How To Spot Fake Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail

In August 2018, upon the release of his Astroworld album, Travis Scott blessed his fans with another pair of sneakers. This time it was an updated version of this previous released AF100, yet in a Sail colourway. As it often happens with such hype sneakers, the low retail price was only available to the lucky winners of the online raffles, and the people who were quick enough to get their hand on the pair very early.

Due to the sneakers’ unique design and Travis’ popular persona, the resale price for his sneakers would go up really quickly. Even now, a few years after the release, the AF1 Travis Scott Sail resells at over $900 USD, while a replica can cost as low as $90 USD. This is why the LegitGrails Team decided to share some tips on how to spot fake Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail. 

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How To Legit Check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail?

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1. The Overall Shape Method

The first method would be the most complex one, as it includes checking the overall shape, the outer swoosh, and the 3m reflective parts.

First, verify the overall shape of the shoe hence its heel shape, and the toe box. As you can see in the comparison below, the fake pair has its heel looking too angled, while the authentic one is perfectly straight. This can also be seen when looking at the toe box, as the authentic one is less angled than the fake one.

Second, authenticate the outer swoosh of your pair. It can of course vary from a size to a size, yet the fake swooshes are usually much thicker and larger compared to the authentic ones. Another problem with the swooshes would be that the Velcro (the nylon fastener used for attaching the swoosh) of the fake would be loose and flimsy. An authentic Velcro strap would be tight, and the swoosh would stick into it very strongly.

Lastly, a flaw that would be fixed in the latest fake batches, yet could still be found, is the eyelets (lace holes) that are not reflective. An authentic pair would have the eyelets glow when the flash is on, as shown in the below example. You may also notice that the fake 3m lines are much brighter than the real ones.

How to legit check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail: The Overall Shape Method

2. The Inner Swoosh Method

This method will further discuss the swoosh flaw. In the AF1 Travis Scott Sails real vs fake comparison below you can see that the fake swoosh is not only larger than the authentic one but it is also less sharp. This is easily noticeable when looking at its tip.

In the same comparison you may notice that the midsole stitching of the fake looks larger than that of the legit pair. For a better understanding, it is highlighted in yellow.

How to legit check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail: The Inner Swoosh Method

3. The Right Lace Patch Method

These lace patches are a significant feature of the Travis scott x Nike AF1 collaborations, and we highly recommend you to verify them. The most common flaw found in the fake pair would be that the patch has a bright white colour. An authentic Cactus Jack patch would have a creamy/ sail shade, rather than a snow-white colour. 

You can also notice a difference in the shape and the look of the logo itself. The fake logo has its gray stitching looking too thin.

Another inconsistency that you may notice in the below comparison is the little swoosh under the grillz. Even though this detail dramatically varies from a pair to a pair, it would never be extremely large or thick, and the classic shape of the Nike swoosh would still be respected.

How to legit check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail: The Right Lace Patch Method

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4. The Left Pace Patch Method

On the left shoe, there is also a Cactus Jack logo patch, and some flaws are found here as well. There is a white stitching around the gray one, which shows a lot more in the fake pair as opposed to the authentic one. 

You can also notice a difference in the font of the Cactus Jack logo, yet that would really change from a pair to a pair.

How to legit check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail: The Left Lace Patch Method

5. The Grillz Method

Another important detail of this collaboration would be the grillz that could be found at the bottom of the lace cage. Here, the main clue would be the material used, as the authentic pairs have those grillz made out of a high-quality material. The real grillz would also have more texture to them.

Another flaw could be found in the overall shape of this detail, as the fake grillz are usually larger than they should be. The top of the replica metal grillz also looks curvier in the example below, while the real top looks a bit flatter.

How to legit check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail: The Grillz Method

6. The Heel Method 

Moving further in our Travis Scott Air Force 1 Sail authentication process, it would be useful to verify the heel. There would be a few things to check in the heel area. 

First, by the overall look it is obvious that the fake shoe is taller than the real one. This is noticeable when comparing the lengths of the straps in the middle. Another clue here is that the authentic strap would be wide, while the fake ones are usually narrower.

Then, looking at the heel tab at the top, the authentic one is looking much larger than the fake one. Hence, the real Nike Air stitching also looks like it is taking up more space as opposed to the fake logo.

Lastly, looking deeper into the stitching, it is clear that the authentic one is flatter compared to the fake one. The fake Nike Air heel stitching looks thicker and more “3D”.

How to legit check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail: The Heel Method

7. The Insole Method

The insole logos would be an easy indicator of your pair being real or fake. The main inconsistency found in fakes would be that the logos look too faded. Even though with time the real logos can also fade, this would not look the same as the replica pairs.

As you can see in the fake vs real Travis Scott Sails Air Force 1 comparison below, the fake ‘Scott” logo looks too thick. Meanwhile, the fake Nike logo looks much thinner than the fake one. The ‘AIR’ text is also much larger in the fake compared to the real insole.

How to legit check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail

8. The Outsole Stars Method

The outsole stars are always worth checking when you wish to authenticate a pair of sneakers. Most of the time, the fake producers do not pay attention to this detail, making it a bit easier for us to avoid their products. 

Here, you can notice how the authentic outsole has these stars further apart, having more space between the stars. The extra space between them is also created due to the star being smaller and thinner.

The fake outsole shows really thick stars with little to no space between them.

How to legit check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail: The Outsole Stars Method

9. The Box Method

When it comes to the box of the Air Force 1 Sails, there are many inconsistencies that can be found, yet we will explore the most common ones.

The reverse Travis Scott logos could be looking larger on the fake box, as opposed to a real one. 

Then, the colour of the box itself could be looking duller, compared to a bright authentic one. 

Lastly, the Nike Air logo at the bottom would be very small on the authentic box, while a fake logo could be looking larger and taller.

How to legit check Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail: The Box Method

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