How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Retro Bred 'Banned' 2016

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Retro Bred 'Banned' 2016

The best way to authenticate your pair of Jordan 1 Bred ‘Banned’ 2016 is to verify the quality of the materials used. This release uses a specific kind of leather in the Swoosh, making it look quite tumbled, which is often disregarded by the replica producers. However, there are many other points to consider when verifying your pair. Stick with us for the following guide to learn how to spot fake Jordan 1 Bred Banned!

How to legit check Jordan 1 Retro Bred 'Banned' 2016?

Jordan 1 Bred Banned Legit Check: The Outer Look

Start the Jordan legit check by checking the overall shape of the pair in question. The Jordan 1 Banned 2016 release has a specific shape that varies from the earlier launches of the same colourway. The authentic heel would appear to be more kinked, especially when compared to any replica.

Then, the Swoosh also plays a crucial role here, as we have mentioned in the introduction to this authentication guide. The replica Jordan 1 Bred pairs tend to fail both the texture and the shape of the Swoosh. The leather must be smooth to the touch, yet have a tumbled look to it.

How To Spot Real Jordan 1 Bred: The Air Jordan Wings Logo

When verifying any Jordan wings logo, make sure you carefully check the fonts and spacing. One of the most common mistakes that replicas make is using the wrong fonts, which often makes the text look too thick. Make sure that the ‘™’ sign is clearly readable as well. 

Another moment to consider is the spacing between the details of the wings themselves. The inconsistent spacing is often noticeable at the bottom of the logo, as there are too few printing details there in the replicas. The real Jordan 1 Banned pairs have this area looking much fuller.

Remember to also check the quality of the print, as the fakes tend to have their logos looking much more matte, when compared to the real glossy-finished logos.

How To Spot Real Jordan 1 Bred

Jordan 1 Banned Authentication: The Inner Lining

The inner lining is made of a sponge-like material, which has perforations all over it for a better flow of air. This net allows a much more comfortable wear, and offers another detail to be verified. In the real vs fake Jordan 1 Bred Banned comparison below notice the crucial difference in the textures between the two pairs. The authentic lining also has a glossier look to it.

What can also be noticed are the fonts used in the size and information printing inside the pair. The real Jordans have the printing looking much larger and the fonts being thicker. Make sure you pay close attention here, as this is where many fake pairs fail.

Jordan 1 Banned Authentication

Jordan 1 Bred Legit Check Guide: The Toe Box

The toe box is one of the most complicated details for verification, as many points must be considered here. Firstly, make sure that the shade of red is respected here, as numerous replica Jordans have the red looking too pale at times. 

Another detail to notice is the quality of the perforations found in the toe box. In the comparison below, notice how the original perforations are consistent in their size and placement, while the replicas look messy.

Make sure you keep cross-checking the texture of the leather throughout the pair as well. Yet remember that it may be influenced by the light, the condition of the pair, and other aspects.

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Jordan 1 Bred Legit Check Guide

Jordan 1 Bred Banned Real vs Fake: The Heel Area

Make sure you check the shape of your Jordans before purchasing, as the hourglass shape is often missed in the counterfeits. The real pairs may also look it with time, so if your pair is not deadstock, some flaws are acceptable.

Another aspect to focus on here is the stitching pattern, as the small tab found in the heel often gives away the replicas. Take a look at the comparison below and notice that the fake pair lacks consistency in its sewing.

This area also allows to check the quality of the midsole and verify its texture. The replicas often have some paint splatters or glue stains in their midsole, so this is something to look for when carrying out a Jordan 1 Bred legit check. The authentic midsole also has a much more defined pattern, when it comes to the white rubber area.

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Jordan 1 Bred Banned Real vs Fake

How To Verify Jordan 1 Bred: The Insole

When it comes to the insole, several details must be considered. First, you should take a look at the quality of the printing found in the insole. The real printing can be stopped right away, as it looks almost engraved; the replicas tend to have this Nike logo loosely printed on, which makes it easy to peel off.

Another aspect is the font used, which must be checked in any of the text details. In the Jordan 1 Bred fake vs real comparison below, notice how different the ® signs look in the two pairs.

Fake vs Real Jordan 1 Bred Banned 2016: The Outsole

Remember to carefully inspect the outsole of your pair, as it contains several details that can be verified. Starting with the colours, the fake Jordans often have a very bright outsole, which is not typical for an authentic pair. You must also make sure that its texture is consistent with the authentic reference we have put below.

As the outsole presents another Nike logo text detail, the fonts are to be carefully checked. However, the Nike logo may have a modified look if the pair has been worn before, hence this would not be the most reliable method for non-DS sneakers.

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Fake vs Real Jordan 1 Bred Banned 2016

Legit Check Jordan 1 Banned 2016: The Box Label

Even though our team of experts allows for the pairs with no box to be verified, the box is a crucial detail in any authentication process. From its size to its labels - the details allow us to have the most reliable outcome. Make sure you remember to take a look at the box label and verify the formatting of the text. The inconsistent fonts would be a definite red flag.

How do I know if my Jordan 1 Bred 2016 are legit?

The fastest way to authenticate Jordan 1 Bred 2016 would be to inspect the insole and the heel area.

How do you check if your Jordans are real?

One of the common ways to check if your Jordans are real is to inspect 

In Conclusion...

We hope that we have helped you authenticate your pair. In case you still have questions, do not hesitate to use our Jordan legit check services. Available 24/7, authenticity certificate provided.


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