How to authenticate your Gucci Bag

In this guide our team managed to collect some useful tips on how to tell a real Gucci bag from a fake. Gucci bag legit checks should be performed by paid professionals, however if you stick with us for 5 minutes you might be able to perform a legit check on your Gucci tiger head bag yourself for free. 

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How to authenticate your Gucci bag

Examine the fake vs real Gucci bag comparison pictures down below to get better understanding about the details and possible differences between authentic and fake Gucci bags.

How To Legit Check Gucci Bag?

Gucci Logo

Firstly we should take a look at the front Gucci logo. Pay close attention to the stitching all around the logo. It usually differs a lot on fake pieces.

The fake piece that we chose for our comparison below also has problems with stitching. As you can see, the fake manufacturer probably used a different technique, which affected the visibility and placement of the stitches.

The same problem with stitching is all over the fake piece, including all the patches and logos.

“Gucci” writing looks much better on the authentic bag, our suggestion would be to try your tactile senses and touch the writing.

Real one is engraved in the logo and you can feel the shape of the letters, however the replica (the one we chose for this comparison) is much worse. It also looks like it was just painted on to the logo.

You can also compare the pin above the Gucci writing on your bag with the real one in our comparison.

How to authenticate your Gucci bag: Close up Gucci logo

How to authenticate your Gucci bag: Circles

Made in Italy Tag

Next we are going to inspect the “Made In Italy”. The replica Made In Italy tag has a different shape and the stitchings are sewed using a different technique.

This can be clearly seen in the comparison below.

How to authenticate your Gucci bag: Made In Italy Tag

Gucci Buckle

Next thing to look at is the buckle. Compare the buckle on your bag with the ones in the authentic Gucci bag vs fake comparison.

Notice how the colour of the fake buckle is completely different. The thickness of replica buckles is often wrong. The fake example that we chose to use in this comparison is a bit thinner than it should be. T

here is also a Gucci engraving on the side of the fake buckle that should not even be there. It is a lot easier to scratch the fake one, probably because of the poor quality of the used material.

How to authenticate your Gucci Bag: Buckle Real vs Fake

QR code

The last method we are going to cover is the QR code tag. As you can see on the replica version, the QR code is barely visible and it is most likely not scannable.

Always check if your QR code leads to the right page of the website and scans without any problems. In case it doesn’t scan at all it will most definitely give away a fake Gucci Bag.

How to authenticate your Gucci Bag: QR code Real vs Fake

This is the end of the guide. Hopefully these tips on how to tell a real Gucci bag from a fake were helpful and you managed to check the legitimacy of your item. If you still have your doubts and think that your piece might be a replica Gucci bag, we suggest you to look very carefully through the guide one more time, or use our Gucci legit check service.

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