How To Spot Fake Dior Puffer Jacket

If you are a high fashion follower, you might have seen a Dior puffer jacket fake or real, but if you are not keeping up with the trends, you might not even know that Dior produces jackets as well as very well known bags and purses. 

Follow along so you can understand each step for Dior puffer jacket authentication. If you still have questions then we would encourage you to contact us via live chat and use our amazing authentication services that are available 24/7!

How To Legit Check Dior Puffer Jacket?

  1. The General Look Method
  2. The Print Method
  3. The Collar Method
  4. The Zipper Method
  5. The Hardware Method
  6. The Logo Patch Method
  7. The Tag Method

The General Look Method

Let's start with the general look.

First of all, the quilting is very different in these two pictures; Each section on the authentic model is very full and bulky, when the sections on the faux model are full with air, which means that they didn't put enough cotton under the exterior material.

Even though the original jacket is puffier, the sleeves on the fake model seem to be way larger than they are in the left picture, which gives it an asymmetrical shape.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The General Look Method

The Print Method

Dior print really gives this jacket a special look so let's compare these two pictures from that perspective.

On the original jacket print is shinier than the matte background, but not as shiny as it is on the fake model, which gives it a cheap look.

The letters are thicker on the authentic print and the letters blend in really well with the background color.

Also few words on stitching: the stitches are almost impossible to see in the left picture, while they have been very carelessly made by the replica factories.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Print Method

The Collar Method

The stand-up collar is a very important part of this jacket.

The faux collar seems to be taller than the authentic model which does not make it any better looking but even faker. 

it is supposed to be the same height as the one in the left picture.

Do you understand each method well? If you have some difficulties it is absolutely ok, as you can use our legit check services and get your authentication certificate today!

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Collar Method

The Zipper Method

The zipper has an engraved Dior signature on it, which is different on both pictures: the original one is much thinner, smaller in width and the letters are tiny and thin too, while the faux zipper is much wider, larger, the engraved letters are huge and the font has been very badly copied too.

The overall quality of the fake zipper is pretty low, which would help us in making a prediction that it is going to break sooner than expected.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Zipper Method

The Hardware Method

Similar to the previous method, hardware has been very badly copied in this case too.

Low quality metal is very easily scratched which is shown very clearly in the bottom picture. The overall sizing is different too, as the faux metal square seems to be larger.

The letters should also be smaller and thinner just as shown in the upper picture.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Hardware Method

The Logo Patch Method

Let's compare Dior puffer jacket fake vs real by looking at the logo patches.

In the first comparison picture we have a poorer quality replica and therefore the patch has been unsuccessfully copied as well.

The shape and size is completely different as well as the font used to write letters in.

In the second comparison photo we have a higher quality replica, which is closer to the original logo patch, but still little off.

First of all, the sizing- it is supposed to be wider, The letters are written in a different font and the outline of the logo patch is much thicker.

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Logo Patch Method

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Logo Patch Method

The Tag Method

This is the last method we will be talking about for today. 

The tag on a Dior puffer jacket replica is way larger than it is supposed to be. 

The letters on the original tag are light grey which blends in really well with the background color. The same can not be said about the bottom picture, as bold and super white letters do not create the same effect. 

Dior Puffer Jacket Fake VS Real Guide: The Tag Method

In Conclusion…

As you can see, a Dior puffer jacket legit check is totally possible at home if you know the steps that have to be followed. If you had some difficulties understanding the details, you are more than welcome to reach us out or use our amazing authentication services that are available 24/7!

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