How to Spot Fake vs Real Nike Dunk Low Panda

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Nike Dunk Pandas enjoy massive popularity on the sneaker scene. The old-school basketball shoe is a classic, coming in a minimalist black-and-white color scheme. Footwear enthusiasts cleared the stocks every time Nike did a restock.

Dunk Low Pandas have scheduled restocks, so sneaker fans would hurry up to grab their pair. If you failed to secure yours, you likely came across the online listings. At this point, you wonder whether they are authentic or fake.

If you were lucky enough to find your Panda Dunks Low, it is time to authenticate them. This guide reveals the authentication methods and provides step-by-step instructions to avoid getting scammed.

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3 easy steps to authenticate Nike Dunk

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3 easy steps to authenticate an item

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The Box Method

The box method is one of the ways to distinguish Nike Dunk low Panda real vs. fake. Here we focus on a few aspects to assess authenticity, such as the box material and label.

The shoe box for Nike Dunk Low Panda is bold red. Variations in tone or faded spots could indicate a counterfeit product. If you receive your brand-new sneakers packed in a plastic bag without a box, this is a clear sign of a fake product.

The shoe box label has essential information such as product origin, suggested retail price, sizing, and QR code. When comparing Nike Dunk low Panda real vs. fake labels, look for letter size and font inconsistencies.

While the counterfeiters put a lot of effort into recreating the identical label and minding the position of the elements, they didn't copy the exact font. Therefore you might notice that the letters are bolder.

The Overall Look Method

example of real vs fake Nike Dunk Low Panda

When we're done inspecting the shoe box, we move to analyze the footwear. At first glance, we can spot a few inconsistencies when comparing Nike Dunk low Panda real vs. fake.

We spotted flaws when observing the heel counter. The authentic shoe comes with quality stitching that looks even. The fake one has uneven stitches and thinner thread, indicating inferior production practices.

The patches are seamlessly joined in the original model and lie flat. In contrast, the joining seams are poorly done in the fake sneaker.

Looking at the Swoosh logo is the last step for the overall look method. Nike keeps the branded logo consistent for all their products; any shape changes indicate a fake product.

The Swoosh Logo Method

Next, we analyze the Swoosh logo in detail to distinguish fake Panda Dunks from real ones. The shape and stitching quality are the things we focus on for the Swoosh logo method. An original logo has a pointy top, expressed curve, and precise stitching.

The real Swoosh logo has a more expressed curve in the top part. As you can see in the close-up image, the silhouette is slender and flowy.

On the contrary, the fake logo lacks a pronounced curve. The curve looks abrupt, making the Swoosh look thicker and bulkier.

The stitching is another telltale sign if you're wondering how to tell if Panda Dunks are fake. The difference in quality is apparent when we compare fake Panda Dunks vs real ones.

The authentic Panda Dunks have even stitching that precisely follows the Swoosh logo's edge. We can't say the same for the fake shoe, where the low-quality stitching is apparent.

Furthermore, we can spot a difference in the material texture. Real Nike shoes are made of quality leather, which can be recognized by the uneven surface. In comparison, fake Nike's are made of smooth faux leather.

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The Toe-Box Method

visual example of a fake versus real Nike Dunk Low Panda

How to spot fake Panda dunks by checking the toe-box?

We focus on the toe box as we further inspect the shoe and determine whether the Nike Dunk low Panda is real vs. fake. When taking a closer look, we can notice a difference in the perforation holes.

The original Panda Dunks come with thick perforation holes positioned close to each other. Even though the counterfeiters copied the same pattern, they failed to keep the exact distance between the holes. In addition, the perforation quality is poor.

The toe box seams are another thing that pinpoints the authenticity. Unlike the fake, the real Dunk Panda has consistent and dense stitching.

Another thing you want to keep your eyes on is whether the toe box looks inflated. The genuine pair has a slender and low-toe box. In contrast, the fake one is raised and bulky.

The Heel Counter Method

Example of a fake vs real heel counter on Nike Dunk Low Panda sneakers

We apply the heel counter method to inspect further Nike Dunk low Panda real vs fake. It provides valuable insights for assessing fake footwear.

The first point of our interest is the Nike logo. As spotted in other Nike products, this is what gives off a fake instantly.

The authentic Nike logo has high-quality embroidery. Big footwear brands invest in good equipment, which reflects the embroidery quality.

On the other hand, the fake logo is uneven and lacks precision. You might also spot loose threads when assessing fake Panda Dunks vs real ones.

Next, you should pay closer attention to the stitching quality. Dense stitching and streamlined seams are a sign of excellent quality control, indicating an authentic product. In comparison, shallow stitching and thin thread are signs of counterfeit shoes.

Other potential red flags you can notice are letter thickness and font changes. The counterfeit logo can have thinner or thicker letters.

We move to the shoe collar to round up the heel counter method. The shoe's interior is made of breathable mesh-like material with a distinct texture.

On the other hand, a fake product has a cheap material. In most cases, it would be dense foam that doesn't resemble a mesh texture.

