How To Spot Fake Supreme Buju Banton Photo Tee

How To Spot Fake Supreme Buju Banton Photo Tee

How to legit check Supreme Buju Banton Photo Tee?

Supreme is well known for its collaborations with popular artists and influencers and, unfortunately, some people try to profit out of it by producing and selling replicas, so it is important to watch out for counterfeit Supreme products. This is why we have composed a Supreme Buju Banton Real vs Fake guide, which should help you distinguish a fake Supreme tee from an authentic one. In this guide, we will describe a few simple methods you can legit check your Buju Banton Photo Tee.

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Supreme Buju Banton Tee Real vs Fake


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The biggest and most noticeable part of the Tee is the prints - Buju Banton´s Photo on the front and quote on the back. Putting aside how awesome this collab is, and the print looks, let's delve into the details.

Right off the bat, you should pay attention to the quality of the print and the colour saturation on the photo - on our Real vs Fake comparison you can clearly see that the authentic Supreme T shirt has a very bright and crisp print. The difference from the counterfeit one is especially noticeable when you look at the leaves in the background - they are a lot duller on the replica.

You should also look out for the dimensions of the photo - the fake tee is likely to have them wrong, so the image can be stretched - you can notice how the whole photo is a little wider and thicker on the unauthorised version, compared to the real tee.

Supreme Fake vs Real Buju Banton Tee

The Neck Tag Method

Supreme Size Tag Fake vs Real

The nekc tag is another big thing that is very likely to be messed up by the counterfeit producers. So you should really check the tags on pretty much all of your grails. Or ask us to do it, if you want it to be done quickly and reliably. Either way, the Photo Tee is no exception to this rule of thumb as there are plenty of things wrong with the replica t shirt.

First of all - the colour of the box logo, and the size letter. Check it! Original supreme box logo is a very bright red, almost a tiny bit orangey under certain lighting. If it is not - then you are most likely looking at a fake product. In our comparison photos, you can see how the replica box logo has a pink-ish colour to it, quite different from the authentic one.

Another thing to look for is the font and the colour of the text on the tag - you can see how the fake size tag has a bulkier and darker text that is almost black, while the original tag has a thin text that’s more of a navy blue.

Don’t forget to check the sewing of the size tag too - it should not be misaligned at the point it is sewn to the T shirt as you can see on the photos of the fake. 

Supreme Tee Legit Check

Now if you look at the backside of the neck tag, you might notice similar issues there as well - the text on the fake one is again much darker than on the original.

But there is one more thing you should pay attention to - the SUPREME text. It should be barely visible if you are looking at the original Supreme Size Tag. It is likely that it will be much clearer on a replica like we have in our photos.

Now, utilizing all of these methods, should give you a pretty good understanding whether your Buju Banton Photo Tee is real or fake. Yet we suggest you to use our Supreme Legit Check service to guarantee a simple, fast and reliable check performed by our professional team using these and many other techniques to verify the authenticity of your grails.

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