How to Spot Fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White

How to Spot Fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White

If you want to authenticate Yeezy 450 Cloud White, the main ways to do so are by verifying the knit material, the foam midsole, and the outsole. Additionally, do not forget the heel, fonts used on the size tag and the insole logos. Keep reading for more info!

How to legit check Yeezy 450 Cloud White?

Fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White: The midsole

Yeezy 450 Cloud White, which released on March 6th for a retail price of 200$, left people polarized. No doubt, the most unusual and controversial part is the claw-like foam midsole, wrapping around the entirety of the shoe. 

The first detail to point out is that the midsole kinda blends with the outsole, as they are the same material and color. If you compare the midsole and outsole of your shoe, you shouldn’t notice too much difference. 

The second point is the shape of the “claws”. Original Yeezy 450 pairs have a more prominent shape, with bigger and sharper claws. The fake Yeezy have their claws more smooth, more curved in shape, and overall smaller. However, the purpose of these claws ain't just the aesthetic. They are meant to give your foot support and necessary padding, since there isn’t any padding inside the sneaker. This is why they are rather hard and not really flexible. Replica Yeezy 450’s tend to give less support and wear out faster.

Fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White

Fake Vs Real Yeezy 450 Cloud White: The toe box

Talking about the toe box, we must first talk about the materials. Specifically, that is the primeknit upper. An interesting detail about this upper is that it gets thicker around the toe box and the heel to give more protection to these areas. Meanwhile the rest of the knit is a bit thinner and more breathable, as well as making the shoe more lightweight and easy to wear. 

The knit material is very thick and durable, so you can walk around in these comfortably and not be afraid of any tears or damage. With the replica Yeezy pairs, on the other hand, you can notice that the knitting is not as durable. Not only that, but the knit pattern also differs. 

Next up is the shape of the toe box. The authentic toe box has a rounder and more elegant form. Meanwhile, the fake toe box is thicker, wider and looks more boxy.

As for the lacing, the lace loop pops out from the upper. Every lace loop is made from the same knit material as the upper. The rope laces are round, thick, being a bit darker than the rest of the upper. The shoelaces in fake pairs are often worse in quality and not as dense.

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Fake Vs Real Yeezy 450 cloud white


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Real Vs Fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White: The heel

Next, let’s talk about the rear side of the sneaker. 

As we mentioned before, the knitting around the heel gets stiffer, similar as it is on the toe box, to give the foot more support. While most of the upper is done in cloud white color, the back of the shoe is done in a slightly darker shade of beige.

Another difference to point out is the midsole “claws”. They should be wrapping around the heel more tightly, as if hugging it. Fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White do not have this shape.

Finally, this model has a knitted sock-like ankle, which is very elastic and sits tight around the foot. It also makes the silhouette appear more sleek and futuristic. In the counterfeit pairs, especially cheaper ones, the sock does not fit as tight, forming a less elegant shape with less comfort.

Real Vs Fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White

Replica Yeezy 450 Cloud White: The outsole

The white rubber outsole is very bouncy and well-cushioned, made to be perfectly capable of giving you support. 

The outsole has a wave pattern on it, which is particularly interesting for us. The real Yeezy 450 Cloud White has rather thick waves with distinct and equal spacings between each wave. The replicas, however, have smaller and thinner waves with smaller spacings between them. Additionally, it seems that the waves on the fake do not cover the outsole completely, leaving out some space around the edges.

Next, we will authenticate the Adidas logo, which is only the 2nd logo on the shoe, including the insole. There is not much to note here, except that the logo, same as the waves, is smaller than on the authentic. Apart from that, the inauthentic logo has thinner letters and looks not as clear.

Replica Yeezy 450 Cloud White

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Yeezy 450 Cloud White authentication: The size tag

What is unusual is that the size tag is attached to the side of the insole, whereas usually it is glued to the back of the tongue. This is probably due to Yeezy 450 not having a tongue in a classic sense.

Overall, the main problem with the fake size tags is that they have bigger fonts, as well as placement and spacing issues.

Regarding the font, the first major difference is that the fake lacks the “MALE” text. The rest of the letters are taller, and some of them are printed badly. Additionally, the spaces between the letters are wider than they should be.

As for the placement, the inauthentic text is placed closer to the stitching line, making it more difficult to read.

And lastly, don’t forget to make sure the product code is correct!

Yeezy 450 Cloud White authentication


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Yeezy 450 Cloud White legit check: The insole

The insole is Ortholite and comes in light tan. As usual, it has 3 brandings printed on it in dark brown: Adidas, Yeezy and Ortholite.

The first flaw with the real Vs fake Yeezy 450 Cloud White is the color of the logos. The fake ones are not brown, but a darker grey shade. 

Additionally, all three of the authentic logos are smaller compared to the counterfeit ones. They are also placed further apart from each other, while the fakes are located closer. 

And last but not least, the letters, similarly to the ones on the size tag, are taller than they should be.

Yeezy 450 Cloud White legit check

Yeezy 450 Cloud White Real vs Fake: The back of the insole

The last way to legit check Yeezy 450 Cloud White is by flipping the insole and looking at the other side of it. 

Firstly, you may notice that the material of the insole has some particles on it. The authentic one has noticeably more particles which vary in size. The fake has much less particles all the same size.

Next, look at the shape of the blue tab that has the logo on it. The original Yeezy is more elongated, with a more distinct shape. As for the inauthentic one, it looks shorter, more rounded, and has an oval shape. Also, the blue on the fake goes a bit outside the line.

Yeezy 450 Cloud White Real vs Fake



Do Yeezy 450 Cloud White run small?

Yeezy 450 Cloud White is a very tight-fitting shoe, not only due to the sock-like design, but also due to the sizing differences. It is recommended to go 0,5 -- 1 size above your usual size if you plan on buying this model. 

Are Yeezy 450 comfortable?

Compared to other Yeezy models, it is not the most comfortable shoe due to its stiff outsole and tight fit. However, after some getting used to, it will be just as comfy.  

Where can I get my Yeezy 450 Cloud White authenticated?

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of your shoes, do not hesitate to contact our expert legit check team. We will help you verify any item here: Yeezy legit check.

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