How To Spot Fake Chanel 19 Bag

We are about to show you some methods for Chanel 19 bag authentication. 

Follow along, so you'll get your questions answered, but if you still have doubts, it's absolutely fine. Just use our great authentication services! Our team is here to assist you 24/7!

How To Legit Check Chanel 19 Bag?

  1. The Overall Look Method
  2. The Material Method
  3. The Buckle Method
  4. The Logo Method
  5. The Label Method
  6. The Hardware Method
  7. The Puller Method
  8. The Sides Method
  9. The Handle Attachments Method

The Overall Look Method

You should always start authentication by observing the general look and shape. First thing that's super noticeable is the difference between the shapes of those bags. The authentic bag has pointy edges and is bent on the top, which replica factories clearly failed to copy, because the bag has its peak height within the middle and goes downwards as it connects with the edges. 

Overall look of the faux model is bulkier too.

Chanel 19 Bag: The Overall Look Method

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The Material Method

One thing that replica factories always fail to copy is the material that they use to produce the item. As you can see, the initial model is created out of leather-like material that's shiny and high-quality. 

The fabric used in the bottom picture is totally different; it's matte, completely different material which automatically gives a bag a cheap look. 

Besides that, the quilting has been messed up too, because the diamond shapes on the unauthentic model are larger than they're supposed to.

Chanel 19 Bag: The Material Method

The Buckle Method

Iconic CC buckles are always something that Chanel puts on their bags so it's vital to make them look good. First thing that differentiates these two buckles is the size: The faux CC is larger than it's imagined to be. 

The original buckle is also rounder and super symmetrical, made out of high-quality metal that's golden colored. The color wasn't copied well, because it has more of a bronze, washed-out color to it.

Chanel 19 Bag: The Buckle Method
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The Logo Method

In this case the form was replicated pretty well but if you take a more in-depth look at the screws you'll see how bigger they're on the faux logo, when they are supposed to be tiny just as shown within the top picture.

The overall size of the initial hardware is greater too. 

Similarly to the previous method, the coloring is a problem in this case too, because the authentic metal is vibrant golden, while the fake Channel 19 bag is bronze.

Chanel 19 Bag: The Logo Method

The Label Method

The main difference in this case appears in the way the font was replicated within the bottom picture; The letters are not supposed to be as thick as it is on the faux label, but thinner, with engraved-effect just as shown within the upper picture. 

The background material is additionally supposed to be vibrant red, not light brown.

Does it seem to be too complicated for you to keep up with our methods? It is alright, all you have to do is use our awesome authentication services. Our helpful team is available 24/7!

Chanel 19 Bag: The Label Method

The Hardware Method

This tiny hardware isn't visible while wearing a bag because it keeps the purse closed, but we still must take a look at it

First of all, the color. Similarly to the previous hardware we talked about, the authentic one is vibrant golden, not bronze, silver or yellow, but the replica factories clearly didn't care much about it. 

Another thing that has got to be mentioned is the engraving. The letters are supposed to be smaller, engraved just below the hole symmetrically, not tilted to the right like it has been suggested by the faux model.

Chanel 19 Bag: The Hardware Method

The Puller Method

The color of this fake tiny puller has been messed up. it's imagined to be the identical shade of golden as it is shown in the upper picture. 

The letters should also be thicker and less deeply engraved. 

Overall size of the puller is greater on the authentic model too.

Chanel 19 Bag: The Puller Method
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The Sides Method

Let's compare the sides. 

As you can see, the quilting on these bags don't match one another, because the stitches are done wrongly within the left picture. 

The authentic bag is taller and wider, while the faux seems to be much smaller, which automatically implies that there's less room inside of it.

Chanel 19 Bag: The Sides Method

The Handle Attachments Method

This is the last method we'll be talking about in today's guide. 

This type of handle attachments are very “Chanel”, as they use them in almost every bag they produce. These chains are supposed to be smaller, like shown in the left picture; Also, if you take a better look, you will be able to see how these chains are connected and created during a circle shape on the Channel 19 bag replica model. which should be hidden. 

The color of the initial chain is lighter too.

Chanel 19 Bag: The Handle Attachments Method

In Conclusion…

Comparison of Chanel 19 bag real VS fake is not as hard if you know these methods you got to know after reading this guide.

If you still have questions left unanswered, you know what to do: use our awesome authentication services and get your item legit checked. Our team is here to help you out at all times!

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