How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Papillon Bag

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Papillon Bag

Louis Vuitton, a world-renowned luxury brand, is celebrated for its exceptional elegance and unparalleled sophistication. The Louis Vuitton Papillon bag has become a symbol of style and status. Counterfeiters have filled the market with replicas because of the popularity of the style.

In this fake vs real guide, we will teach you how to spot fake Louis Vuitton Papillon bags. Louis Vuitton spends a lot on making their products. They use high-quality materials and include many key features. The key features are quite difficult to copy, and this is where counterfeiters lose. 

In this guide, we will teach you about all those details so you can purchase a real Louis Vuitton Papillon bag.

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The Outer Details Method

The overall look of an LV Papillon

The first step to spot a fake Louis Vuitton Papillon bag is to check the exterior details. The specific style and exterior details have made Louis Vuitton Papillon bags famous. It is a wise choice to start the inspection from the outside. Counterfeiters try their best to copy the exterior details but often fail to copy every detail. 

The very first thing to notice is the structure of the bag. Louis Vuitton uses the best quality materials, making the bag last for decades. The real Louis Vuitton Papillon bag has a good posture and a strong look. Louis Vuitton uses high-quality leather, so we recommend checking the construction. Fake bags often feel very stiff.

All the Louis Vuitton bags are well-stitched. Check the stitches and try to spot uneven and low-quality stitches. Uneven and poor stitching indicates counterfeits.

Authentic bags have a grainy texture all over, including the borders. This texture is a sign of good quality leather. On the other hand, fake bags often have flat edges because the leather used is of poor quality.  The real Louis Vuitton Papillon bag should have a grainy border, as shown in the right image. 

The Side Details Method

The side of an LV bag

The Louis Vuitton Papillon bag has a smooth and flat surface. The sides of the bag have several notable features. One of them is the print, where Louis Vuitton strives for symmetry when using patterned leather. In authentic bags, you can see how the circle stamps peek through in the same way from both sides of the bag.

Another detail to check on the sides is the hardware. Notice the shade and finish of the hardware and make sure that it’s not too shiny. Authentic hardware should also feel substantial in hand.

And again, check that the edges follow the same grainy texture we pointed out in the previous step.

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The Handles Method

Handles of a Louis Vuitton bag

Handles are a big problem for counterfeiters. Louis Vuitton uses top-quality material which lasts for years. But counterfeiters use low-quality leather and material to make replicas.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Papillon bag handles are known for their soft and smooth texture. If you notice that the handles feel rough, there's a high likelihood that it is a counterfeit. Remember to ensure that the bag does not feel excessively stiff and rough to the touch.

Another important detail about the handles is the stitching. As you can see in the left image, the stitching is very precise and looks soft. But, the image on the right shows rough and uneven stitchings, a sign of counterfeits.

The Strap Method

Louis Vuitton bag strap

When buying a Louis Vuitton Papillon bag, it's important to consider the strap. Authentic Louis Vuitton straps are well-made and feature clear Louis Vuitton embroidery. Make sure there are no loose threads. 

Also, pay attention to the color difference between real and fake Louis Vuitton straps. In this case, genuine straps have a cooler undertone, while fake ones may look greenish-yellow. Counterfeit bags often have materials and hardware with such undertones.

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The Hardware Method

Hardware carabiner with an LV logo

One effective way to spot fake Louis Vuitton Papillon bags is through the hardware.

First, check the logo on the hardware. Genuine Louis Vuitton hardware will have a clear and well-aligned Louis Vuitton logo stamp.

Next, examine the color of the hardware. Authentic Louis Vuitton uses evenly colored brass hardware, while counterfeit bags often have overly shiny gold plating. Ensure the color matches the genuine bag hardware and remains consistent throughout all the hardware pieces.

Fake bags often have hardware with faded color and sharp corners, which are defects not found in authentic Louis Vuitton bags.

