close attention to details such as stitching, stamping, hardware, date codes, authenticity stamps, serial numbers, materials, and overall build. By conducting such thorough checks, they strive to ensure that their customers receive only genuine designer bags.

In the event that any details of a pre-owned luxury bag do not match the manufacturer's specifications, The Purse Affair does not post the product on their website. Instead, they return it to the original seller. This ensures that only authentic bags are offered to their customers. The Purse Affair also provides a lifetime return policy in the rare instance that a customer receives a fake product. This return policy provides a significant sense of relief to customers, as not all companies offer such guarantees.

But after all these guarantees, confusion still arises. Anyone can sell products to The Purse Affair, and The Purse Affair tries its best to provide authentic products. But what if a replica accidentally passes its quality check? So make sure to verify the products yourself to stay safe.

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Are The Purse Affair Prices Fair? 

The Purse Affair has a great presence selling pre-owned bags online. People buy pre-owned bags because brand-new designer purses cost a big amount. So when purchasing second-hand bags, everyone demands a fair price. Now the question is, are the prices in The Purse Affair fine? 

The Purse Affair has competitive pricing according to their prices and other policies. The Purse Affair buys designer bags, watches, and footwear at a lower price because they buy it from a customer, not an actual store. They also do not have outlets worldwide, and they are mainly online-based. So they do not have to spend big amounts on bills and taxes. And this is the reason they can sell designer bags and other fashion accessories at a low price. On top of that, The Purse Affair also gives occasional discounts on their products. 

Overall, designer purses and other fashion accessories at The Purse Affair are expensive compared to replicas and other local brands. But compared to the actual prices of the bags, they are cheap. So it is obvious that prices in The Purse Affair are fair.

Does The Purse Affair Have Good Customer Service?

So far, The Purse Affair is legit, and they have a good reputation among their customers. If we talk about their return policy, it is quite fair. Customers can get a refund if the details do not match the product image within seven days of receiving it. And on top of that, they provide a lifetime money-back guarantee if the product is fake. So overall the customers should expect a good experience if they choose to buy from The Purse Affair. But if the customer has a change of mind, something can be done; according to their policy, they only accept returns if everything is fine with the product.

The Purse Affair offers shipping in most countries in the world. Their shipping charges might increase if the product is too big, but they inform customers about it through email and seek confirmation. They offer free shipping inside Australia, and StarTrack Express does all of their shipping inside Australia. 

If we talk about the sellers who sell products in The Purse Affair, they are also quite satisfied. Sellers have to go through some procedures, and once the item is verified authentic, the seller gets paid. They also have terms and conditions on what items sellers can sell and the details they should have. Sellers must give information like Purchased year, Inclusions such as Receipt/Box/Dust Bag, Any known defects, and Purchase price (if known). After providing the photos and related information, the seller sends the bag, and once the bag is authenticated, The Purse Affair pays the seller. Sellers also receive a handsome amount in exchange for their slightly used bags.

Talking about customer care and live messaging service, The Purse Affair always prefers phone calls. Their messaging option is average, and they wait to reply but respond within a few hours. And their relationship with customers is quite good.

Overall, the customers are satisfied, and according to the policies, The Purse Affair has good customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns The Purse Affair?

Alex and Angela Leung founded The Purse Affair. This pair started a business that would let people have a hand on their desired bags and send their old ones to other people's homes. It is a perfect place for buyers and sellers, with competitive prices. This was a unique idea, and it clicked well.

Can I return an item on The Purse Affair?

Yes, you can return an item on The Purse Affair, but there are some limitations. The Purse Affair accepts returns and refunds if the product differs from what the website describes. In this case, the customer has to claim the refund within seven days of receiving the item. They do not refund if it is just a change of mind. They have a lifetime authenticity guarantee if the item is fake or faulty. 

Where is The Purse Affair based?

The Purse Affair is based in Melbourne, Australia. There they have two locations; one of them is located at 82 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, and the other one is located at 619 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster. However, most of their business is done online.

Conclusion - Legit or Not?

The Purse Affair is the favorite place for people who accept pre-owned bags at a lower price. They buy these bags from people who bought the purse from an actual brand outlet. This way, the seller can buy another designer purse, and the buyer can lay their hands on their desired bags. 

However, the actual question was, Is The Purse Affair authentic? After examining the website and other aspects, The Purse Affair is legit. However, there need to be more actual customer reviews and personal authentication. But The Purse Affair offers a money-back guarantee if the product is fake.

No matter what we say, always authenticate and buy real products. Do your research, contact through the phone number and email, and try to contact some actual customers. This way, there is no way to get scammed.

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