How To Spot Fake Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

Here is our authentication guide on how to legit check Supreme Box Logo hoodie looking at the box logo, neck tags, wash tag and the side tag. Our Supreme Box Logo Hoodie real vs fake comparisons will also guide you on how to authenticate your item. Box Logo Hoodies are among the most faked items in the fashion industry. These can retail at as low as $150, while the resell mark up can go above $1,500 (or much higher, depending on numerous factors). This 900% mark up attracts sellers of counterfeit goods, who see this as a profit opportunity. To ensure that you won't waste your money on fake Supreme, here's a guide on how to authenticate Supreme Box Logo replica.

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How To Legit Check Supreme Box Logo Hoodie?


The first step when legit checking a hoodie replica would be checking the position of the box logo itself. In the fake vs real Supreme Box Logo replica comparison below, you will see how on the authentic hoodie, the box logo is perfectly centered. This is not the case with the fake box logo hoodie, where the box logo is moved more to the right, or to the left, as you can see in the fake example below.

The difference in the placement of the box logo can be noticed when checking its position relative to the pocket. If we 'draw' lines down from the box logo to the pocket, you can easily notice the misplacement.

How to spot fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie: the box logo positioning method


When you are trying to learn how to spot fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie, you must definitely look at the stitching of the box logo itself. There are a few points to consider when verifying this detail.

  1. Spacing

There should be a bit of space between the letters in an authentic Box Logo. As you can notice in our real vs fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie replica comparison below, the fake box logo hoodie has very little space between the letters - this is a clear giveaway of the item being fake.

  1. The letter 'p'

The fake manufacturers almost never get this right: the letter 'p' must have a specific shape. The space inside of the 'p' must look more like an '0', rather than an 'o'; refer to the fake vs real Bogo comparison below to better understand what we mean.

 How to spot fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie: the box logo stitching method

  1. The letters 'e'

The e's of an authentic Supreme Bogo must also have a vertically stretched shape, and should never look like o's. Some worse quality fakes also tend to have something that is called a 'floating e flaw'. This means that if we 'draw' a line underneath the Supreme stitching, the e's would not touch the line. Again, this flaw would occur due to their misplacement. 

  1. The thickness of the letters

Overall, the fake Supreme Bogo letters tend to be must thicker compared to authentic ones. This difference can be easily noticed when looking at the letters 'm' in our Supreme Box Logo hoodie real vs fake comparison above.

Another point to consider: the inside stitching must not be too dense.


There are a few points to consider when looking at the neck tag during a Supreme Box Logo hoodie legit check. To verify fake vs real Supreme neck tag, check the way it is sewed onto the hoodie. Authentic neck tags tend to have a much cleaner look compared to the fake ones.

Another way to legit check the neck tag on a Supreme hoodie would be checking the distance between the logo tag and the 'Made in Canada' tags. In the example below, you can notice how close the two fake tags are placed to each other. While on the authentic Supreme Bogo hoodie, the two tags have more distance between them. 

Finally, a very clear sign of a real vs fake Supreme neck tag would be the relative positions of the two neck tags. Authentic Supreme neck tags are placed in a way that if we 'draw' a line under the smaller tag, the line would continue above the 'upreme' part of the larger tag. 

How to spot fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie: the neck tag method


To have a better understanding, refer to the Supreme Bogo neck tag real vs fake examples above. You can clearly see how the line below the fake 'Made in Canada' tag continues and cuts the Supreme logo on the second tag.


Moving onto the backside of a Supreme neck tag, where you must also pay attention to some crucial details.

First, there should be a bit of empty space above the size indication. As you may notice when looking at the real vs fake Supreme neck tag example below, the fake tag has almost no empty space above the size indication. On the contrary, there is too much empty space in the bottom part of the fake tag.

How to spot fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie: the backside neck tag method

Second, the 'Made in Canada' stitching must not be too bold or too thin. A fake Supreme neck tag could be easily identified by looking at this text, as the thickness usually looks off.

Now, let’s look at the backside of the smaller neck tag. There is a little trick here: the text must be flipped downwards, when you turn the tag. Usually, the cheaper fakes get is wrong and have the text the same way as the larger tag.

Additionally, pay attention to the size of the tag: it must have a squared shape, rather than a rectangular one.

How to spot fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie: the side tag method


You should remember these three points when carrying out a legit check and looking at the washing label. First, check if the font and the bolding of the letters are correct. Fake washing labels tend to have bolder letters and wrong fonts.

Then, check if the size of a wash tag you're authenticating is correct. A fake Supreme wash tag would be shorter and wider, while a real Supreme wash tag would be longer and more narrow.

Lastly, you should check the top sewing of a Supreme wash tag. A real Supreme washing label's sewing would leave some fabric above the seam. While fake wash tags might have a completely incorrect way of sewing, leaving too much or too little fabric above the seam. Below are some examples of a real vs fake Supreme Box Logo Hoodie wash tags. 

How to spot fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie: the washing label method


Here is a very small, yet a very important details that many fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie manufacturers often get wrong. Pay attention to these aspects:

Firstly, the size of the side tag. The Supreme side tag must have a wide rectangular shape, rather than a narrow one. The height of the tag must be tall enough to have a bit of empty space at the bottom of it. 

Then, the font of the Supreme logo. The font of this writing must be cursive (italic) and a bit horizontally stretched. Fake Supreme side tags tend to have a very messy and squashed font, so it is often hard to read what it says on the tag.

How to spot fake Supreme Box Logo hoodie: the side tag method

If after reading this Supreme legit check guide you are still unsure whether your item is authentic or fake, do not hesitate and reach out to our team of experts! Our verified authenticators will review every detail of your Supreme item and provide an authenticity certificate for each order. Visit our 'How it works?' page to learn more about the process of authentication.

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