How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC

If you are wondering on how to spot fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC, this guide is for you. Today we are going to tell you the 9 main methods to legit check your Jordans. 

But bear this in mind, in case you still have any doubts about the authenticity of your shoes, we will be happy to help you. Just contact our team of professional authenticators. All you need to do is send us some good quality pictures of your shoes, and we will reply with a detailed explanation on why we think your item is fake or authentic. Not only that, but we also provide a unique authenticity certificate! 

How to legit check Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC in 9 methods?

  1. Inspect the overall shape of the sneaker
  2. Examine the inner swoosh
  3. Authenticate the Air Jordan wings logo
  4. Focus on the toe box
  5. Pay attention to the “hourglass shape” of the heel
  6. Make sure the tongue tag is authentic
  7. Analyze the size tag
  8. Look at glue pattern on the backside of the insole
  9. Do not forget about the footbed

The Overall Shape Method

Looking at the overall shape of the sneaker is one of the most important things to do if you wanna legit check Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC, and this is why we have put it first on our list. 

First, we advise you to look at the heel shape. On the original it is usually slightly curved. As a rule of thumb, the shape of the heel should not be straight. The curvy shape of the authentic shoe is achieved by using high-quality Nike moulds, which fake manufacturers obviously do not have.

Next, focus your attention on the toe box. Again, the shape of the toe box should not be a straight line, but more like a soft curve. 

Finally, feel free to use the real vs fake comparison below to check the colorway of your shoe. As you can see, on the fake pair the blue overlays are lighter.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC: The Overall Shape Method

The Inner Swoosh Method

Coming up next, inspect the inner Swoosh of the shoe. You should specifically pay attention to the shape of it, as the thicker side of the Swoosh should have a distinct pointy shape. On the fake Jordan 1 is it bulkier and not pointy.

You should also make sure that the swoosh placement is correct. It should not be placed too high or too low.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC: The Inner Swoosh Method

The Air Jordan Wings Logo Method

The third method we are going to cover today is the Air Jordan Wings logo method. Bear in mind that counterfeit manufacturers have learned to replicate this logo in a very accurate way, so the difference can be quite hard to spot.

By looking at the comparison below, you can notice that the original logo is much glossier than the fake. The authentic wings logo should always be glossy, not matte. The overall quality of the print is also better.

Next you should inspect the “Air Jordan” text. The font here is different, and there are actually a few mistakes to point out. 

Firstly, the fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC logo has bolder letters, except for the ™ character. The letters overall are less defined and have blurry contoursSecondly, the spacing is different, especially between the line dividers of the wings logo. On the authentic pair there should be less space between the elements.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC: The Air Jordan Wings Logo Method

The Toe Box Method

For this method you should examine the toe box of your Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC. Usually the fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC manufacturers can not replicate the shape and stitching of the original with 100% accuracy, so bear that in mind.

The original pair should have a clear and distinct double line stitching around the toe box. Here on the fake pair the stitching is done in a different way, and some pairs may not have this stitching at all. It also should not be placed too close to the top of the toe box.

Moving on, inspect the overall shape of the toe box. On the original it is a bit longer and narrower. You should also check the perforations, which should not be too big and unevenly sized. This is about it, so let’s move on to our next point.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC: The Toe Box Method

The Heel Method

The heel method is crucial for authenticating your Jordans, because every authentic pair has one unique detail that can not be easily replicated. 

This fake detail is the “hourglass” shape of the heel. On the replica Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC, however, the heel has an almost straight shape. You can easily spot it on the following real vs fake comparison. It is also important to ensure that the heel is symmetrically shaped. 

Another small detail to notice here is that the fake pair has its sockliner sticking out, which is incorrect.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC: The Heel Method

The Tongue Tag Method

For this method, you will have to take a close look at the tongue tag of your Jordans. This element is one of the most important ones when it comes to spotting fake Air Jordans, because it is the small details that fake manufacturers make the most mistakes in. 

The most noticeable flaw of the fake pair here is that the text is unclear. The letters are too thin, therefore they can sometimes be illegible. It is especially noticeable on the “MADE IN CHINA” text, as well as the “Swoosh ® “ branding. 

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC: The Tongue Tag Method

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The Size Tag Method

When analyzing the size tag, you should pay close attention to the font. As we already mentioned, small details like this usually give away a fake item.

On the original the font should be slightly bigger and bolder. It is especially noticeable when looking at the XC lettering on the top right corner of the tag. However, the spacing between letters is a little tighter.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC: The Size Tag Method

The Backside of the Insole Method

Next on our list is the backside of the insole method. Here you should spot one key difference, and that difference is the glue pattern of the insole. On the authentic pair, the glue pattern is horizontal stripes, while the fake has diagonal stripes.

The texture of the replica is also less smooth, and the color of the sole is a darker shade. 

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC: The Backside of the Insole Method

The Footbed Method

The last method we are going to look at is the footbed method. If you don’t know what a footbed is, it is the area between the insole and the exterior sole of your shoes. To authenticate it, you need to take out the insole and look at the inside sews. 

Here you should notice that the stitching is not evenly distributed on the replica pair, and has some extra threads sticking out. The sews also look poorly made. 

The density of the threads is another giveaway factor, as on the original Jordans the stitching is thinner and more accurate.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC: The Footbed Method

The Bottom Line

Thank you for reading our guide on how to legit check Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC. We sincerely hope this information was useful for you. However, if you need help in authenticating your Jordans or any other brand item, just let us know! We offer professional Air Jordan Legit Check services.

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