How To Spot Fake Celine Luggage Bag

How To Spot Fake Celine Luggage Bag

To authenticate a chic Celine Luggage bag start by observing the overall look with its shape and ornaments. Then, move onto the leather method and analyze the quality - if it doesn't look and feel like authentic calfskin then the bag is fake. Check the bottom side too with its stitching and metal hardware. Don't forget to take a close look at the zipper and puller. Learn how to distinguish old and new logos from each other which will help you in the authentication process. Finally, check the label and keep in mind that higher quality replicas are much harder to spot the differences on.

How To Legit Check Celine Luggage Bag?

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Celine Luggage Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method 

Let's analyze the overall look of the model first.

The authentic model has a boat-like shape and the sides can be folded inside if the person doesn't have to carry much around or just prefers to do so. The sides of the original bag are smaller and adequate-sized whereas the replica sides are way too big, giving a counterfeit bag a weirder, literal boat shape that will not look chic at all. 

The ornaments on the sides of the authentic centerpiece are very delicate, exquisite, and embossed but the fake ornaments seem to be less defined as well as incorrectly placed too.

Celine Luggage Bag Authentication

Fake Celine Luggage Bag: The Leather Method

It is not a secret that Celine uses only high-quality materials to produce its products. In this case, the Luggage Bag is made in drummed calfskin which is famous for its fine grain and durability. Counterfeit brands always try to minimize their costs to sell products at cheaper prices which becomes the main reason people tend to buy them. Reducing costs is the final product of using a low-quality material. In this case, the leather in the right picture is fake, its grain is completely different from the original Celine look, and seems rougher and rugged. 

Another detail you should pay attention to is how pointy the original handle attachment is whereas the replica one is more rounded and stitched very poorly to the background.

Fake Celine Luggage Bag

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How To Legit Check Celine Luggage Bag: The Bottom Method

The bottom of the authentic model has a metal square that helps when you decide to put the bag down but if you have noticed the same metal square on the fake model is much smaller, which might not change anything in your daily use of the bag but it's still different from the original. 

Stitching is something that gives away fake products most of the time and this case is no exception. While the sewing is done very tightly and symmetrically in the left picture, the counterfeit brand decided to make stitches as loose, asymmetrical, and as thin as possible, which will show its side effects after some time. 

The last thing we need to point out is how embossed the ornament part is on the authentic bag and how flat it looks in the right picture. As already mentioned in the first method, the counterfeit ornaments should have been thicker and more dimensional.

How To Legit Check Celine Luggage Bag

How To Spot Fake Celine Luggage Bag: The Stitching Method

Let's take a look at the stitching closely. Sewing on the authentic bag is so neat, tight, and solid which will result in the model being durable and lasting you decades while the pieces of the fake bag will eventually come off any minute. Why? You might ask. The answer is simple - stitches that are loose and thin can't hold anything together so as a result, the bag isn't durable at all either.

How To Spot Fake Celine Luggage Bag

Celine Luggage Bag Real Vs Fake: The Zipper Method

When it comes to zippers if you remember that teeth of the low-quality zippers are asymmetrical, not perfectly straight, and placed further from one another. This is the exact situation with the counterfeit model whereas the authentic zipper teeth are perfectly straight and flawless, which will make it easy for the slider to move. 

Another difference that we notice is how the outline of the fake zipper is completely flat when it is supposed to be embossed just as shown in the left picture.

And finally the ornament - in this close-up picture we can see how defined the authentic ornament is and how flat the counterfeit one is compared to the left picture.

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Celine Luggage Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Celine Luggage Bag: The Puller Method

Let's take a close look at pullers and compare them. 

The very first thing that we notice about the counterfeit slider is how its edges are rounded when they are supposed to be more square-like, just as shown in the left picture.

Another difference that should be pointed out is how the leather puller of the authentic bag is made of calfskin whereas the counterfeit puller is made of fake, low-quality leather that is rough and rugged.

Real Vs Fake Celine Luggage Bag

How To Tell If Celine Luggage Bag Is Fake: The Old Logo Method

If the tag of our Celine bag says that it was produced anywhere from 2018 to the present day and has the logo shown in the picture, then we have some bad news for you - your bag is fake.

This logo that you are looking at is an old one that was used from 2012 to 2018. 

If the bag was made before 2018 then you should just compare the lettering to the original pictures.

The very first difference that we notice is how the authentic letters are thicker and bolder whereas they look thinner and smaller in the right picture.

Another thing we should highlight in this comparison is how the stitching of the counterfeit model is sloppy and asymmetrical when it needs to be as neat as it is on the authentic bag.

How To Tell If Celine Luggage Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Celine Luggage Bag: The New Logo Method

The new authentic logo is so bold, thick, and flawless whereas the letters of the fake logo are asymmetrical: for example, the "I" is much smaller than the "N" and this inconsistent sizing shows up very poorly on the counterfeit bag. 

Overall, the fake logo is more faded. 

Letters of the fake "Paris" lettering are supposed to be bigger but narrower and thinner as it is in the left picture.

Legit Check Celine Luggage Bag

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Fake Vs Real Celine Luggage Bag: The Label Method (Lower-Quality Replica)

The very first thing that pops out is how different the counterfeit label is: it is supposed to be longer with bigger lettering just as shown in the left picture. The letters are so small that it is impossible to read out what it says.

Another difference is the stitching which is supposed to go over the label but the counterfeit brand decided to make the whole piece united and took out the stitching part completely.

Fake Vs Real Celine Luggage Bag

Celine Luggage Bag Fake Vs Real: The Label Method (Higher-Quality Replica)

The counterfeit label in this comparison is more accurate but there are still some differences that point out the fakeness of the model. The upper part of the label is much narrower on the authentic pocket whereas the counterfeit brand went generous with its size.

The same can be said about the label itself: the size of it is much bigger as well as the letters that are supposed to be a little smaller but bolder.

Celine Luggage Bag Fake Vs Real

Even 10 years after its release, Celine Luggage bags remain their popularity and trendy. We bet that its chic shape and very unique design will be much needed in the next few decades too, so if you are planning on buying this model, you should go for it!

Do Celine bags ever go on sale?

Celine bags, just like other luxurious brand items don't go on sale, which can become a very powerful method of spotting fake Celine items. If you ever come across a super great sale online, then you should be aware that it is a major red flag.

Where can I get a Celine Luggage bag authenticated?

If you doubt your authentication skills and need professional help to do so, you have found the perfect place. LegitGrails expert team is available 24/7 to assist you with the fastest turn-around time. You will also get your authenticity certificate which will help if you ever decide to resell your bag! Check it out: Celine legit check

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