Jordan 1 Retro Bred 'Banned' 2016 Real vs Fake | How to spot fake Jordan 1

In this guide, we are going to cover main methods for identifying whether your pair of Jordan 1 Bred “Banned” 2016 is real or fake. This Jordan authentication guide will answer your common questions on how to spot fake Jordan 1 Bred “Banned” 2016. Some Jordan Bred "Banned" real vs fake comparisons are also available on this page. Bear with us for 5 minutes, and let’s find out if your pair is authentic. 

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The Hourglass Shape Method

First of all, we advise you to legit check the Jordan hourglass shape. Place your pair in front of you as shown in the Jordan 1 Bred “Banned” fake vs real comparison below and look carefully. 

Notice how the upper part of the authentic Jordan 1 Bred "Banned" heel is wide at the top and gets more narrow in the bottom, while its lower part does the opposite. While a fake Jordan 1 Bred shoe would look like our fake example below: wide at the top, middle and a bit narrower at the bottom.

Jordan Hourglass Shape Fake vs Real | How to spot fake Jordans

The Front and Backside of the Insole Method

Let’s take a look at the insole of the shoe now. The glue lines are diagonal and even. Fake pair will most likely have those glue marks placed horizontally. Pay close attention to the colour of the backside of an insole, it is often much lighter on the fake Jordan insole. The shape of the insole itself may give out a fake Jordan pair.

Authentic Jordan 1 insoles become narrower closer to the area of the heel. The white front side of the real Jordan insole usually has a much warmer tone, therefore the front side of the fake Jordan 1 insole is rather cold and blueish”. The red Nike Air logo is significantly more vibrant on the real insole. Take a look at the fake vs real comparison below to spot those differences.

Insole Jordan Legit Check | How to spot fake Jordan Bred


The Size Tag Method

Next legit check method involves inspecting the size tag of your Jordan 1 sneakers. The font of the text is bolder on the authentic size tag, watch out for thin letters as they might be a sign of a fake Jordan pair. There should not be any space between the model number and the black line.

Jordan size tag real vs fake | How to spot fake Jordan 1 Bred

Hopefully, these methods helped you determine whether your Jordan 1 Retro Bred “Banned” 2016 sneakers are fake or real. These methods are crucial if you want to legit check your Jordans. However, if you are still not entirely sure, please check out our Jordan legit check service. We offer professional authentication services for other brands too. Do not forget to check out our blog to know what is happening in the fashion industry!

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