How To Spot Fake Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers

How To Spot Fake Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers

Authenticating Nike Air Max 97 sneakers might seem like a challenge unless you know these methods: start by examining the overall look followed by the backside method. Checking the heel counter is also a good idea as you might find a lot of differences. Observe the stitching and other minor details too. Finally, finish your legit check process by examining the sizing tag.

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Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Starting with the overall look method is always a good idea as we are able to get the most details at once.

The very first thing that we notice is how curved the tip of the fake sneaker is when it needs to be as smooth and almost straight as it is on the authentic model. Even though the fake model might not look that bad, it still is different from the original look. Remember: we are searching for the differences, and not for what looks good and bad.

The next detail we should point out is how see-through but blurry the detail on the authentic midsole is when it is just matte and grey in the right picture.

Fake Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers: The Back Side Method

Let's observe the backside of the sneakers too.

The thing that pops out almost immediately is how embossed the fake heel counter is when it actually needs to be as straight as the original one.

"Layers" on the sides of the counterfeit model do not match the authentic look either: the sections are asymmetrical and smaller.

We should mention the Nike swoosh too which is embroidered exquisitely in the left picture while the counterfeit swoosh is shaped differently and made carelessly with the lack of professionalism (the same issues can be found with the fake Gucci Print sneakers).

Fake Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers

How To Legit Check Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers: The Heel Counter Method

The strap on the original heel counter is thin, with silver shiny symbols on it, whereas the replica straps are thicker and plain, with the stitching that can not hold anything together.

We should also mention engraving on the counterfeit heel that does not imitate the same original Nike shape, which gives away its fakeness immediately.

How To Legit Check Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers

How To Spot Fake Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers: The Stitching Method

Counterfeiters always fail to do the stitching successfully and this model is no exception. Sewing on the authentic pair is symmetrical, tight, and seamless, whereas the stitches on the fake sneakers are much thinner, sloppy, asymmetrical, and unclean. Such sewing can not hold the pieces together for a long time.

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How To Spot Fake Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers

Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers Real Vs Fake: The Details Method

Let's take a look at the layers on both of these pictures.

Counterfeiters failed to copy the same embossed look that the original Nike details have, which takes the specialty of the design away from the pair (check out Nike Air Max Off-White 90 for similar issues).

Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers: The Sizing Tag Method

The differences we should search for in this case are in the font and design. Numbers and letters on the original tag are thicker and bolder whereas the fake text is paler and thinner.

The difference appears in the swoosh too, as the replica one is narrower and does not replicate the same shape.

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Real Vs Fake Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers

What size should I get in Air Max 97?

Air Max 97 sneakers are a little tighter, compared to other Air Max models, so if you are between sizes, we recommend you to size up instead of down.

Are Nike Air Max 97 sneakers unisex?

Yes, just like any other sneaker or clothing you might set your eyes on is unisex as long as you like it!

Where can I get Nike Air Max 97 sneakers authenticated?

Searching for professionals? We got your back! Our expert team is available 24/7 to help you with authentication. All you need to do is reach out via live chat. Check it out: Nike legit check.

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