How To Spot Fake Gucci Bag

How to authenticate your Gucci Bag

To authenticate a Gucci bag start with an overall look method where you get to analyze the details like shape, lettering, print, and font. Observe the tiger head and the stitching on the flap. Then, carefully check the corners and leather quality. Lastly, check the label, tag, and dust-bag.

We should dig into the details now.

How To Legit Check Gucci Bag?:

Gucci Bag Authentication: The Overall Look Method

Let's start analyzing the model by the overall look method.

First things first that need to be mentioned is the square-shape of the authentic bag whereas the fake model is more rectangle-like.

We should dig into the details now: the Gucci lettering on the flap of the replica bag is done in thin font in comparison to the original which is very bold and thick. The shape of the brown leather label is rounder in the left picture whereas it appears narrower on the fake flap.

Even the most iconic Gucci GG print is messed up by the replica factory where the font is much thicker and bolder than it should be.

 Gucci Bag Authentication


How To Spot Fake Gucci Bag: The Lettering Method

We should take a closer look at the Gucci lettering.

We already mentioned the difference of the shapes in the previous method which is highlighted in this case too.

Letters on the authentic Gucci bag have an engraved effect whereas they look dimensional-less on the fake model. The color of letters is different in both of these cases too.

The tiger on top of the Gucci lettering is so nicely crafted and detailed on the original bag that comparing the replica tiger to it seems a little embarrassing.

 How To Spot Fake Gucci Bag

Fake Gucci Bag: The Corners Method

The craftsmanship of the Gucci employees is again highlighted by how neatly the stitching is done on the authentic model: the connection between the pieces is almost impossible to see.

On the other hand, the same can not be said about the stitching on the fake model where the color of the thread was chosen mistakenly alongside the poor stitching techniques.

A few words on the quality of the fake leather needs to be mentioned too- unnecessarily textured surface and a different color subtract some points off of the final score of a replica.

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 Fake Gucci Bag


Gucci Bag Real Vs Fake: The Label Method

Never forget to check the label too.

Similar to the previous methods the font of the replica lettering is different from the authentic one; letters are supposed to be thick and engraved deep inside the leather instead of weirdly scratched out.

The difference can be seen in the "made in Italy" text too.

The stitching is again different in both cases: each stitch on the fake label is sloppy whereas they are tight in the left picture.

 Gucci Bag Real Vs Fake

How To Tell If Gucci Bag Is Fake: The Tag Method

Letters on the tag of the authentic bag are pale whereas they are super bold with a shiny effect in the right picture.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the QR code that is partly hidden on the fake tag when it is supposed to be well shown just as it is on the original model.

 How To Tell If Gucci Bag Is Fake

Legit Check Gucci Bag: The Dust-Bag Method

The last thing we will be analyzing for today is the dust-bag method.

The difference in the materials is very easy to spot- the replica dust-bag material is shinier.

Letters on the fake lettering are thinner and squiggly when they are supposed to be just as thick as it is in the left picture.

 Legit Check Gucci Bag

Is it worth it to buy a Gucci bag?

It is not only about the popularity of the brand but the quality and design. Remember, classic bags of Gucci not only maintain their shape but also increase their value in the future.

What is the cheapest Gucci bag?

The cheapest Gucci bag you could get your hands on is the Ophidia GG Supreme Canvas Zip Pouch with the price of $630. You can fit all of the essential items inside the model.

Where can I get a Gucci Bag authenticated?

If you still need further assistance we could not recommend anything better than our authentication services with the fastest turnaround time! Check it out: Gucci legit check.


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Buying Gucci and LV since 1999

I purchased, the Neo Vintage GG Supreme belt bag, from Gucci and the tiger picture that you show as a fake actually looks like the authentic. The tiger picture that you list as real does NOT look anything like my authentic OR the actual belt bag on the website. The pictures of your “real” tigers above GUCCI appear to be embedded (pressed) in the label…this is NOT the case in the authentic. The tiger is ALSO the same for the authentic Neo Vintage GG Supreme messenger bag that has the same label.

Your pictures give the viewer the sense that the “real” bag(s) have the tiger that looks like it is pressed into the label when in all actuality the tiger (on the Authentic bag) sits on the label without indenting it.

Once again this is also evident by looking at the actual pictures on the official Gucci website and zooming in.

Peace, joy, and safety to all

Maire Toussaint

I would like to buy some fake Gucci hand bags and sad ales I like Gucci so much

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