How To Spot Fake Supreme Swarovski

How To Spot Fake Supreme Swarovski

From our long-time experience, our team has found that the most effective to authenticate a Supreme Swarovski item is to check the quality and the placement of the crystals. The replicas tend to use the wrong crystals that are too small, hence they leave more space between them. There are, nevertheless, much more tips that will be useful to know when carrying out a Supreme legit check. Follow the guide below for more information, and check our Instagram to not miss any of our new authentication guides.

How to legit check Supreme Swarovski?

Supreme Swarovski Hoodie Authentication: The Crystals’ Placement

The first step in your Supreme Swarovski legit check process should be taking a focused look at the box logo. An authentic Supreme Swarovski hoodie would have its crystals placed very close together, so that there would be little to no space between them. 

The Supreme replicas tend to use small crystals, which leads to there being considerable empty space. This flaw could be easily checked for in the letters of the box logo.

Additionally, the fake hoodies often have the placement looking off due to the inconsistent pattern in which the crystals are located. The real Supreme Swarovski pieces would have this pattern looking perfectly straight. 

Supreme Swarovski Hoodie Authentication

How To Spot a Fake Supreme Swarovski Hoodie: The Neck Labels

Looking at the area of the neck labels, you may notice that the stitching above them is messy, and that the white material is showing through. This would not be a good sign, as the authentics would have this upper stitching looking very neat and tight, with no major inconsistencies showing.

The text must also be verified here. Although the replicas have almost perfected the fonts over the years, the spacing is often working as a giveaway for the fakes. In the comparison below, you may notice that the ‘Made in Canada’ text has a much shorter line height in the real tag, compared to a larger spacing in the fake.

How To Spot a Fake Supreme Swarovski Hoodie

Fake vs Real Supreme Swarovski Hoodie: The Materials Used

Although the Supreme brand does not show an outstanding quality of the materials used in its retail pieces, those are certainly of a higher standard compared to the cheap copies. Make sure you take this into account when proceeding with the authentication process. The real labels would have a tight embroidery, which would help to avoid the ‘white dotted pattern’ found in the replica labels. 

Another aspect is the fleece used in the real hoodies. The Supreme brand uses a very puffy fleece, which has almost a cloud look to it. The replicas use a thinner material, which is cheaper to the touch and shows an obvious lined texture.

Fake vs Real Supreme Swarovski Hoodie

How To Authenticate Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Hoodie: The Washing Label

The washing label gathers the two most important aspects used in the Supreme authentication processes: the stitching and the printing. Firstly, check if the stitching at the top separates the right amount of fabric from the main label. The replicas tend to have this area of extra fabric looking rather small. Remember that the stitching at the top must be a line, not an interlocking pattern.

Then, make sure to check the fonts and the consistency of printing. The replica Supreme Swarovski hoodies often have their text looking rather bold and thick.

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How To Authenticate Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Hoodie

Supreme Swarovski Tee Real vs Fake: The Box Logo

When authenticating a Supreme Swarovski t-shirt, make sure you pay focus on the placement of the crystals in the box logo. The real crystals tend to outline the Supreme text quite precisely, while the replicas often place their crystals in a straight line and later fill up the empty space. This results in the counterfeit Supreme Swarovski t-shirts having a less defined text.

Then, make sure that the crystals used are not too small. When the crystals used are small, there is too much empty space between them, and the pattern appears to be diluted. The authentic Supreme Swarovski Box Logo t-shirts use large crystals, which are placed close together.

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Supreme Swarovski Tee Real vs Fake

How To Spot A Real Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Tee: The Neck Tag

Authenticate Supreme Swarovski Box Logo tee by checking its neck label, and make sure the label is double-stitched. The label must also use a shiny material, and be rather long.

Another important detail here is the printing, as the fake Supreme Swarovski t-shirts tend to use the wrong fonts. Make sure that the Supreme logo has the right colours, and that the ® sign is not too thick.

How To Spot A Real Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Tee

Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Tee Legit Check: The Backside Neck Label

The backside of any Supreme tee neck label can say a lot about the authenticity of the piece. Firstly, of course, the printing must be verified, as the text tends to be rather thick in the fakes. The difference may be easily noticeable in the fake vs real Supreme Swarovski tee, as the Swarovski crystals logo is way bolder in the counterfeit example.

Then, verify whether the Supreme watermark has the right look to it. The watermark must be barely noticeable, and must have a rather large font. The replicas tend to have the logo looking very obviously printed on, using a small and thick font. 

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Supreme Swarovski Box Logo Tee Legit Check

How To Legit Check Supreme Swarovski Tee: The Washing Instructions Card

Every authentic Supreme Swarovski Box Logo tee must come with a card, which contains the washing instructions. A replica would show its common signs, such as the wrong fonts and the incorrect spacing.

The dimensions of the card would also say a lot about its authenticity, as the fakes tend to have rather narrow cards.

How To Legit Check Supreme Swarovski Tee

How do I know if my Supreme Swarovski is original?

The quickest way to authenticate your Supreme Swarovski is to verify the inside labels.

Is Supreme Swarovski a rare collaboration?

Yes, Supreme Swarovski is a very rare collaboration which is very popular amongst hypebeast lovers. 

In Conclusion...

If you haven't found this guide useful enough to authenticate Supreme Swarovski yourself, feel free to reach out to our Supreme legit check team of experts. Authenticity certificate included, live chats with experts is available too.


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