How To Spot Fake Celine Ava Bag

How To Spot Fake Celine Ava Bag

Authenticate Celine Ava bag in 10 easiest steps: Start by observing the overall look method to get the most differences at once; then check the stitching as counterfeiters always fail to get the sewing right. Don't forget the hardware and font methods that are crucial to check! Next, analyze the zipper, followed by the handle method. It's super important to observe the date code too to get further details. Finally, finish off your authentication process by checking the lining and label.

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Celine Ava Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

The Ava purse was inspired by a classic design from Celine's archives, so it's no surprise it's so beautiful.

What we like best about it is its "half-moon" form, which gives it a useful and stylish look.

The imitation Ava bag is less circular, indicating that it is a counterfeit right away.

The handle is worth mentioning; the false handle is thicker and larger than it should be, but the genuine is extremely narrow and exquisite, which is exactly what this bag requires.

Overall, these models are easily distinguishable at a look.

Celine Ava Bag Authentication

Fake Celine Ava Bag: The Stitching Method

To spot a real vs. fake Celine bag, let's look at the stitching next. These bags are handcrafted by professionals in the leather industry and subjected to strict quality controls.

The stitching on a genuine Celine bag will be even all around. You know you're dealing with a fake Celine Ava Bag if the stitching is uneven and dodgy.

The stitching on this false Celine Ava handle is quite uneven and inconsistent, which immediately raises suspicions.

Genuine sewing, on the other hand, is symmetrical, tight, and secure. (Check fake Celine Belt Bag for similar issues)

Fake Celine Ava Bag

Authenticate With Real Experts

How To Legit Check Celine Ava Bag: The Hardware Method

An original Celine Ava bag has no crappy hardware. The strap clip, for example, should be made of a single piece of metal. The hardware on a high-end designer bag is always seamless. Another detail to watch out for is loose hardware, which should never be found on a genuine Celine bag. You should also inspect the hardware to ensure that it is sturdy and robust.

If it feels like it's made of plastic, you're dealing with a fake. (Check fake Chanel Classic Flap bag for similar issues)

How To Legit Check Celine Ava Bag

How To Spot Fake Celine Ava Bag: The Font Method

The Celine logo might be the first feature that alerts you to the fact that the bag is a replica of Celine Ava. The font on most counterfeit bags is inaccurate. The "N" in Celine's name is the most obvious clue. The sharp ends of the "N" in the real Celine emblem run diagonally. The ends of many phony bags' fonts are squared, and this case is no exception. 

When authenticating Celine Ava, make sure to observe the font very closely.

How To Spot Fake Celine Ava Bag

Celine Ava Bag Real Vs Fake: The Zipper Method

Make sure the zipper is in amazing condition by inspecting and testing it. A fake is identified by a poor, faded zipper.

On Celine Ava bags, genuine zippers are always made of precious metal that matches the bag's color.

You can see how uneven the features of the faux zipper are in this example, which means that the slider will struggle to move back and forth smoothly. You should take this as a major red flag.

Celine Ava Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Celine Ava Bag: The Handle Method

The handles on both the actual and fake Celine Ava bags should be slender and the same height. The tabs at the end of each handle are thin as well, and the stitching is tidy and symmetrical.

The imitation leather tabs that join the handles to the bag, on the other hand, are distinct. The fake one's leather tabs are wider than the actual one. In addition, the authentic version's leather tabs cover a larger portion of the handles.

Real Vs Fake Celine Ava Bag

How To Tell If Celine Ava Bag Is Fake: The Date Code Method

Although serial numbers and date codes couldn't be more different, this tag is frequently referred to online as a serial number label. 

The product's "Serial Numbers" to the products are unique and not repeatable. 

"Date Codes" indicate when and where a product was created, and they can be used on several bags. 

When authenticating a product, these numbers are used in several ways.

The date code on an authentic Céline Ava bag will be one letter, two letters, and four numerals, and will always be in the same format. 

The same number can be repeated on several bags because this is a date code rather than a serial number.

Counterfeiters can imitate dates but not the font—in this case, false letters are smaller but thicker, but the legitimate date code must be as narrow and thin as possible.

The difference may also be seen in the materials: the genuine lining has a slight sheen to it, whilst the fake lining is low-quality and cheap-looking.

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How To Tell If Celine Ava Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Celine Ava Bag: The Lining Method

Celine's purses are always made of high-quality, durable leather, which contributes to their substantial weight. 

The lining of the Celine Ava purse is made of high-quality suede calfskin, which is impossible to replicate with low-cost materials. 

Simply feeling the lining will reveal whether the bag is genuine or not. If it feels rough, the bag is fake.

The difference may also be seen in the typography: false letters blend in with the lining, but the original script is darker and thicker, making it easier to read.

Legit Check Celine Ava Bag

Fake Vs Real Celine Ava Bag: The Label Method

Let's observe the stitching on the label: Being a luxury brand necessitates a high level of precision in all aspects. Celine has bag needle pitch standard: authentic items have very high stitch length criteria, 8 thread lengths per inch, organized very consistently and tightly, whereas fakes find it difficult to achieve this level. 

The counterfeit lettering itself is unnecessarily thick and bold giving the model a cheap look.

Fake Vs Real Celine Ava Bag

When did the Celine Ava bag come out?

The calfskin Ava bag first appeared on the shoulder of model Kaia Gerber in 2020. The brown, Calfskin Ava bag was created specifically for Gerber by Slimane. It was initially introduced in the brand's signature vintage revival Triomphe print.

How much is a Celine Ava bag?

The $1,110 Canvas Ava Bag is exclusively available in Asia at selected CELINE retailers.

Where can I get the Celine Ava bag authenticated?

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