How To Spot Fake Nike Dunks

How To Spot Fake Nike Dunk

Do you want to buy a secondhand pair of Nike Dunks but don’t know how to spot a fake pair?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

In this article, you’ll find 11 methods of spotting a fake pair of Nike Dunks. So, if you didn’t buy one yet, you should read the article and use the methods on your new purchase!

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The Overall Look Method (Nike Dunk Low Kentucky Authentication)

The Overall Look Method for Dunk Kentucky

As you can see, the first thing that stands out is the shape of the sneakers. The authentic ones have curvier foxing, while the fake Nike Dunk sneakers have a relatively straight bottom.

Moreover, the toe cap on the authentic sneakers should be pointing upwards, as shown in the picture above. The midsole on the authentic version is much smaller in height, while it appears much taller on the fake pair. The authentic midsole should also have a textured surface, unlike the relatively even surface on the replica.

Another noticeable difference is the color of the blue details, which is off on the fake pair. The authentic version should have vibrant blue details, but the counterfeit must achieve the same vibrancy.

Overall, the look of the fake Nike Dunk sneakers appears quite bulky compared to the more refined appearance of the genuine ones. You can confidently discern between the fake and real Nike Dunks Low Kentucky models by carefully examining these visual cues. 

The Overall Look Method (Nike Dunk Low Syracuse Authentication)

The Overall Look Method for Dunk Syracuse

We have to start with the midsole while talking about a replica of Nike Dunks Low Syracuse. As you can see, it is much taller compared to the model shown on the upper picture. The orange part is supposed to be much smaller too; The original midsole creates a look as if the white part "hides" the orange, but this effect has been totally missed by the replica factories as the orange line is asymmetrical.

The overall look of the fake Nike Dunk model is much bulkier than the authentic.

The color is more on the yellow spectrum than vibrant orange, which is a pretty big mistake.

The Outer Swoosh Nike Logo Method

The Outer Swoosh Nike Logo Method

The iconic Nike Dunks swoosh logo is a crucial element, and replicating it poorly can noticeably impact the overall appearance.

Firstly, the shape of the Swoosh logo is an important detail to consider. On authentic Nike Dunks, the swoosh logo is much thicker at the bottom and gradually becomes thinner as it goes upwards. However, the fake swoosh often needs more contrast, resulting in a less defined and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

In the example of the fake Nike Dunk sneakers shown below, the positioning of the swoosh is also off. The original swoosh creates almost a 90-degree angle, fitting harmoniously with the design, while the fake one is weirdly positioned upwards, deviating from the authentic placement.

The Inner Swoosh Nike Logo Method

The Inner Swoosh Nike Logo Method

The authentic inner Nike swoosh logo has a dimensional look, appearing more three-dimensional and pronounced. In contrast, the replica swoosh is relatively flat and lacks the depth and dimension of the original. This difference in appearance is also reflected in the stitching.

The original Nike Dunks swoosh, being more bulky and three-dimensional, would naturally result in imperfect stitches when attached. On the other hand, the replica swoosh, lacking the same bulkiness, tends to have perfectly straight stitches, as seen in the bottom picture. 

Furthermore, the shape of the swoosh is also a telltale sign of authenticity. The authentic Nike Dunks swoosh has a curvier shape, while the replica swoosh often deviates from this curvature.

Lastly, the color of the swoosh is a crucial detail to examine. The authentic Nike Dunks swoosh should be vibrant orange, whereas the fake Nike Dunk sneakers in the bottom picture exhibit a faded and less vibrant orange tone.

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The Tongue Method

The Tongue Method

In this method, let's take a closer look at the tongue label of the Nike Dunks sneakers.
The first noticeable detail is the Nike Dunks swoosh logo, which appears thicker and longer on the original label than the replica.

The font has also been poorly replicated in the example of the fake Nike Dunk sneakers shown below. On the authentic label, the font should be very thick, bold, and less tilted, which differs from the font on the replica.

