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LegitGrails’ mission is promoting authenticity and confidence in what you wear. Due to many requests on how to authenticate Gucci guide, we’ve finally put together 6 main ways to look for when authenticating Gucci shoes. 

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A lot of you were searching for a Gucci Authentication free alternative and here it is. We’ve tried to collect the best tips on how to verify Gucci. This is the most extended guide on Gucci Authentication for shoes you will find online. Bear with us for 10 minutes and let’s find out if your Gucci sneakers are real. 

How To Legit Check Gucci Shoes?

The Inside Sewings Method 

As you would have noticed in other LegitGrails guides, we use this method quite often when legit checking your items. The key here is that fake manufacturers usually don’t pay enough attention to the parts that can’t be seen from the outside. In addition, this part can only be seen when the insole is out of the shoe.

Original Gucci sneakers have a very defined, bold pattern which doesn’t seem to have any inconsistencies. In comparison, using our real vs fake Gucci comparison below you will notice that the font of the pattern on a fake Gucci sneaker is thinner. On the contrary, the original Gucci sneaker has thicker logos.

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The Inside Sewings Method | How to authenticate Gucci

The Front Side of the Insole Method 

This method requires you to look at the “Gucci Made in Italy” text in the heel area of the insole. Using our fake vs real Gucci comparison, we can notice that the original insole has its “Gucci” text thinner compared to the fake one. In addition to that, the “Gucci Made in Italy” text is less bulged on an original pair. In comparison, the text on the fake insole is a lot thicker and consists of very bulged letters.


The Insole Method | How to authenticate Gucci

Also, take a look at the “W” part of the insole in the top left corner. You will notice that the ‘W” part is more defined and positioned higher on an original Gucci insole. On the contrary, the fake Gucci insole will have the “W” part positioned lower with a less defined “W” part.

The Backside of the Insole Method 

It is important to note that different Gucci shoes have different insole models. Thus, we’re not going to focus on the colour difference in this fake vs real Gucci comparison as the key giveaway point here is the Gucci logo pattern on the top of the insole.

Firstly, it is clearly shown, on the fake vs real comparison below, that the Gucci symbols pattern on an original Gucci insole is positioned higher than on the fake one. Now, let's focus on the font of the Gucci logos. Gucci Symbols on an original insole are shorter in height but wider in their dimensions. In contrast, a fake insole has its Gucci symbols pattern stretched vertically; which makes them look longer.

Now, let’s take a look at the Gucci logo in the heel area. Using our fake vs real Gucci comparison above, you will notice that the text on the original Gucci insole is smaller, thinner and more defined.

The Backside Insole Method | How to authenticate Gucci

The Gucci Label on the Dust Bag Method 

This method will allow you to authenticate your item in a fast manner as most of the fake Gucci manufacturers make the same mistake of misprinting the font of the “Gucci” text. As shown in the fake vs real Gucci comparison below, the fake Gucci label is a lot thicker compared to the original one. Also, take a look at the frame around the “Gucci” text, which is a lot thicker on the fake Gucci tag

The Box Method | How to authenticate Gucci

Gucci Box Method 

We’re going to finish our Gucci legit check guide by authenticating the Gucci Box you got with your pair of sneakers.

We’ve made a fake vs real Gucci comparison below for you to look at the difference in the “Gucci” font. You can notice how the original “Gucci” text is thinner than the fake one. Note that the shape of the fake “G” letter is curvier when compared to the “G” on the original Gucci Box. Take a look at the Real vs Fake comparison below to spot those differences. 

The Dust Bag Method | How to authenticate Gucci

The Tag on the Dust Bag Method 

Moving on to the 4th method on how to verify Gucci, it is extremely important to look at the tag on the dust bag.

Please take a look at the fake vs real Gucci comparison below; notice how the font on the original Gucci tag is thicker and has different colour compared to the fake one.

Also, take a look at the stroke on the right side of the tag on the fake Gucci tag which is not the case with the original Gucci tag. This is one of the parts that fake manufacturers haven’t yet managed to fix so make sure to authenticate your Gucci sneakers using this method.

The Dust Bag Tag Method | How to authenticate Gucci


Thank you for reading this guide on how to legit check Gucci. We really hope that this guide helped you legit check your Gucci pair. If you still have concerns about the authenticity of your Gucci item make sure to check out our Gucci legit check services. Make sure to check out our blog to stay up with the latest fashion news.

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