How To Spot Fake Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers

It can prove quite difficult to legit check Gucci Rhyton print sneakers. However, there is nothing to fear, because we got your back! We have written a simple and comprehensive guide that will help you authenticate Gucci Rhyton sneakers quickly and easily. 

However, we have to remind you that we offer our authentication services for anyone who needs help legit checking their brand items. So, in case you have any doubts, just let us know

And now, here are

How To Legit Check Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers?

  1. Start with the overall shape
  2. Examine the inside of the tongue
  3. Authenticate the tongue tag
  4. Check the label on the dust bag
  5. Notice the label on the shoebox
  6. Inspect the heel
  7. Do not forget about the insole print
  8. Pay attention to the outsole
  9. Look at the insole logo

The Overall Shape Method

For starters, you should definitely take a look at the overall shape and quality of your shoes. As you can see on the comparison below, there are some significant differences between fake vs real Gucci Rhyton print sneakers. 

Firstly, inspect the materials. Authentic Gucci shoes, due to their high price, are made of excellent quality leather. Obviously, there should not be any smell, any bad stitching, and the leather should be perfectly smooth. The Gucci logo print should be vivid and not washed out. The color of the leather should be ivory, not too white, but not yellow-ish.

The first problem you can spot is that the toe cap of the fake product is more curved and upturned, while the real one is pretty much straight.

Next, pay attention to the heel. The heel area of the original shoes is bigger and more prominent.

The last detail to notice here is the sole. Yet again, in the fake product it is more curved, while in the original the curve is less dramatic.

Overall, the authentic one is longer, less curved and has a more chunky, massive design. 

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers Legit Check Guide: The Overall Shape Method

The Inside of the Tongue Method

The next method of Gucci Rhyton print sneakers authentication is the Inside of the Tongue Method. Here you should look at the stitching and the quality of the leather, as well as the numbers on the tongue.

While the numbers can vary, the font on the replica pair is different and the text is smaller. Feel free to use the picture below for comparison. 

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers Legit Check Guide: The Inside of the Tongue Method

The Tongue Tag Method

The tongue tag, featuring embroidered Gucci logo, can be a great tool to help you legit check Gucci Rhyton sneakers.

Here you can clearly tell that the fake tag has a different font from the original. The letters are bolder, and overall look cheaply made. We also advise you to check the stitching around the label and make sure it’s not crude.

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers Legit Check Guide: The Tongue Tag Method

The Dust Bag Label Method

For the following method you will have to inspect the dust bag of your shoes, specifically the label on it.

First of all, the bag itself should have a perfect snow-white color. If it’s more cream than white, or has any yellowing, your product might be unauthentic. 

Secondly, pay attention to the font on the label. In this particular example the authentic one has thicker font. However, counterfeit items may come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure to examine the size and placing of the logo on your dustbag.

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers Legit Check Guides: The Dust Bag Label Method

We’re almost halfway done! Have you been able to legit check your Gucci Rhyton print sneakers? If not, keep reading! Also, bear in mind that our authentication service can do all the work for you. Did you know that we also provide a unique authenticity certificate? Now, let’s continue to our next point.

The Shoebox Label Method

Moving on, pay close attention to the label found on the shoebox. 

First thing you might notice is that the color of the font is different. On the original it’s brown, while on the fake it’s black and somewhat washed out. 

The picture is different too: on the original label you can see a small graphic drawing of your shoes, while the fake label features a photo of them.

And, of course, do not forget to inspect the UPC barcodes and all the other numbers found on the label. They are made to help you with your Gucci Rhyton print sneakers authentication.

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers Legit Check Guides: The Shoebox Label Method

The Heel Method

The heel is often the most important part when it comes to legit checking your shoes. Take a look at the fake vs real Gucci Rhyton print sneakers comparison below. 

What is important to notice here is the shape of the heel, which in the authentic sneaker should be wider.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the authenticity, we recommend you to check the Gucci logo. It should be distinct and clearly visible, like what you see on the picture below. The reason why the logo is more visible is because the letters are more squeezed in.

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers Legit Check Guides: The Heel Method

The Insole Print Method

For the following method you have to inspect the textile insole stitched to your shoes. As you can see, it has a pattern print. The color of it should be dark grey, and this is where some counterfeit manufacturers make a mistake, making the print too light. 

Not only that, but the stitching should be white, not black.

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers Legit Check Guides: The Insole Print Method

The Outsole Method

This shoe model has a chunky outsole with a star pattern and a Gucci logo.

Just like on the heel, the same detail can be noticed here too. The original sneakers have the Gucci logo more squeezed into the outsole. It makes the text more visible. Same thing applies to the star pattern. 

The stars should also be centered into the boxes on the sole. 

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers Legit Check Guides: The Outsole Method

The Insole Logo Method

The last method we are going to cover today is the Insole Logo Method. There is not much to notice here, but one particular detail stands out and that detail is the logo on the insole.

Here we can notice the same recurring problem with the letters. The authentic logo should be slightly bigger and thinner. Overall, the font is different too.

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Sneakers Legit Check Guides: The Insole Logo Method

The Bottom Line

Thank you for reading this guide. Hopefully, today you learned how to spot fake Gucci Rhyton print sneakers. But if you are still uncertain and have any doubts, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is send us high quality pictures of your shoes and wait for a result with a detailed report on why we think your item is real or fake. Feel free to ask our professionals for help

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