How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice

Air Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice is a very fun and colorful model that is rising in popularity due to its unique look. Unfortunately, the chances to buy a replica are high, especially with popular models, that’s why LegitGrails decided to help you spot a fake Jordan 4 Union with our free guide!

We know how confusing it can get, and for this reason we offer you our professional authentication service. The scheme is very simple: you send us photos of an item you need to verify, and we provide a quick in-depth authentication with an authenticity certificate. You can read more about the service on our information page, but for now let’s get into the guide.

How To Legit Check Jordan 4 Union Guava Ice?

  1. Inspect the shape of the heel and toe box
  2. Verify the inner side
  3. Analyze the tongue
  4. Authenticate the heel
  5. Examine the midsole
  6. Focus your attention on the size tag
  7. Pay attention to the insole
  8. Legit check the shoebox label

Authenticate With Real Experts

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The Overall Shape Method

Let’s begin with the inspection of the silhouette of your sneaker. 

It is important to make sure that the toe box and the heel area, specifically, have the right form. The toe box should be more curved and rounded, without any angled structure. The heel, though, has more of a straight line shape, and does not curve that much.

You may also notice that the replica Jordan 4 Union Guava Ice has a different midsole stitching. The sewing is thicker, and it ends more abruptly, losing much of its original elegance. 

All in all, the shape of the faux shoe is more thick and bulky. 

Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice Real VS Fake Guide: The Overall Shape Method

The Inner Side Method

The inner side has a signature cage net on it, so it will be quite easy to complete your Jordan 4 Union authentication using this method.

But first, pay attention to the pink fabric layer. If you observe the real VS fake Jordan 4 Union Guava Ice comparison below, you can see that the texture of the fabric is, in fact, not the same. While the original has a wavy texture, the unauthentic pair has more of a zigzag texture.

Moving on, check the stitching. The sews on the fake shoe are messy and inconsistent in size and shape. The original, obviously, has a neat sewing, with small, delicate stitches.

And lastly, remember to check the thickness of the cage net. The authentic one must be thick and solid, while the faux would be thin and flimsy. 

Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice Real VS Fake Guide: The Inner Side Method

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The Tongue Method

The tongue is a unique feature of this model, because it is crafted from foldable nylon, which exposes the Air Jordan logo on the backside of the throat. However, here we will focus just on the front side and examine the Air Jordan lettering patch.

Firstly, the  text is thinner and shorter. The letters are not as defined, and have bigger spacings between them.

Next, the sewing on the fake Jordan 4 Union is white when it should be red. It is also, as we mentioned before, done messily, while the real one is much more neat and tidy.

Keep these differences in mind and let’s move on Jordan 4 Union Guava Ice legit check. 

Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice Real VS Fake Guide: The Tongue Method

The Heel Method

Let’s proceed with the heel method, which will mostly focus on the colors and the font. 

For the colors, it would be important to remember the main shades used in this colorway. Their names are Guava, Fusion Red, and Brigade Blue. The faux version of this shoe has less saturated hues, especially the blue. The outsole must also be lighter than the midsole, but the counterfeit has it the same shade.

When observing the font, take note of how the “Nike” and “Air” texts are placed closer to each other. The stitching, once again, is messier. The beige overlay at the bottom of the heel is wider and has asymmetrical form.

Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice Real VS Fake Guide: The Heel Method

The Midsole Method

The midsole does not seem crucial at first glance, but do not be so quick to forget about it, because it can make our Jordan 4 Union authentication even more precise.

Right off the bat it is possible to spot that the authentic midsole is textured, while the replicated one is smooth and does not have any texture at all.

Apart from that, take a note of the half-transparent midsole window. The shape of it is slightly different, and the orange color of the details has a lighter shade. 

Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice Real VS Fake Guide: The Midsole Method

The Size Tag Method

Replicas come in different levels of quality, but the size tag is an element that is almost never perfectly replicated.

The border outlining the size tag is semi-transparent on the original. The faux one is plain white and solid.

The LNM writing in the top right corner could serve as a perfect method of authenticating. Here it is a bit thinner, and the letters are placed closer to each other.  

The font is inconsistent and overall thinner in the replica.

Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice Real VS Fake Guide: The Size Tag Method

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The Insole Method

The most obvious flaw here is that the logo is glossy, while on the original shoe it should be matte. The logo looks like it has wrinkles on it, presumably caused by cheap printing.

Another flaw of the logo is that the Jumpman’s body has incorrect proportions, his left arm being too bulky and his legs being too slim. The “Union” lettering is fuzzy and the letter “U” is more rounded than it is supposed to be.

You can also see that the color of the insole itself is a little lighter than it is supposed to be. Do not be concerned with the size sticker being misplaced, because the placement of this sticker is mostly random even in authentic pairs.

Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice Real VS Fake Guide: The Insole Method

The Shoebox Method

With the shoe box sticker, there is a lot to unpack.

The difference is very visible in the price area. It becomes extremely clear that the price text is much bolder, and so is the product code. The size tags actually differ in font weight, for instance, “30 cm”, where the numbers are bold, but the letters are thin. The replica Jordan 4 Union Guava Ice does not consider that. This mistake repeats on all of the sizes.

The “suggested retail” text is smaller, but thicker. And, lastly, you can spot the Jordan silhouette looking more slander.

Jordan 4 Retro Union Guava Ice Real VS Fake Guide: The Shoebox Method

The Conclusion

We are all done for today! If you want to find out more, do not be shy to consult our skilled crew of experts. We will be delighted to help you authenticate any brand item. 

Authenticate With Real Experts

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