How To Spot Fake YSL Kate Bag

How To Spot Fake YSL Kate Bag

Do you want a new YSL Kate Bag, but don’t know how to make the difference between a fake product and a real one?

In this article, we’ve described the nine best methods of spotting the difference between a fake and an original USL Kate Bag. Enjoy!

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The General Look Method

Initiating the general look method is always prudent, allowing you to spot flaws "at a glance." The authentic and faux leathers are pebbled and inherently resistant to scratches and abrasions.

We'll delve deeper into this shortly, but in brief, the application of these grains on the surface diverges significantly in both instances.

The surface in the upper image exudes more shine, while the inauthentic bag appears matte.

On the authentic model, the iconic YSL logo seems deeply embedded in the leather, whereas on the faux model, the logo has a more "3D" appearance, presenting increased dimensionality.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The General Look Method

The Pebbled Leather Method 

As touched upon in the previous method, pebbled leather boasts extreme durability when crafted correctly, exemplified by the method shown in the upper picture.

These grains should be compactly arranged, not diminutive as displayed on the faux leather; they need to resemble larger, circle-like shapes rather than dots, ensuring scratch resistance.

The inauthentic leather features absurdly tiny grains with considerable spacing between them, compromising the surface's durability.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Pebbled Leather Method

The Side Method

In this instance, the leather scenario mirrors what was outlined in the prior method, but the bag's contours warrant closer scrutiny.

The authentic model sports a refined silhouette—broader at the base and tapering elegantly upward, which is incredibly appealing.

Conversely, the counterfeit presents an oddly rounded form, failing to capture the authentic's characteristic broad-base-and-narrow-top structure, maintaining a monotonous width throughout.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Side Method

The Logo Method (Lower-Quality Replica)

If the iconic YSL logo is replicated poorly on the faux bag, then it is the easiest to tell whether the bag is fake or not.

In this case, there are some major flaws in the fake log. The original letters are tilted on the side, while the fake ones are straight.

The letters are much larger and wider on the fake model, and the spacing between one another is almost non-existent.

Not only sizing but also shaping is a problem here as the fake letters do not replicate the same shape shown in the left picture.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Logo Method (Low-Quality Replica)

The Logo Method (Higher-Quality Replica)

If the iconic YSL logo on the counterfeit bag is poorly executed, it becomes the simplest indicator of the bag's inauthenticity. Here, the fake logo exhibits significant defects.

The authentic letters lean to the side, whereas their counterfeit counterparts are noticeably more upright.

The letters on the fake model are considerably larger and broader, with virtually no space between them.

Beyond size issues, the form is also problematic; the counterfeit letters fail to mirror the precise shape displayed in the left image.

Are you keeping up with the methods? We really hope there won’t be any doubt after reading our guide but if you still need some help, we recommend using our amazing legit check services and get your authentication certificate now!

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Logo Method (High-Quality Replica)

The Chain Method

In this instance, the letters are better replicated, yet flaws remain. The logo is slightly broader and shorter in the left image, while on the replica model, the letters are slimmer but taller.

Are you following the methods?

We sincerely hope our guide leaves no room for uncertainty, but should you require further assistance, we suggest availing yourself of our excellent legit check services to obtain your authentication certificate immediately!

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Chain Method

The Hardware Method

Replica factories often neglect minute details during production, and it's evident. The metal circle on the authentic model is impeccably round, whereas on the counterfeit bag, it's distorted and slimmer than it should be.

The Saint Laurent signature on the original metal is so precisely engraved that it's effortless to read, a stark contrast to the fake model where the letters aren't positioned atop the metal but rather on the side.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Hardware Method

The Label Method

Labels, though not visible while sporting a bag, are crucial to examine.

The authentic label is smoother, and its overall dimensions are significantly larger than depicted in the bottom image.

The counterfeit label leans more towards a grey hue than black and is extremely faded, which, while not unsightly, unmistakably indicates the bag's replica status.

The black letters with a silver outline should be perfectly centered. In contrast, the fake label features silver letters positioned asymmetrically at the bottom.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Label Method

The Signature Method

This marks the final method in today's guide. The original bag features the Saint Laurent signature on a smooth surface, with letters that are thick and placed asymmetrically.

Conversely, the replica employs the same material as the exterior, presenting a pebbled texture where it should be smooth, and the letters are not only thinner but also larger than they ought to be.

YSL Kate Bag Fake VS Real Guide: The Signature Method

In Conclusion…

The comparison of a real VS fake YSL Kate bag is not as complicated if you know some of the most crucial steps.

If you still have some unanswered questions, we encourage you to reach us out or use our authentication services that are available 24/7! 

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