The Sole Method

How to tell if Panda Dunks are fake using the sole method? Firstly we start with the logo. The Nike logo helps us distinguish between the Nike Dunk low Panda real vs. fake.

The authentic logo is nicely imprinted into the sole material, with clean lines and precise edges. On the contrary, the fake logo lacks dimension. Also, the letters can be thicker than the original.

Next, a sneaker authenticator would assess the copyright symbol in both real and fake shoes. You can notice inconsistencies in the sign's placement or thickness, indicating fake Panda Dunks.

Also, look for inconsistencies in the sole pattern. Counterfeiters use low-quality equipment and materials, so their pattern would lack details.

The Size Tag Method

We check the size tag inside the shoe below the tongue to further assess the authenticity. The flaws discovered with the size tag method help us differentiate Nike Dunk low Panda real vs. fake.

The size of the text and the letters are the things that counterfeiters didn't copy. Therefore the fake size tag has thicker letters and numbers. Also, the inscriptions are bigger than the original.

The place of origin is indicated on the size tag as well. "Made in China" doesn't have to indicate a fake product. Nike has production facilities in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

How to Stay Away From Fake Panda Dunks Online

Since Panda Dunks are highly popular, they get sold out fast. Therefore the only opportunity for you to get your pair is to get on reselling sites like eBay. You can find many deals there, but be aware of the scammers selling counterfeit goods.

Firstly, the online listing needs to provide enough high-quality photos for you to assess authenticity. The close-ups allow you to have a better look at the details that give off a fake product.

If the listing provides blurry photos, this is a potential red flag. Also, Panda Dunk's photos taken from the Internet could indicate a counterfeit.

The next step involves analyzing the price. Since the Panda Dunks are very popular but limited, too low a price is a clear sign of a fake. The average market value of a pair is $110, and any price significantly below that is a red flag. Moreover, prices are more likely to go up due to the high demand.

Before buying your footwear, make sure to check the seller's profile and rating. Head to the bad reviews section and see why things didn't work out for the buyers.

Some sites have strict policies for counterfeit goods and guarantee you will get your money back, even though the seller is a third party. Check the guidelines to understand more about how the website protects buyers in case of counterfeit products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Panda Dunks and black and white?

There are a couple of differences between Panda Dunks and black and white. The Nike Dunk Panda is more popular on the market, hence the higher price. Black and White don't enjoy immense popularity.

Scarcity is another difference that plays a crucial role in the product's price. Panda Dunks are limited, while Black and White are widely available on the market. The high demand and low supply shape a high price on the market.

Another difference is their purpose. Panda Dunks come with a padded collar and cushioned sole for maximum comfort. They are sporty shoes that can be worn on the basketball field, while the Black and White are intended for casual use.

Both Panda Dunks and Black and White are great footwear choices. Black and White might be a better choice if you're on a budget. The Panda Dunks are yours if you're ready to pay more and go for a scavenger hunt since they are always released in limited stocks.

Did Nike stop selling Panda Dunks?

While many might believe that Nike stopped selling them, this isn't the case. The company releases Panda Dunks in limited quantities. The last release is scheduled to be launched on July 23, 2023. The famous shoe isn't discontinued, and Nike does occasional restocks. Due to the immense popularity of Panda Dunks, they quickly sell out.

What was the original price for Panda Dunks?

The average retail price for Panda Dunks is $110 for adult sizes. Kids' sizes range from $35 to $90, depending on whether it is a toddler or a big kid's size. However, the limited availability of this product increased its resale value.

Sneaker fanatics were prepared to pay double the amount to have their favorite pair in their hands. After the shoes are sold out, they can be found on sites like eBay for a higher price.


Our detailed authentication guide taught you how to tell if Panda Dunks are fake. We started with the shoe box method to verify the product's authenticity and found flaws in the label. The different font and letter sizes were the flaws that indicated a fake shoe.

Observing the overall look revealed more inconsistencies that reveal a fake product. The logo shape and stitching quality differentiate Nike Dunk low Panda real vs. fake.

Next, we assessed that the original Swoosh logo comes with an accentuated curve and a pointy top. The counterfeiters failed to copy the Swoosh, so it looks thicker on the fake shoe.

The toe box method reveals volume, perforation holes, and stitching inconsistencies. The fake Dunk Low Pandas have an inflamed toe box and uneven perforation.

We relied on the heel counter method to verify the shoe's authenticity. The bad-quality embroidery and different letters indicate a fake product.

The sole method reveals flaws in the sole pattern and logo. Both of them aren't carved properly in the counterfeit model, which is easy to spot and instantly gives off a bad-quality vibe.

To round up the authentication guide, we used the size tag method. Again, inconsistencies in letter size and font were found in the fake Panda Dunks.

These guidelines help spot a scam when looking at physical products or online listings. Now you can easily verify the product before purchasing.

But if you still feel like you need a helping hand, turn to professional authentication services. This can be quickly completed online with a few photos of your Panda Dunks.


3 easy steps to authenticate Nike Dunk Low Panda

Upload photos of the item

Place your order

We verify the item

You get the outcome

3 easy steps to authenticate an item

Planning on getting an item? Having doubts on an item you already have?

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