How to legit check Supreme Swarovski T Shirt | Supreme Real vs Fake

Supreme’s collaboration with Swarovski has been a huge success, which has created a high demand for Supreme Swarovski t-shirts and hoodies. This is the reason why the LegitGrails team decided to educate you on how to authenticate the pieces produced by this collaboration, or how to legit check Supreme Swarovski items.

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How to spot a fake Supreme Swarovski T-shirt: The Box Logo Method 

Checking the box logo should be your first step in the process of authentication of the Supreme Swarovski t-shirt or hoodie. There are a few flaws which are often overlooked by the manufacturers of fake items. The first flaw would be the inconsistency of Swarovski crystals. The inconsistencies are often seen as the incorrect placement of the crystals.

As you can see on the Supreme Swarovski real vs fake comparison below, the crystals on an authentic box logo are aligned perfectly. It means that all the rows and columns of the Swarovski crystals are perfectly straight. There are no inconsistent gaps and the crystals are larger than the ones shown on a fake example. 

Supreme Swarovski Box Logo T Shirt Real vs Fake | Supreme Legit Check

Another aspect to check would be the shape of the letters on the Supreme logo. One the real vs fake Supreme example above, the difference clearly shows in the letters ‘p’ and the second ‘e’. The hole of the letter ‘p’ must look like a semi-oval, rather than a semi-circle which is shown on a fake example. Meanwhile, the second letter ‘e’ looks very empty due to the small size of the crystals. It also looks tilted (as if it is written in cursive/italics). 

In the real vs fake Supreme comparison below, you can also notice the inconsistency in the placement of Swarovski crystals, which makes the letters look messy. The ‘S’ must be a little titled (cursive), as shown on a real Supreme Swarovski box logo example. The letters on a fake box logo overall look bulkier and thicker.

Supreme Swarovski Box Logo T Shirt Real vs Fake | Supreme Legit Check

The Supreme Swarovski Neck Tag Method

The next step on the authentication process must be checking the Supreme Swarovski neck tag. Firstly, notice how the red box logo is much higher up on the fake neck tag. Then, the fake Supreme logo looks a lot thinner than the authentic one. Meanwhile, the navy text on the fake neck tag is much thicker and smaller than the text on a real one.

You must also check the ® sign, which should be as thin as shown in the example below. You can also notice the difference in distance between the size letter and the ‘Made in U.S.A.’ printing. The gap between these two details is significantly smaller on the fake Supreme neck tag. 

Supreme Swarovski Neck Tag Real vs Fake | Supreme Legit Check

Another difference between the authentic and the fake neck tags is the texture of the material above the tag. An authentic Supreme neck tag is sewed directly into the collar of the t-shirt. In the example above, there is no messy stitching or any other inconsistencies. On the other hand, a fake neck tag’s stitching is hidden under another fabric stripe, which is a clear sign of a fake t-shirt.


The Supreme Care Instructions Method

The third and the last tip for this model would be checking the Swarovski Care Instructions that should come with every Supreme Swarovski item. As Supreme Swarovski t-shirts do not have washing labels, this would be a very important aspect to legit check.

You should check the size of the Swarovski logo, as it is much larger on the authentic card. The real Supreme box logo printing is also larger in size than the fake one; please, refer to the real vs fake comparison below.

Supreme Swarovski Care Instructions T Shirt Real vs Fake | Supreme Legit Check

Notice how different in size the two cards are; the authentic one is taller than the fake one, which looks much shorter and wider. The font on a fake Swarovski Certificate also looks off. The problem with the fake font is that the letters are much smaller in height but much larger in width. To make it clear: authentic font looks taller and more narrow than the fake font.

You can also notice another flaw, the triangle near the ‘Do not bleach’ sign is dark blue on the authentic card. A fake Supreme Swarovski certificate could have a similar flaw with any other sign of the instructions.

This was our guide on how to legit check Supreme Swarovski T-shirt. If you are still unsure about the authenticity of your Supreme or any other item, feel free to reach out to our team of experts. You might also want to check the reviews section before doing business with us!

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