How To Spot Fake Supreme T-shirt

In this guide we are going to take a look at an example of a fake Supreme t-shirt and compare it with the legit version. This has been one of the most requested items recently, so we at legitgrails.com came up with an idea to provide you with a fresh guide on how to spot fake Supreme t-shirt. This does not require any professional skills or knowledge, therefore you can easily legit check your item yourself simply by sticking with us for 5 minutes and going through a couple of easy steps.

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How To Legit Check Supreme T-shirt?

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The Box Logo Method

First of all we should have a look at the frontside of your item. It is the fastest and easiest way to see Supreme t-shirt real vs fake. The difference between authentic item and a replica is easily noticeable here if you know what to look for. Real vs fake comparison image down below might help us out:

How to legit check a Supreme T-shirt: Box Logo Real vs Fake

As you might have already guessed, the biggest thing to look at here is the material and texture. Authentic Supreme t-shirt is made of high quality cotton and you can definitely feel how luxurious it is if you touch it. The stitching around the neck should not be visible on the outside of your t-shirt. 

Take a look at the box logo in the middle of your t-shirt. Print quality on a real piece is amazing, unlike the fake Supreme t-shirt. Notice how the real box logo even blends in with black background in some places, leaving these little unprinted areas all around the logo. Pay attention to the fact that bad quality of the print affects the artwork and some lines blend in with letters on a replica. Prints like these typically do not last long on fake items and it is easy to scratch or wash them off.

The Size Tag Method

Next up we have the size tag. It is usually an easy part to counterfeit, however this time the differences are pretty obvious in our examples. Replica tag is missing some parts of the text пfor no reason as you can see in the fake Supreme t-shirt comparison below:

How to legit check a Supreme T-shirt: The Backside Neck Tag Method

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The model number is also missing on the fake material tag. Very important thing to notice here is how “Supreme” writing is slightly visible through the tag on a real piece. There are some more little details to be noticed about the front side of the size tag.

How to legit check a Supreme T-shirt: The Front Side Neck Tag

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Pay attention to the size letter ( “L” in our case ) it is a bit larger on a fake piece. Font of the “Supreme” writing is completely off on the replica as you can see. Most of the proportions are also off on the fake tag, making it easy to distinguish the Supreme replica T-shirt. Authenticate the spaces between the Supreme logo and sides of the tag, between the logo and the upper edge of the tag. Something worth pointing out is the gap between “100% cotton” and “Made in U.S.A.”. The gap is much larger on a real piece.

This is the end of the guide, hopefully you managed to determine whether your supreme box logo t-shirt is authentic or not. There is need to worry if you didn’t too, because our team offers legit check services for any of your designer pieces. Don’t forget to check out our other guides available on the website.

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