How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Retro High University Blue Black

In order to spot fake AJ1 Retro University Blue, you should pay attention to both left and right Swoosh, as well as the Air Jordan wings logo and the Nike tongue tag. In addition to this, verify the Nike logo on the outsole as well, and don’t forget about the heel shape. If this was not enough, inspect the area under the insole. Keep reading for the complete legit check guide!

How to legit check Jordan 1 Retro High University Blue Black?

Fake Jordan 1 University Blue 2021: The Left Swoosh

The Swoosh, no doubt, is crucial in Jordan 1 University Blue authentication. However, it’s not just the Swoosh that matters here, but also the elements around it, such as the shape of the heel, so let’s start with those.

The heel, looking from the side view, should be pretty much straight, or sometimes with a very slight curve. The fake pair has the heel too curved, especially at the bottom part. Overall, fake Jordan 1’s are usually more bulky and inflated, lacking the elegance of the OG pairs.

Next, we will look at the shape of the Swoosh itself. The best way to legit check it is by comparing with genuine pairs, which is why we created this comparison below. But, most importantly, the Swoosh should not be placed too low or too high. You can make sure it’s placed correctly by looking at how far the tip is from the shoelace holes.

Fake Jordan 1 University Blue 2021


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Fake Vs Real Jordan 1 University Blue: The Right Swoosh

Let’s break down the main elements of the Swoosh. They are the stem, the curve and the tip. The stem should be thin, while the inauthentic one is thicker. The curve is rather hard to replicate or understand, but generally it should be neither too big nor too subtle. And as for the tip, it should be very clear and defined, sharp and pointy. The Swoosh should also not be too short or too long.

In the majority of fake pairs the stitching is wrong. The most frequent mistakes are the size of the stitches, color, length and density of the thread. We will touch more on that later. In Particular, you should pay attention to the cornered stitch near the Swoosh. Make sure it does not intersect with the Swoosh at the corner.

Fake Vs Real Jordan 1 University Blue

How to legit check Jordan 1 University blue: The Air Jordan Logo

A very necessary detail of Jordan 1 University Blue legit check is the famous Air Jordan wings logo. Here you must assess the font, spacing between the details, and sewing.

The first imperfection with these replica Jordan 1 University Blue is the spacing between the details. The original logo has thinner spacings (such as ones between the wings), which makes it look slimmer. 

As for the stitching, you can use the same methods of authentication as we mentioned in our previous methods. But most importantly, just make sure that every stitch is similar to the rest.

And finally, it is necessary to analyze the fonts used in the logo. One detail that might help you with this is the ™ sign. In the original, the letters are wider and with more distinct lines. 

How to legit check Jordan 1 University blue


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Jordan 1 University Blue authentication: The Heel

It’s time to move on to the most well-recognised element of Jordan 1’s, which is the heel. What is so remarkable about it, you may ask? What makes it special is the “hourglass” shape of the heel: thicker at the top and bottom, and slim in the middle.

Obviously, this hourglass shape should be near flawless in all authentic pairs. That means, not too bulky, slightly curved, and perfectly keeping its signature shape. The fake shoes here are much thicker, do not hold the silhouette as well, and lean more inwards.

But the form is not the only thing to examine here. Now, let’s legit check the stitching. Every stitch should be identical in size and shape to every other stitch. The counterfeit sneaker clearly has much messier stitching, with a lot of stitches being shorter or longer than normal.

Jordan 1 University Blue authentication

Jordan 1 University Blue fake Vs real: The Tongue Tag

Next up on our Jordan 1 University Blue authentication list is the Nike Air tag on the tongue. 

First of all, let’s examine the font of the logo. Once again, a flaw that replicas do have is that the Nike logo has heavier and more massive letters that are more tilted to the right. The “AIR” letters are imperfect as well, as they look more round and short than in the original logo. The shape of the Swoosh might also be slightly incorrect.

Lastly, check the small elements, such as the two ® signs around the Nike logo. Make sure they are legible and placed correctly.

Jordan 1 University Blue fake Vs real

Jordan 1 University Blue legit check: The Outsole

A signature detail of this gorgeous pair is the bright blue outsole. The color is what really makes it pop and stand out, so make sure the color is accurate!

The outsole has a Nike logo in the middle of it. This is what we will focus on the most. Start by searching for any inconsistencies in the placement of the logo. Firstly, it should be placed right in the middle of the outsole. Secondly, unlike the replica, it must not be tilted too much. 

Next, try to spot any flaws in the font. The ® sign must be clear, visible, and proportional. Do not forget about the Swoosh either. The fake one here is a little bit shorter and less curvy.

The outsole is decorated with a pattern of small lines and other elements. Although it’s hardly noticeable from a distance, it is still important. Make sure these elements are not fuzzy and look clear, not merge with each other, etc. 

Jordan 1 University Blue legit check

Jordan 1 University Blue real Vs fake: The Size Tag

Perhaps one of the most important elements is the size tag. Especially the upper right corner of the tag, which, regardless of the Jordan model, always has two letters printed on it. These letters differ quite a lot in the real Vs fake Air Jordan 1 Retro comparison, the fake ones being thinner and taller.

As for the rest of the text found on the size tag, the one we need most would be the size table. Here, not only are the numbers more bold, they might also be more fuzzy. Usually, in replica Jordan pairs, size tags are less readable, with more tiny flaws in the letters. 

Jordan 1 University Blue real Vs fake

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Replica Jordan 1 University Blue: The Footbed

To examine the footbed, you must remove the insole and look at the surface under it.

The biggest difference between a fake Vs real Jordan University Blue is the stitching. In case with the authentic footbed, the stitches are small and delicate. They must be evenly distributed around the edge of the footbed, as well as equal in size and thickness. 

The fake pair does not follow the pattern quite as much. As you can see, almost every stitch differs in placement and size. The threads also differ in density. There are short and thin stitches on the bottom right side, and long and thick stitches on the upper left. 

Finally, the material of the footbed, which resembles cardboard, might also vary in texture. Here, for example, the genuine one seems like it has a more “grainy” texture than the fake one. 

Replica Jordan 1 University Blue



Real Vs Fake Jordan 1 University Blue: The Shoebox

The last thing we will cover today is the shoebox. 

The first difference between a fake and a real one is the glossiness of the box. The original one reflects a lot of light, while the replica is matte and absorbs more light due to that. Additionally, the colors seem to be much more vibrant on the authentic box, while the fake appears more washed out.

The next important thing is the large Nike logo. Specifically, you should focus on the thin lines separating the letters of the logo. They should be a bit thicker than what they are on the replica. The inauthentic box also has them a bit more tilted sideways.

Finally, look at the label which has all the sizes. What you need to note is the font. In the right photo the letters are much thinner, and it seems like the replica manufacturers used the wrong font. Additionally, the “made in China” text under the size table is written in much smaller letters. 

Real Vs Fake Jordan 1 University Blue

When did Air Jordan 1 Retro High University Blue release?

This model dropped on March 6th 2021. Rocking one of the classic Jordan colorways, it hit the retail for quite a modest price of $170 USD.

Where to buy Air Jordan Retro OG University Blue?

Originally, these sneakers were released on the Nike SNKRS app. If you were among the many unlucky ones who weren’t able to cop them, don’t worry! You can still get your hands on them on StockX, Grailed and some selected retail websites.

Where can I get my Air Jordan 1 University Blue authenticated?

Looking for a high quality authentication for a fair price? Check out our legit check service! Our team of experts is always happy to assist you here: Jordan legit check.


3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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