How to Spot Fake Nike SB Dunk Low Sean Cliver

How to Spot Fake Nike SB Dunk Low Sean Cliver

To put it shortly, you have to verify the size and shape of the toe box, as well as the size and placement of perforations. Don’t forget to check the quality of the leather and suede. Next, authenticate the Swoosh and all of the following logos: tongue, heel and outsole. For more precise information and tips, just keep reading!

How to legit check Nike SB Dunk Low Sean Cliver?


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How to spot fake Nike SB Dunk Sean Cliver: The Toe Box

Let’s start with verifying the quality of the materials. This model sports some gorgeous icy blue suede, and this will be the most important detail to authenticate. The suede should be rather fluffy and thick, and in no way, shape or form should it be patchy or too thin. Besides, the fake pair of Dunks here has the wrong shade of suede with more grey undertones than the original icy blue. 

Next, we will examine the shape of the toe box. It is not difficult to see on the fake vs real Sean Cliver Dunks comparison that the replica looks much bulkier. Not only is it too short, but it also lacks the smooth downwards curve that the original has. Instead, the toe box is just straight and upturned. It even looks higher than the real one based on the placement of the suede!

Apart from that, make sure that the toe box perforations are fairly placed, and the laces are thick and good quality.

Finally, let’s talk about the stitching. It might be unnoticeable when not looking up close, but the stitches on the authentic shoe are much more subtle and hidden, being almost the same color as the suede. The fake, on the other hand, uses darker thread, creating a more prominent stitching.

How to spot fake Nike SB Dunk Sean Cliver

Fake VS Real Sean Cliver SB Dunk: The Swoosh

Talking about the Swoosh, it’s impossible not to mention the signature shape of it, with a thin stem, a smooth but prominent curve, and a pointy tip. These are all things that should be present in any authentic item. If you look closely at the comparison, you may notice that the counterfeit has a less pointy tip, a steeper curve and a thicker stem.

The next thing that probably caught your eye is the festive golden material covering the Swoosh. The material should be reflective, and slightly puffy. Note that the surrounding area is covered in wrinkled leather, not regular leather.

Finally, it’s worth observing the stitching. The stitches should be quite small and delicate both on the Swoosh and the midsole. The fake has slightly bigger stitches that look more rough.

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Fake VS Real Sean Cliver SB Dunk

Fake Sean Cliver Dunk: The Tongue Tag

Moving on to the tongue tag, we have to talk about the dimensions and placement of the tag first. The replica has its tag stitched too high, and the dimensions are wrong as well. The tag should be a bit bigger and wider.

Then, check out the font of the tag itself. The following example shows that the fake Sean Cliver Dunk has overall a smaller font with much thinner letters. It becomes especially obvious when you look at the “SB” letters, as well as the word “Cliver”. The 2nd word is also placed too high, judging by the distance between the letters and the bottom border of the tag.

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Lastly, observe the stitching and the quality of suede. As we previously mentioned, suede should be thick and fluffy. But in this case it looks too thin and short. As for the stitching, the fake follows the same flaw that we noticed in the previous method. Stitches are too big and long, whereas the authentic has them more small and delicate.

Fake Sean Cliver Dunk


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Nike Sean Cliver Dunk authentication: The Heel

The next part of our guide is the heel. In case you are not familiar with the elements, we will briefly mention all of them. Here we have the heel tag with the Nike logo in golden lettering. Below it, there’s a silver material with three horizontal stitches across it. Finally, there’s the white midsole.

The order of authentication will be from top to bottom, starting with the Nike heel tab. As you can see, the fake tab is much smaller, and the Nike logo is very small as well. Not only that, but the counterfeit has its letters not even properly lined up. For example, the letter “K” is bigger than the rest, and the letter “E” is smaller and placed too far from the rest. 

Take note of the form of the heel itself. This is where the replica is very different from the genuine pair, as it is much wider and bulkier. The authentic item should have a slim silhouette of the heel that is very distinct. 

Next up is the silver tab with the stitched lines. The fake is clearly wider, but also shorter in height. Also, the material should have a puffy texture, while the counterfeit is just flat. The stitches are also done not so carefully, some of them are thinner than others, etc.

The midsole should look slightly rounded, not just straight. This is another element that the fake does not take into consideration. 

