How To Spot Fake Nike Dunk Low Sneakers

How To Spot Fake Nike Dunk Low Sneakers

To authenticate Nike Dunk Low sneakers start by analyzing the overall look method where you get to observe the material, size, stitching, and swoosh. Next, move onto the toe-box method and take a closer look at its dotting pattern. Don't forget to check heel counters with details such as stitching, shaping, and lettering. Then observe the tongue and soles. Finally, finish up your legit check process by taking a look at the sizing tag and the box.

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Nike Dunk Low Sneakers Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Let's start analyzing our Nike Dunk Low by observing the overall look.

The very first thing that is super noticeable about the replica model is the brown section: While it is a little shinier and more accented on the authentic pair, it looks matte and darker in the right picture; not only that but the section size is bigger on the counterfeit pair.

If the swoosh is messed up by the replica factory then we can almost immediately tell its fakeness; this case is no exception. The Nike swoosh is wider, thicker, and curvier in the left picture whereas it is narrower, thinner, and less defined on the fake model. 

Finally, the stitching- which doesn't look as secure or solid in the right picture but is rather sloppy and asymmetrical. 

Nike Dunk Low Sneakers Authentication

Fake Nike Dunk Low Sneakers: The Toe-Box Method

Problems appear in the way the toe-box was replicated by the counterfeit brand too.

While the tip of the fake toe-box is pretty flat, it is curvier in the left picture and the unauthentic model should be replicating the same look.

The brown section of the toe-box was messed up too: the counterfeit model should have as defined and as accented brown section as it is on the original model.

The stitching is a problem in this case too: Not only is the stitching done insecurely in the right picture but it also is asymmetrical and sloppy.

Fake Nike Dunk Low Sneakers

Real Vs Fake Nike Dunk Low Sneakers: The Sole Method

Even though the original soles are engraved too, the depth isn't as big as it is in the left picture: even though it doesn't look that bad, remember that we are searching for the differences and not for what looks good or bad.

The Nike lettering has the same issue: instead of making it engraved the counterfeit brand had to make the letters embossed and bigger, which they didn't, so that is one more difference in our favor.

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Real Vs Fake Nike Dunk Low Sneakers

How To Tell If Nike Dunk Low Sneakers Are Fake: The Sizing Tag Method

Even analyzing the most "meaningless" details can help when it comes to the authentication process. Side note: there isn't such a thing as meaningless detail; everything can become meaningful whatever will help us in finding the differences. 

The replica tag is much smaller than the original one with less defined details. For example, the number 050 of the counterfeit tag is narrower and thinner whereas it's super bold in the left picture. 

The same thing can be said about the code and every letter/number on the tag.

How To Tell If Nike Dunk Low Sneakers Is Fake

Legit Check Nike Dunk Low Sneakers: The Box Method

We are about to finish our authentication process by analyzing the box. Box? really? Absolutely! You can tell a lot about the authenticity of the model by looking at its box.

The sticker with the information on it is much bigger on the replica box when it needs to be as narrow as it is in the left picture. 

Numbers and letters are bolder on the original sticker whereas they seem to be paler on the counterfeit one.

You might find some typos and spelling mistakes when it comes to a fake box, so be aware of that too.

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Legit Check Nike Dunk Low Sneakers

Why are Nike Dunk Lows so expensive?

Nike sneakers are made with exceptionally high-quality materials which results in making pairs long-lasting. But when it comes to Nike Dunk Low sneakers, the principle of market plays a huge role too- the model is highly demanded, so the price is increased too, which might change shortly.

How much do Dunk Lows retail for?

The retail price for Nike Dunk Low sneakers is set at $100.

Where can I get Nike Dunk Low sneakers authenticated?

Lucky for you, you have already found the place to get your branded items professionally checked. You already know the name but let us remind you: LegitGrails. We are available 24/7 to assist you. Check it out: Nike legit check

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