Moreover, the (R) signs on the authentic Nike Dunks model are much bigger, making them easier to read, while they appear smaller on the fake label.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to use our authentication services to get your item legit checked. Our expert team is available 24/7 to assist you. By carefully examining the details on the tongue label, you can confidently determine the authenticity of the Nike Dunks sneakers.

The Toe Cap Method

The Toe Cap Method

The holes on the toe cap of these models not only add to their aesthetics but also serve a functional purpose.

The perforations on the authentic Nike Dunks model are noticeably bigger and cut out on the bottom part. This design allows for better breathability as air can flow back and forth easily, keeping the feet comfortable.

However, the holes on the fake Nike Dunk sneakers are much smaller and lack actual perforations on the bottom, rendering them functionless in enhancing breathability.

Another important detail is the symmetry of the perforations. On the authentic model, the perforations are symmetrically placed, while replica factories often miss this level of precision and symmetry.

The Heel Counter Method

The Heel Counter Method

When examining the stitching on the heel counter of the Nike Dunks, noticeable differences between the authentic and replica become evident.

On the authentic Nike Dunks, the space between each stitch is much bigger, providing a more visible and distinct pattern than the thin and closely spaced stitching on the fake pair, as shown in the picture below.

Moreover, the original Nike Dunks feature leather tabs on the heel counter, providing a higher-quality and more refined appearance. In contrast, the fake Nike Dunk sneakers often use a lower-quality, bulky material for the tabs, resulting in a less authentic and less appealing look.

The Sizing Tag Method

The Sizing Tag Method

The differences between the authentic and fake models are evident when examining the sizing tag on the Nike Dunk sneakers.

On the authentic Nike Dunks, the font of the sizing tag features smaller and non-bold letters, whereas the fake model displays larger and bold letters, as seen in the bottom picture.

Additionally, the QR code on the fake tag is supposed to be bigger, while the authentic model should have a smaller QR code.

The Box Label Method

Nike Dunk authentication by shoe box
Using the bar code and searching it on Google can indeed be a helpful method to determine the authenticity of Nike Dunks.

When Googling the bar code of the Nike Dunks in the bottom picture, if nothing comes up or the search doesn't lead to the product, it automatically indicates that the product inside is fake.

Moreover, another noticeable difference is the color of the box. The original Nike Dunks box should be vibrant red, while the fake box may exhibit a washed-out or less rich appearance. How To Authenticate Nike Dunk: The Box Label Method

The UV Light Method

Most counterfeit manufacturers will use invisible ink and stamp a mark/symbol on it to better manage their inventory. You will never find an invisible stamp on any original production of Nike, so if you have a UV lamp, you could look for stamps.

Also, any liquid/glue stains could be a mark of a fake pair of Nike Dunks. However, because of Nike factory inconsistencies, even real pairs will sometimes come with glue stains, so combine this method with others listed here.

The Insoles Method

The first thing you should look at regarding the insoles is the “R” letter. Many top-tier fakes will still get this slightly wrong, so don’t forget to look at it.

The texture of the insole could also help you determine if you have a fake pair of Dunks. Authentic Nike Dunk insoles have a honeycomb pattern made out of high-quality materials. However, the texture pattern on the fake Nike Dunk is more grid-like.

You should also know that the texture of the insole will differ depending on the Nike Dunk release.

The stitching of the insole is also a very important part of the authentication process. Fake Nike Dunks usually either have too few or too many threads being used. You can also see differences in the upper stitching, were the spacing between the threads will cardinally differ from a fake pair to a real one.

The Shoe Filler Method

All authentic Nike Dunks will come with shoe filler paper. Be very wary if the Nike Dunk comes with a cardboard shoe tree instead.

Usually, fake manufacturers use a cardboard shoe tree because it is simply cheaper and more reliable. So, if you have a pair of Nikes that came with a cardboard shoe tree, you should catch up with a professional authenticator the next time you buy a pair of Nikes.

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