Nike Sean Cliver Dunk authentication

If you’re interested, you might want to check out more helpful guides from our free library: the general Nike SB Dunk authentication guide, and the Strangelove Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low fake VS real guide. Here they are: Nike Dunk, Strangelove Skateboards Dunk.

SB Dunk Sean Cliver legit check: The Outsole

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the outsole of this model looks amazing. It continues the icy blue theme of the upper, reminding of ice. The semi-translucent rubber outsole has little golden flakes inside, surrounding the white Nike logo tab in the middle.

The first thing to consider is that the outsole should actually be see-through, which many replicas do not feature. Secondly, there should be plenty of gold flakes evenly distributed all around the outsole. In counterfeits, they are usually either not distributed evenly, or there is just not enough of them. In case with this Nike SB Dunk Sean Cliver we can see the latter. The flakes are too tiny, and there’s less of them than on the authentic outsole.

Of course, let’s not forget about the Nike SB logo. Here it looks like it was shrunk in size in comparison to the original, as letters seem both smaller and more tightly cramped together. In addition to this, the Nike logo should be more tilted upwards, while in the replica it looks more straight.

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SB Dunk Sean Cliver legit check

Real VS Fake Sean Cliver SB Dunk: The Size Tag

The size tag requires you to be especially attentive to details, since it has a lot of small fonts.

If you do not want to get so deep into it, though it’s enough to just check the quality of the print itself. Fake pairs will usually have fuzzier text that is hard to read. Some letters may be blurry or merging with each other. Some letters or symbols, as we show in the example below, might be scraped off or missing. Of course, if you’re buying a new pair, these faults should not be present, and they can indicate a replica.

For a more detailed legit check, let’s look at some of the letters. For example, the lettering in the upper right corner of the tag (“VH” in our case) can be a good indicator. Here it is a bit smaller and thinner compared to the genuine version. The overall text here follows the same pattern of being relatively thin and small.

Real VS Fake Sean Cliver SB Dunk

Replica Sean Cliver Nike Dunks: The Insole Print

Let’s get to the more interesting part, which is the insole print. It is quite unique, since it features a lovely Christmas elf illustration. Coincidentally, it is also among the most important details in authenticating this model.

It is not difficult to spot the overall worsening of the print quality comparing the fake to the authentic. The most important difference is, of course, the colors. They look both more dull and more darkened, as if printed on a cheap unit. Not only that, but the colors are not so nicely blended between each other.

The next flaw is the lack of detailing. This is especially noticeable by looking at the elf’s face. Since the outline of the drawing is thicker and fuzzier, his smile and eyes are much less detailed. For example, on the real drawing you can see the elf’s eyelashes and the little sparks in his eyes. The fake, due to its bad quality, does not consider these details.

And finally, the drawing looks shrinked in size, which is another reason for bad quality and lack of details.

Replica Sean Cliver Nike Dunks



Dunk Sean Cliver real VS fake: The Shoebox

We’re getting to our final method of Nike Sean Cliver Dunk authentication, which is authenticating the shoe box. So don’t be quick to get rid of your shoe box, because it is crucial when examining any model of sneakers!

First, look at the colors of the box. It might be due to a change of lighting, but it looks like the inauthentic box has duller colors. The green especially stands out here.

As for the text on the size label, as we previously mentioned, look for any inconsistencies in size and shape of letters, as well as fuzzy text, etc.

Dunk Sean Cliver real VS fake

Are Sean Cliver Dunks TTS?

Nike Dunks in general have a rather slim silhouette compared to other Nike and Jordan models. They do run true to size, but if you’re uncertain we recommend taking half a size bigger than your true size. 

How much are Sean Cliver dunks?

Originally retailed for a modest price of 110$, these sneakers sold out pretty fast. However, you can still find them on major reseller websites for a price ranging approximately between 740$ USD and 2300$ USD. 

Where can I get my Nike SB Sean Cliver Dunks authenticated?

If you’re still uncertain about the authenticity of your Dunks, you’re in the right place! We provide professional authentication services for all brand items. If you want a quick and detailed legit check from our amazing team, send us a message here: Nike legit check.

Get To Know If Your Nike SB Dunk Low Sean Cliver Are Real


3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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