How to Tell if a Prada Bag is Real?

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Prada Milano is a luxury Italian brand symbolizing high class and prestige. The triangle has been a symbol of luxury since 1913, being a signature style of the Italian aristocracy.

The Prada bags conquer the hearts of fashionistas with their minimalist yet outstanding look. The rising popularity of the classic bags was seen as a lucrative opportunity for counterfeiters.

Securing an authentic piece is challenging when there are so many identical copies of the high-end bag on the market. How to tell if a Prada bag is real? We share the proven authentication methods!

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Check Packaging and Dust Bag

example of fake vs real Prada packaging

The dust bag is meant to protect the bag but also helps us differentiate fake Prada bags from real ones. We can notice a clear difference in the printing quality and font.

The bag is made of white cotton fabric and has a drawstring. The design includes the branded logo circled by a rope, which is part of the signature details of this brand.

Keep in mind that older Prada dust bags can vary in style. The dust bag can be navy blue with gold letters if you're buying a vintage Prada bag.

The original dust bag is printed in bold navy, with thick letters that precisely match the branded Prada logo. On the contrary, the fake dust bag has faded colors. We can also notice that the "Milano" appears thinner on the fake dust bag.

example of real vs fake Prada logo

The triangular Prada logo on the exterior front is a signature feature of Prada bags. Carefully examining this logo is a crucial method for Prada authenticity check.

Firstly, the triangular metal plaque should be carefully secured on the bag. If it is loose, then this indicates a counterfeit product.

Further, the metal plaque features four parts: the name, city, year of brand origin, and coat of arms. When we compare the fake and real, we can notice a massive difference in how these elements are placed.

The most obvious difference is the different font used for Prada. As mentioned earlier, the brand keeps its font consistent. We can notice how the tail on the "R" letter is longer in the original and very short in the fake plaque.

The overall design of the original plaque is balanced and harmonious. The "Prada" and other elements are placed very close to the borders of the fake one, having no blank space. The plaque is overwhelmed with design elements, a clear sign that it is a counterfeit.

The letter "A" lacks the tail on the top, signaling that the product is fake. Also, the letters are placed close to the original, while the distance makes the Prada logo look off in the counterfeit bag.

The letters in "Milano" have equal spacing, resulting in a streamlined look. In the fake plaque, the spacing isn't consistent, and the word looks off. When we further analyze the Prada logo, we can notice that the year of brand origin is engraved with thinner letters.

To round up the logo examination, we look at the small bolts securing the bag's plaque. The fake bag lacks the bolts and has an engraving that replaces them.

The lack of bolts indicates that the triangular metal plaque was glued. You might also notice traces of glue, both signs indicating a poorly done fake replica.

Feel the Material

Depending on the style, Prada bags are made of leather or nylon. You can easily check if the leather is real using a few methods if you have the bag in your hands.

Genuine calf leather is very soft and has a distinctive texture. The leather grain has an irregular pattern, with veining and creases.

A bag made of fake leather feels very stiff to the touch. It has an imitation of the leather grain, which stays uniform throughout the whole bag without any visible imperfections.

Lastly, genuine leather has a pleasant earthy smell. On the other hand, fake leather has an unpleasant chemical smell.

Examine the Zippers

comparison of a real versus fake zipper on Prada bags

How to spot a fake Prada bag by inspecting the zippers? The zipper quality and engraved Prada logo are the telltale signs that reveal a fake product.

When comparing fake Prada bags vs. real ones, we notice a difference in the shapes. The original zipper is curvier and has a more angular shape on the top where the loop is attached.

The second bag zipper has more square edges, which indicates it is a fake Prada bag.

Next, we move to the branding for further analysis. The original "Prada Milano" Prada logo is engraved with high precision, keeping the signature characteristics of the branded font. We notice that the letter "R" has its signature tail, while "A" has this on the top.

The original letters are thicker and closer. On the other hand, the fake logo does match the original.

The letters are very thin and lack the signature characteristics of the original logo. We can also notice that the engraving lacks precision, so the Prada logo looks sloppy.

Check the Hardware

How to tell if a Prada bag is real by examining the hardware? Big brands pay utmost attention to detail and use high-quality hardware that ensures longevity. For this method, we focus on the clasp, zipper, grommet, and bottom feet.

Prada uses metal hardware, which can be either gold or silver. The hardware color should stay consistent throughout the whole bag. A combination of gold and silver hardware indicates a fake bag.