In the provided images, the fake bag has very shiny hardware with a green undertone. Additionally, you can notice slight differences in the fonts used. Remember these details to easily spot the difference between real and fake bags.

The Zipper Method

Louis Vuitton golden zipper

Zippers play a crucial role in Louis Vuitton bags. They should operate smoothly, without any snags or difficulties when zipping or unzipping the bag.

Counterfeit Louis Vuitton Papillon bags often have zippers placed in different locations. As shown in the image, the zippers on the right image create a noticeable gap. Authentic Louis Vuitton Papillon bags have zippers positioned correctly. 

Additionally, inspect the stitching that attaches the zippers to the bag. Authentic bags should have even and tight stitching, while counterfeits may exhibit uneven and sloppy stitching.

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The Zip Pull Method

LV zipper pull

Louis Vuitton pays special attention to the details of their zip pulls. These zip pulls bear the LV logo, and it's important to check their placement. The L should be positioned under the V. Many counterfeiters mistakenly place the V on top and the L on the bottom.

Carefully examine the structure of the zip pulls. Louis Vuitton is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship. In the image on the right, you can observe signs of soldering on the bottom left. The two parts appear detached from each other. However, in the genuine image on the left, the zip pull is a single, well-constructed piece without any defects.

Authentic Louis Vuitton zip pulls have smooth edges to ensure safety and a comfortable experience when handling them. If you find the zip pulls to be sharp or uncomfortable to hold, it is likely a counterfeit.

The Inside Label Method

Inside label of an LV bag

The inside label of Louis Vuitton bags holds significant importance, especially in the case of the Louis Vuitton Papillon bag.

Pay close attention to specific details on the label. Louis Vuitton utilizes a distinctive font where the letter "O" in Louis Vuitton appears wide and round. The letter "L" features a short tail, and the two "T"s in Vuitton are closely aligned, almost touching. Additionally, the country name on the label should begin with a capital letter.

In addition to these details, ensure there are no spelling errors or quality issues. The stitchings on the label should be even and neat. Spelling mistakes and uneven stitches serve as clear indications of counterfeit bags.


Being able to identify a counterfeit Louis Vuitton Papillon bag is crucial, as counterfeiters strive to replicate the authentic design. However, they often miss certain crucial details. By closely examining specific aspects and following reliable methods, you can easily detect a fake bag.

These methods involve checking the overall shape, side details, handles, hardware, straps, zippers, zip pulls, and inside labels. Professional authenticators use these techniques, which have proven to be effective. 

It's important to understand that genuine Louis Vuitton Papillon bags are crafted using high-quality materials. Employing common sense and paying attention to detail are also key factors in verifying the authenticity of the bag. The LV monogram should be symmetrical and well-aligned, while the hardware should bear the signature Louis Vuitton branding.

By acquiring these skills and remaining vigilant, you can confidently spot fake Louis Vuitton bags. 

Featured Questions

How much is Louis Vuitton Papillon?

The prices of Louis Vuitton Papillon bags can indeed vary based on factors such as size and specific model. As of now, the Louis Vuitton Papillon Bag in Canvas is priced at US $2910, while the Louis Vuitton Papillon BB Bag in Empreinte costs US $2570. However, it's important to note that these prices are subject to change. Plus, you can find bags at lower prices if you buy pre-loved.

How much does it cost to authenticate an LV Papillon Bag?

Louis Vuitton does not provide authentication services for bags themselves. However, our professional team of authenticators specializes in authenticating various branded items, including Louis Vuitton bags. You can rely on our expertise to authenticate your Louis Vuitton bag for a fee starting from US $15.

Do Louis Vuitton Papillon bags have a serial number?

Louis Vuitton Papillon bags do not have a traditional serial number. Instead, they feature a date code. The date code serves the purpose of indicating the place and time of the bag's production. By examining the date code, you can determine where and when the Louis Vuitton Papillon bag was manufactured. You can spot a fake if the stated country of production and the factory code in the date code do not match.

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