How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir

Jordan 4 Union Off Noir are a brand new colorway of a popular collaboration between Nike and the iconic LA sneaker shop Union. If you want to find out how to legit check Jordan 4 Union Off Noir, just stick with us as we go through our 10 expert methods. If you want a more precise and unique authentication, contact our LegitGrails crew! We provide trusted, professional authentication services and a certificate made just for you.

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The Overall Shape Method

The first thing you should pay attention to is the form of your shoe. The fake shoe seems taller, and the heel is nearly not as curvy. 

The white semi-translucent profile flap has a wrong shape. Notice that the “triangle” shape around it is smaller and off-centered. The yellow “UN/LA” tag on the lateral side is also placed closer to the flap than needed.

Next, take note of the lace crowns. The white bottom lace crown is smaller, and the details on it are not so well visible.

The white stitching is a unique detail that makes the black suede overlays really pop. In case with the fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir, these sews are more inconsistent in size. Overall, the stitches look sloppy and badly done, especially near the transparent flap.

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How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Overall Shape Method

The Tongue Tag Method

The rolled backwards tongue tag actually has two major elements that you should pay attention to.

First, inspect the Air Jordan lettering on the tongue tag. Here you can notice the common font flaws, which are: incorrect font weight, placing and spacing between the letters.

Basically, the letters of the fake Jordan 4 Off Noir are smaller and extremely off-centered, the right side of the logo almost touching the border of the tag. They letters are also placed a bit too close to each other.

Finally, the stitching is looking quite rough. The sews are uneven in size and too thick in comparison to the original ones.

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How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Tongue Tag Method

The Inner Tongue Method

The inner tongue has a stylish unfinished look with exposed black foam and signature zig zag stitching. 

The stitching, specifically, is what replica producers often get incorrectly. It looks like the sides are stuck together. The original is much more clean and decorative.

Apart from that, notice how the sewing is too tight, which creates unnecessary folds on the fabric of the tongue. They change the shape and the visual appeal of the shoe. As you can see, these folds are present on the real item too, however, they are much more subtle.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Inner Tongue Method

The Heel Method

When looking at the heel, be aware of the main differences between a real and a fake Jordan 4 Union, such as the stitching and the Nike logo.

Firstly, the black overlay between the midsole and the logo is thinner. It also looks slightly asymmetric.

Secondly, the stitches are placed too far from each other, and they are, once again, inconsistent in size.

Finally, inspect the logo. The font of it is incorrect, especially the letter K, which is thinner than the real one. The Nike letters are also located too far from each other. Not only that, but the Swoosh looks too angled at the bottom.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Heel Method

The Jordan Hang Tag Method

Another special detail about this pair is the hang tag. It serves as a perfect way to legit check your sneakers.

Firstly, the Union logo should be clearly visible, while on the replica Jordan 4 Union Off Noir it is blurry and barely legible. 

The transparent border around the hang tag also looks much less clear and more hazy, while also being too thin. The fake also has a defect in the middle of it, which you can see circled on the fake vs real Jordan 4 Off Noir comparison below. 

Lastly, the proportions of the Jumpman are incorrect, his body and limbs look too thick and disproportional, and he takes up more space on the hang tag being bigger than the original. 

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Jordan Hang Tag Method

Do our methods seem a little too confusing for you? Don’t worry! We are here for you anytime to help you authenticate any brand item. Just
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The Size Tag Method

The three letters in the top right corner are the product’s ID code, and they are your trusted partner in authenticating any Nike pairs. Here they are definitely too bold and fuzzy.

One more thing to help you is the size of the tag and the white border surrounding it. The tag itself seems to be a bit wider in dimension, and the border around the size tag looks too thin. The material of the border is also slightly see-through, while the legitimate one is completely solid.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Size Tag Method

The Insole Method

Here you need to pay special attention to the Union lettering and the Jumpman silhouette. However, the position of the sticker with the size tag does not matter, as it can be placed anywhere on the insole.

The logo letters of the replica are thinner than on the original. The printing should also be thicker, which indicates higher quality. On the authentic picture you can see how the print is slightly bulging. Basically, the letters have slight volume to them that you can notice.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Insole Method

The Shoe Box Method

The shoe box, featuring Union branding, has a picture of Michael Jordan's hands printed on it. It is the same signature shoe box used in the previous Jordan 4 Union models.

When authenticating it, you should mainly verify the colors of the print. On the replica Jordan 4 Union Off Noir shoe box the colors tend to be either too dark (like in this case) or too pale and washed out. 

The Union lettering is also important. We discussed the main flaws of it in our previous methods, but we remind you once again to check if the lettering on your shoe box is too thick or too thin.

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How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Shoe Box Method

Now, turn your shoe box to the other side and observe the label with the sizing on it. Here you can easily notice that the font of the fake is overall smaller and thinner, which is a common flaw. It is especially noticeable when looking at the size chart. The letters of it should be written in bold, but the numbers should be in light. On the unauthentic, however, both letters and numbers are non-bold.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Shoe Box Method

The Paper Graphic Method

The paper graphic depicting Michael Jordan is a minor detail that is overlooked by many counterfeit producers. It is not even included in some of the Jordan 4 Union Off Noir replica boxes, which is precisely why we are going to focus on it as our last method. Make sure the paper graphic is included in your shoe box. 

Now that we made that clear, pay attention to the graphic itself. The colors of the print should be vibrant and true to the authentic example. The picture should be very clear and high resolution. On this unauthentic graphic you can notice that the print looks more fuzzy, and the colors are off, with more green tones.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Union Off Noir: The Paper Graphic Method

The Conclusion

Hopefully you enjoyed our guide on how to spot a fake pair of Jordan 4 Union Off-Noir! And remember, if you have any concerns about the authenticity of your shoes, live chat with our experts is available 24/7. For more reviews of our service, check out this page!

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