The original hardware should feel sturdy and be securely attached to the bag. Any chips or dents in the metal can indicate that poor quality materials were used and the product is a poorly done replica.

In a brand-new genuine Prada bag, the hardware will be covered for protection.

Inspect Stitching Quality

stitchings comparison on a fake vs real Prada bag

How to tell if a Prada bag is real by looking at the stitching? Prada relies on sophisticated crafting methods to ensure quality. The stitching is another point of interest in our Prada authenticity check, revealing the signature stitching style of this brand.

The original bag has straight and precise stitching, and each stitch is slightly angular. This stitching pattern is a signature for Prada and is present in every bag, regardless of the style.

In comparison, the fake bag has straight stitches. This doesn't match the branded look of Prada and is an instant indicator of a fake product.

Look Inside

comparing the inside of a fake and real Prada bag

The interior of a genuine Prada bag is another point of interest in our authentication guide. The branded Prada logo and hem are the critical signs for the Prada authenticity check.

First, we look at the zipper stitching. The original Prada stitching is slightly angular and has a thick thread.

On the other hand, the fake Prada bag has straight and tiny stitches with gaps between them. This is a clear sign of poor quality and counterfeit products.

Next, we observe the branded metal plaque attached to the interior lining. The plaque features the branded logo "Prada Milano, "an important indicator that helps us distinguish fake Prada bags vs real.

In the original age, the letters have a subtle metal finish. We can notice the glistening sheen in the second bag, indicating it is a replica.

While the letters in the logo appear identical, they still have a difference. We can notice how the letters are placed closely in the counterfeit bag.

The poor printing quality is apparent in the fake Prada bag. We can notice the lack of precision due to poor-quality equipment.

Check the Quality Assurance Tag

Prada bags come with a quality assurance tag. The square label in white color is sewn near the bottom seam inside the bag.

The quality assurance tag features two or three digits, indicating the factory the Prada bag was made in. The tag is proof that the product passed the strict quality testing.

If a bag doesn't have a QAT, this is a clear indicator of a fake Prada bag. However, remember that counterfeiters have perfected their practices and include this tag. The tag should be the only method for Prada authenticity check and should be used with others on this list.

Be Mindful of the Price

The impeccable design, quality, and brand reputation are responsible for the Prada bag price tag. Brand new Nylon Prada bags cost between $1,000 and $2,000, while leather bags range between $2,000 to $5,000.

Knowing the average market value of authentic brand new Prada bags, any prices that go too far beyond signalize a counterfeit. Pre-loved handbags are cheaper, ranging from $500 to $3,000.

Avoid Buying From Sketchy Online Sources

You might have spotted a good deal for a Prada bag online. While you can find many reputable retailers that sell genuine products, be very careful. Do detailed research to find out if the website is legit and whether it offers luxury purse authentication.

Online marketplaces provide genuine pre-loved bags, but you need to be careful since there are a lot of counterfeit products out there. Check the seller ratings and reviews to understand more about their practices.


Where is the serial number on a Prada bag?

The Prada bags come with an authenticity card with the serial number. You get a black envelope with the branded logo when purchasing a Prada bag.

Inside, you can find a printed authenticity card with the serial number and a plastic one built similarly to a credit card. This card contains important information such as the date of purchase, model, and location. You can authenticate the serial number through the Prada website.

How do you authenticate an old Prada bag?

All Prada bags have an authenticity card and a care booklet. The authenticity card contains important information, such as the serial number. Also, remember that vintage Prada bags come with a navy dust bag with a gold Prada logo.

Does a real Prada bag have a made-in-China tag?

An authentic Prada Bag can have a "made in China" tag. Prada products are made in Italy and China, so this tag does not have to mean your bag is a fake.

Nylon bags are usually made in China since the material is outsourced from there, while leather bags are made in Italy. About 20% of the Prada bags are made in China.


Recognizing a fake Prada bag can be challenging since counterfeiters try to copy the look. However, analyzing the details can help you identify an authentic bag and avoid being scammed.

The authentic Prada stitching with slightly angular individual stitches is unmatched. Also, the branded logo will remain consistent. The hardware is sturdy and comes in either gold or silver.

If you still have trouble authenticating your bag, our Prada authentication experts are here to help. You only need to provide a few photos, and our team will confirm whether your Prada bag is real or fake.

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