How To Spot Fake Yeezy Slides

How To Spot Fake Yeezy Slides

No one wants to buy a fake pair of Yeezy slides. The minimalistic design of these stylish slides makes it easy for counterfeit manufacturers to duplicate, leading to a ton of fake products on the market.

So, if you want to buy a new pair of slides from a reseller, you need to authenticate them first.

In this article, you’ll find 9 methods of how to spot fake Yeezy slides.

Key Takeaways:

  • Authentic Yeezy slides are distinguishable by their high-quality materials and unique design features, such as a sole resembling shark teeth and a rounded strap peak.

  • Counterfeit Yeezy slides often have sharp, poorly executed features, including the heel line, top cut-out, and interior engravings, making them easier to spot when compared to genuine pairs.

  • Specific methods like examining the footbed's Adidas logo depth, strap interior text, sizing sticker font, and box quality can aid in differentiating real from fake Yeezy slides.

  • Continuous improvements in counterfeit manufacturing necessitate detailed inspection and sometimes professional authentication services to confirm the authenticity of Yeezy slides.

  • The article provides a detailed guide on spotting fake Yeezy slides, emphasizing the importance of material quality, design details, and proper authentication processes.

How to legit check Yeezy Slides?

The Overall Look Method

Adidas uses high-quality materials to make authentic Yeezy slides, making them very hard to counterfeit. In most cases, if you ever had a real pair of Adidas Yeezy slides, you’ll see the difference immediately.

Also, the manufacturing process is too hard to replicate. The authentic Yeezy slides has a sole that looks oddly similar to shark teeth, a strap with a more rounded peak, and a slick design overall.

Fake Yeezy slides are grotesque, pointy, and often poorly manufactured, so you will definitely see the difference there.

Yeezy Slides Authentication


The Heel Method

Original Yeezy's line on one side is smooth, without sharp edges. On the fake one, instead, the lines are sharp, like they were made out of wood, not rubber.

Also, the lines aren't supposed to be perfectly straight, they should be a little curvy just as shown in the left picture. On the fake Yeezy slides, the bottom line is straight like an arrow.

Fake Yeezy Slides

The Top Method

If you look at the Adidas Yeezy slides from the top, you'll notice how the fake model fails to create that rounded cut-out the authentic model has. The transition between the top and the bottom curves must be smooth, without those sharp edges.

The tips of the fake Yeezy slides are supposed to be more rounded as well instead of just flat.

How To Legit Check Yeezy Slides

How To Spot Fake Yeezy Slides: The Footbed Method

The outline of the genuine Yeezy slides isn't as tall as it is on the fake slides.The Adidas logo gives out the fakeness too: while it is engraved nicely in the original footbed, the replica factory decided not to go that deep and made the Adidas logo super pale and asymmetrical.

This gives away the replica immediately, as real Yeezy slides have a deeply embedded Adidas logo.

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How To Spot Fake Yeezy Slides



The Interior Method

Take a look at the interior of your straps. Does it say Yeezy? If not, then the pair is fake, as all Yeezy slides have their name engraved on it.

When it comes to the "Made In China" text, they failed to give the letters that 3D, bubbly look and instead, decided to just engrave the letters leaving them with sharp edges.

Yeezy Slides Real Vs Fake

The Sizing Sticker Method

Yes, you can even use sizing tags in your authentication process.

The fake slides sizing tag failed to copy the font well. For example, if we compare the numbers, we'll notice how bold and big they are on the authentic model compared to the tiny and asymmetrical ones in the right picture.

This difference is well shown in the "Adidas' text which is pale and narrow on the fake sticker when it is supposed to be bold, thick, and legible.

Real Vs Fake Yeezy Slides

It is getting harder and harder to differentiate authentic slides from fakes every month, as the replicas become more qualitative and well-manufactured.

You should definitely try the methods in this guide yourself, but if you spent a lot of money on an item, it may be wise to consider a shoe authenticator service.

The Font Method

No fake Yeezy Slides can replicate the original fonts used by Adidas. They are always thicker, bolder, and with smaller spacing between the letters and the words.

Also, some cheaper fakes use totally different fonts, which makes spotting them a lot easier. Take a good look at what fonts the original Adidas factory uses in authentic slides and compare them with the fake pair all the time.

How To Tell If Yeezy Slides Are Fake

The Box Method

The very first thing you see after receiving your Adidas Yeezy slides is the box.

The quality of the authentic box is on a whole other level. The fake box is grainy and rough while the original one is made out of smooth cardboard.

The difference also appears in the font: the letters and numbers on the original box are bigger and with smoother edges.

Legit Check Yeezy Slides

The Smoothness Method

Fake manufacturers use low-quality materials that are prone to damage. Real Yeezy slides shouldn’t have any defects, especially when we talk about a new product that’s scratched or damaged right out of the box.

Also, the low-quality materials used can make the slides look flakier and more breakable. The real ones should look smooth.

The Rigidity Method

Real Yeezy slides are not that easy to bend or twist. They are made out of EVA foam, a fairly rigid material that is not too flexible.

The fake ones, on the other hand, are often made of simple rubber and some types of plastic. These materials are highly flexible and can bend easily.

The UV Light Method

Sometimes fake manufacturers add a stamp to their boxes. The stamp cannot be seen without a UV light and a dark room, so you should have that in case you want to find the truth.

The real Yeezy slides don’t have any invisible marks on their boxes, so this can be the last threshold for you.

Counterfeit manufacturers are getting getter at crafting hard-to-spot replicas every day, so we hope this guide helps you spot fake Yeezy slides vs real.


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Do Yeezy Slides run small?

No, Yeezy Slides are true to their size. Always order your normal size as you might find bigger slides uncomfortable.

Are Yeezy Slides worth it?

If you love being comfortable and trendy at the same time you should absolutely go for the Yeezy slides. Especially if you live somewhere warm where you’ll get to wear them daily.

Where can I get Yeezy slides authenticated?

If you followed these steps but still didn’t manage to get the results don’t worry, our Hype team is here to help you 24/7! Check it out: Yeezy legit check

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