How To Spot Fake Celine Belt Bag

How To Spot Fake Celine Belt Bag

To legit check a Celine Belt bag you should start by observing the overall look with its knot, shape, and measurements followed by the stitching method. Check every side of the bag and don't forget to take a look at the puller too. Next, analyze the strap and buckle. Getting more information from looking at the handle and font will help too. Finally, finish your authentication process by observing the pocket.

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Celine Belt Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

The Celine Belt bag has a very unique design that isn't easy to replicate which we can tell from looking at the counterfeit model. 

The very first difference that we notice is how the authentic flap is much bigger than the fake one and besides the size difference, the shape of the counterfeit flap is more rounded when it is supposed to be sharper just as shown in the left picture. 

The way the strap is knotted on the sides of the bag is different in both of these cases too: The counterfeit knot is tight and tilted sideways whereas the original one is knotted differently which is the reason the strap is placed differently too.

Celine Belt Bag Authentication

Fake Celine Belt Bag: The Stitching Method

Counterfeit brands always fail to do stitching properly as they don't use a high-quality thread and they don't have well-paid professionals that will hand-stitch pieces on the counterfeit branded items. 

Stitches on the authentic bag are symmetrical, tight, and solid which guarantees the model being durable but we can't say the same about the replica where the sewing is loose, asymmetrical, and sloppy. Besides that, the color of the thread was used incorrectly as the darker shade appears unappealing on top of the light blue bag.

Fake Celine Belt Bag

How To Legit Check Celine Belt Bag: The Side Method

Let's take a look at the second side of the bag. The front side of the authentic bag is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top whereas the fake section in the center has the same width on both sides. 

The upper section of the counterfeit model is narrower but bigger than it should be whereas the authentic section is wider but shorter giving the whole thing a more put-together look.

How To Legit Check Celine Belt Bag

How To Spot Fake Celine Belt Bag: The Bottom Method

Getting as much information about the bag as possible is our mission, that is why taking a look at the bottom of the item is a good idea too.

The very first thing that we notice about the authentic bag is how its sections are very thin making the bottom smooth whereas the upper section of the fake bag is thick making the side look chunkier. 

Another mistake that we noticed in the right picture is how the sides of the cut-out sections are uneven when they need to be perfectly straight just as shown on the original bag.

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How To Spot Fake Celine Belt Bag

Celine Belt Bag Real Vs Fake: The Puller Method 

The authentic puller is much bigger than the replica one, which not only is different sized but the metal used in the production is low-quality too. Celine uses the best material only which also applies to the hardware as they use gold-plated metal that lasts much longer than low-quality painted hardware that gets darker after some time.

The stitching always tells a lot about the branded item: if the sewing is sloppy, asymmetrical, and loose just as shown in the right picture you should take it as a big red flag and research more about the origin of the product.

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Celine Belt Bag Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Celine Belt Bag: The Strap Method

The counterfeit strap has several issues. The very first thing that should be pointed out is the leather: while Celine uses 100% calfskin in its Belt bag production, the counterfeit brand has used a low-quality leather that is easily peelable and tearable. It's always a better idea to pay more and be sure about the quality rather than paying less for your bag to have some problems after several months of use. 

Sewing also gives away the counterfeit model with its loose, thin, and asymmetrical stitches.

Real Vs Fake Celine Belt Bag

How To Tell If Celine Belt Bag Is Fake: The Buckle Method

The original buckle is rectangle-shaped whereas the fake one is narrower making it more square-like, which might not look bad but it's definitely different.

Not only is it different sized but it's much thicker too which you can see in the right picture. 

The last detail we should mention in this comparison is the lettering: Letters on the authentic buckle are great and thin with bigger spacing between each symbol. On the other hand, counterfeit letters are bolder, squished together, and thicker which, again points out its fakeness.

How To Tell If Celine Belt Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Celine Belt Bag: The Handle Method

The sewing on the counterfeit handle is done poorly as its stitches are uneven and asymmetrical when they need to be as neat as it is in the left picture.

The metal piece should be mentioned too. We don't know what happened with the counterfeit attachment but it looks seriously damaged as the surface isn't even making the letters look asymmetrical too. Letters need to be much smaller and thinner just like the authentic model.

Legit Check Celine Belt Bag

Fake Vs Real Celine Belt Bag: The Font Method

Counterfeit brands always fail to copy the fonts well and Celine lettering is no exception. 

Letters on the fake model are thicker, bigger, and bolder than they are supposed to be just because the authentic letters are much thinner, narrower, and smaller. 

Some people might prefer the counterfeit version just because the letters can be read more easily but remember that we are searching for the differences, not for what looks good or bad.

Fake Vs Real Celine Belt Bag

Celine Belt Bag Fake Vs Real: The Pocket Method

The last method we'll be following today is the zipper method. 

The teeth of the counterfeit zipper are crooked and asymmetrical, which will make it hard for the slider to move around whereas the authentic zipper teeth are perfectly straight and equal to one another. 

The stitching in the middle of the zipper fabric goes sideways in the right picture when it should be as flawlessly done as it is on the authentic zipper. 

Finally, the lettering: letters on the fake background look scratched-out when they should be as neatly done as it is in the left photo.

Celine Belt Bag Fake Vs Real

What are the sizes of a Celine belt bag?

The Celine Belt bag comes in four sizes: Pico, Nano, Micro, and Mini. We advise you to choose your size according to your needs if you want to carry around more stuff or need the bag just as a fashion accessory.

Are Celine bags a good investment?

Celine bags are durable, high quality, timeless and minimalistic; they gain their value over time so if you are planning on buying a Celine bag, you should go for it, and even if you decide to sell it after years of use, you'll be able to do it without many issues.

Where can I get a Celine Belt bag authenticated?

Authenticating a Celine Belt bag can get tricky for a person without much knowledge. If you followed these steps but still are doubting yourself then we recommend checking our authentication services. Not only will our expert team analyze your bag thoroughly in the fastest turn-around time but will also get you an authenticity certificate! Check it out: Celine legit check.

See If Your Celine Belt Bag Is Authentic

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