How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Chicago

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Chicago

To authenticate a pair of Jordan 1 Chicago quickly and accurately you would have to inspect the insole details along with a size tag. Also, a commonly known method is verifying the holes in the toe box area. These three methods will ensure a quick and reliable Jordan 1 Chicago authentication.

How to legit check Jordan 1 Chicago?

Jordan 1 Chicago 2015 Legit Check: The Outer Details

Every authentication process starts with the pair’s overall review. There are various outer details that can show whether the pair in question is real or counterfeit. The LegitGrails Team suggests starting the verification by checking the overall shape of your pair. An authentic Jordan 1 Chicago pair would never have its heel looking flat. 

The next step would be verifying the Swooshes, as those are a crucial part of every pair of Jordan 1. Make sure not only the shape of the Swoosh is correct but also its placement. The replica Jordan 1 Chicagos tend to have their Swoosh located too low or too high on the side.

Jordan 1 Chicago 2015 Legit Check


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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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The wings logo is another original detail that has remained in this colourway. The process of inspecting this printing is similar across the colourways, as it involves taking a closer look at the fonts used. However, the very first step must be seeing if the placement of the logo is correct, and verifying whether it has the right size. The majority of the replicas have small-sized logos.

The fake vs real Jordan 1 Chicago comparison below shows some areas that often have the wrong fonts. Take a look at the possible differences in the letters ‘A’, and the trademark signs.

How To Spot Real Jordan 1 High Chicago

Real vs Fake Jordan 1 Chicago: The Toe Box Shape

The authentic Jordans have a very peculiar shape, varying from a colourway to a colourway and from a retail pair to another retail pair. The comparison below shows how a real toe box has a more defined shape compared to that of a fake pair. 

You may also notice that the red rubber, which extends from the outsole, shows a lot more in the real example. The replica outsole does not show as much, and its curve is not as pronounced.

Real vs Fake Jordan 1 Chicago

Jordan 1 High Chicago Authentication Service: The Materials & Stitching

The Jordans are known for using high quality materials, especially leather, in their creations. Although the counterfeit are improving, and some of the top-tier ones are using good quality leather, the texture is still not as smooth as the real one. The cut of the leather is also crucial, and the fake Jordan Chicagos tend to have a messy one. 

You may also notice that both references have some inconsistencies in their stitching patterns, which is not unusual for any pair of Jordan Highs. However, the fake flaws are much more aggressive. The fake stitching pattern is often inconsistent throughout the pair, and not just in some areas.

Jordan 1 High Chicago Authentication Service


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Jordan 1 Retro High Chicago Real vs Fake: The Toe Box Perforations

The perforations in the toe box are a signature detail in every pair of Jordan 1’s, and there are variations in the approaches of people trying to verify their pairs. A general rule of thumb is that there must be a balance in their size, as some of the replicas have those looking too large or too small.

This area is also good for the verification of the cut of the leather. One of the giveaways of a fake pair is the uneven, rough cut, whereas a real pair would have a clean and processed one.

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Jordan 1 Retro High Chicago Real vs Fake

How to Authenticate Jordan 1 Chicago 2015: The Size Tag

Moving on, we advise you to carefully inspect the size label. Some printing inconsistencies that are typical for a fake pair can easily be spotted in that area. The very first thing to check would be the factory identification - the ‘XC’ text. This is where most of the cheaper replicas fail to copy the fonts. 

Remember to also look at some details that hint at the low quality of the print. In the example below, take a look at the difference in the date printings in both labels. The inconsistent thickness of the text is a red flag for any pair.

How to Authenticate Jordan 1 Chicago 2015

Chicago Jordan 1 Real vs Fake: The Insole Logo

Another area worth mentioning when it comes to inspecting the printing is the insole. When examining the Nike logo found in the heel area of the insole, make sure that the Swoosh has the right shape. This means that the tips of the Swoosh must be thin. 

When it comes to the text, you must not disregard the font inconsistencies, especially if the pair has never been worn before. The letters that are too thick are a clear indication of a fake Jordan Chicago pair.

Another point to consider is that the printing can peel off in a real pair too, and this is not a definitive sign of a counterfeit.

Chicago Jordan 1 Real vs Fake

Legit Check Jordan 1 High Chicago 2015: The Backside of the Insole

The backside of the insole is one of the most reliable details to verify the authenticity of a pair of Nike shoes. There are two aspects to consider here: the glue pattern, and the materials used.

There is often a glue pattern found in the backside of the insole, yet do not be quick to jump to conclusions in case you do not find one. However, if the pattern found is incorrect, meaning that it does not check out with our authentic reference below, there is a high chance that the pair you’re reviewing is not authentic.

More importantly, you must focus on the material used in the insole. An authentic pair would use a sponge-like material. The Jordan 1 Chicago that are fake often have a rubber insole.

Legit Check Jordan 1 High Chicago 2015



How to Tell If My Jordan 1 Chicago Are Fake: The Box Label 

Wrapping up, we suggest checking the box details, and the main label in particular. The main point to focus on would be the printing, of course. The fonts are often inconsistent even in the retail boxes, and those vary from a pair to a pair. The replicas have actually almost perfected the box label, yet some still fail to copy all the aspects.

Make sure that no details are too thin or too thick, which would seem unusual for a retail box. Another tip: make sure all the model information checks out, as some of the lower-quality reps get that wrong. Finally, check if the price tag is glued down to the box or not - in case it is, the pair is very likely to be a replica.

How to Tell If My Jordan 1 Chicago Are Fake

How Do I Know If My Chicago 1 Check is real?

You can authenticate your pair using the methods described above. In case you still have doubts about authenticity of your pair, contact our legit check experts.

How To Authenticate Jordan 1 Chicago in less than 30 seconds?

The fastest method to check if your Chicago 1's are real is to authenticate the the backside of the insole and inside stitchings that you can find underneath the insole. 

In Conclusion...

The LegitGrails Team is sharing these simple steps for you to avoid purchasing a fake Jordan 1 Chicago, and stay true to the classics. In case after reading this guide you have any doubts remaining, do not hesitate to use our quick and reliable Jordan legit check services to make sure your pair is carefully verified by our team of experts.

Get To Know If Your Jordan 1 Chicago Are Real


3 easy steps to authenticate an item

Upload photos of the item

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We verify the item

You get the outcome

3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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