How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

Jordan 1 Dark Mocha is a pair that caught the attention of many sneakerheads around the world. This is precisely why we decided to write a detailed authentication guide to save you from the confusion of accidentally purchasing a replica. And, if you are having trouble determining the authenticity of your item, feel free to consult our specialists anytime through our 24/7 live chat. 

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How To Legit Check Jordan 1 Dark Mocha?

  1. The overall look
  2. The Jordan wings logo
  3. The Nike tongue tag
  4. The toe box
  5. The heel
  6. The outsole
  7. The shoe box label 

How to authenticate Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Overall Look Method

If you are wondering how to tell if a pair of Jordan 1 Dark Mocha is fake, it is always better to observe the overall silhouette of the shoe first. Just the shape alone can be a great indicator.

It is crucial to know the unique curves of this model, specifically around the heel and the toebox. As you can see on the fake vs real Jordan 1 Dark Mocha comparison below, the heel of the authentic shoe is leaning more towards the toe box, whereas the fake one is more straight. It actually makes a difference! Note how the unauthentic model looks more bulky and most likely has a more loose fit, because it does not hug the foot as much as it should.

As for the toe box, there are countless variations in which counterfeit makers produce their shoes, but a general tip is to follow the golden middleway. If the toe box of your shoe is too curled upwards, or lifted too high above the ground, it is equally as bad as when it is too straight and placed flat on the ground. You need to study the shape of authentic Jordan 1’s and remember their silhouette, this way your trained eye will be able to immediately tell the difference.

Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Real VS Fake Guide: How to spot fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

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How to spot fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Jordan Logo Method

Another good way to legit check Jordan 1 Dark Mocha is to check the Jordan wings logo printed on the upper side of the shoe. 

First, let’s focus on the font. This replica is poorer quality, as you can clearly see. The letters are poorly cut out, the borders look fuzzy and unclear. They also differ in sizes and shapes, especially “A”’s and “R”. The ™ sign is smaller. 

Next, check the sewing. It is also different, as the threads used are thinner than the original.

Finally, pay attention to the dividers between the wing elements of the logo. They are not as clear as in the authentic version, and, similar to the lettering, appear to be fuzzy. 

How to spot fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

Fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Tongue Tag Method

The next advice to spot fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha is to verify the tongue tag. 

The first immediate difference to notice is the size and dimensions of the tag. They are slightly off, as the original tag seems to be taller.

The main sign, however, is the Nike font and especially the Swoosh. When verifying your shoes, you should ensure that the logo on the left vs right shoe is identical. However, the following example shows that the Swooshes on the left vs right fake shoes are a bit different, as the left one is thinner.

Not only that, but the “AIR” text on the unauthentic shoe tag is bolder and larger than on the real one. Do not forget to verify the ® trademark sign, as it should be perfectly clear and legible despite its small size.

Fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Real VS Fake: The Toe Box Method

It’s quite easy to notice a Jordan 1 Dark Mocha replica by its toe box. 

As usual, the shape of it can already be a good indicator. The image below shows how the replica’s toe box looks more stretched out vertically, while the real one is a bit more rounded.

As for the size and placement of the perforations, you should make sure that they follow a particular placement pattern. Apart from that, Jordan 1’s have all of their perforations the same size and shape, so if some of the holes do not match the rest, you are looking at a fake.

Last but not least, the stitches should be small, delicate and identical to each other. 

Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Real VS Fake

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Real VS Fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Heel Method

Next on our list is the heel method. It is not new to anyone familiar with Jordan sneakers that the heel has a signature hourglass shape, but do you know some other differences that the authentics have from the replica pairs? Let’s find out!

The shape of the sock liner is wrong. As you can see, the real one has a sharp bump in the middle, while the fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha’s sock liner is smooth. 

Another difference is that the white and black lines in the middle of the heel are more caving upwards, while in the illegitimate pair they are more straight. 

The white upper leather heel tab, on the other hand, should be straight in shape, not caving downwards.

Finally, the stitching should be a little bit smaller.

Real VS Fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

How to tell if Jordan 1 Dark Mocha are fake: The Outsole Method

One of the last things to cover for today is the outsole. It does not have much going on usually, but it is still worth an examination.

The first thing to catch our attention is the circle shape on the upper side of the outsole. It is pretty obvious that the fake one is not a perfect circle, as it is stretched out vertically. Not only that, but the “border” around it is not as thick and deep as it is around the authentic. 

Next, focus your attention on the Nike logo. Here it is off-centered and the letters look more tightly spaced, almost pressed together.  

How to tell if Jordan 1 Dark Mocha are fake

Legit Check Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Shoe Box Method

The final method we are including in this guide requires you to authenticate the shoe box label. 

The USA size text is written in bold, whereas on the replica Jordan 1 Dark Mocha it is in regular font. As for the size table itself, notice how the fake one has its borders almost as thick as the letters. The real one should have very thin borders, and much thinner letters, too. Overall the text on the counterfeit label looks more big and bulky, with no differentiation whatsoever in font weights.

And lastly, the recommended retail price should be placed on the right side of the label, while the fake lacks this text.

Legit Check Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

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The Bottom Line

You have reached the end of our guide on how to legit check Jordan 1 Dark Mocha! We hope it helps you quickly authenticate your sneakers, but remember, if you have any doubts, LegitGrails got your back with our trusted authentication services: Jordan legit check.

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