How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha

Who doesn’t want to get a brand new pair of Jordan 1 Dark Mochas in their collection? Sleek, stylish, and comfortable – the definition of a perfect pair of sneakers. But, how can you know for sure if the pair you’re buying is authentic?

In this article, we’ve gathered the best seven methods of spotting a fake pair of Jordan 1 Dark Mocha.

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The Overall Look Method

Wondering how to tell if Jordan 1 Dark Mochas are real or fake? First, look at how the shoe is shaped. The shape can tell you a lot. Pay attention to the back heel and the front toe area. In real ones, the heel leans a bit toward the toe area. In a fake pair, it usually stands more upright.

This small difference actually matters! Fake ones often look bulkier and won't fit as well because they don't shape your foot right. For the front toe area, here's a simple tip: look for a middle-ground shape.

If the toe part curls up too much or is too high off the ground, it's not good. The same goes if it's too flat. Get to know what real Jordan 1s look like, and you'll spot fakes easily.

How to authenticate Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Overall Look Method

The Jordan Logo Method

Another easy way to see if your Jordan 1 Dark Mochas are real is to look at the Jordan logo on the side of the shoe. First, check out the writing. In fake ones, the letters look messy and uneven. Some letters, like the "A" and "R," even look different from each other.

The little ™ sign is also smaller. Next, look at the stitching. In fake ones, the thread is usually thinner than in real ones. Last, look at the lines that divide the wings in the logo. In real ones, these lines are sharp and clear. In fake ones, they're usually blurry.

How to spot fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Jordan Logo Method

The Tongue Tag Method

The next tip to know if your Jordan 1 Dark Mocha are real is to look at the tag on the tongue of the shoe. First, notice the size. The tag on the real shoe is a bit taller than on fake ones. The big clue, though, is the Nike logo, especially the Swoosh. Make sure it looks the same on both shoes. In fake ones, the left and right Swoosh might not match.

For example, the left one could be skinnier. Also, check the word "AIR" on the tag. In fake ones, it's usually bigger and thicker. Don't forget to look at the small ® sign. It should be really clear, even though it's tiny.

Fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Tongue Tag Method

The Toe Box Method

It's easy to spot fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha by looking at the front part of the shoe, called the toe box. First, check the shape. In real ones, the toe box is more rounded. In fake ones, it often looks taller. Next, look at the holes in the toe box.

They should all be the same size and follow a pattern. If they don't, you're probably looking at a fake. Last, check the stitches. They should be small, neat, and all look the same.

This exact method can be used to authenticate other Jordan shoes, such as the University Blues.

Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Real VS Fake: The Toe Box Method

The Heel Method

Next, let's look at the heel of the shoe. If you know Jordans, you know the back heel has a special hourglass shape. But there are other ways to tell real ones from fakes. Let's go over them! First, feel the inside back part of the shoe, known as the sock liner. In real ones, it has a noticeable bump in the middle. In fake ones, it's more flat.

Also, look at the black and white lines in the middle of the heel. In real ones, these lines curve up a bit, but in fakes, they're more straight. The white leather part at the top of the heel should be straight, not curving down. Lastly, the stitches on the heel should be a bit smaller in real ones.

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Real VS Fake Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Heel Method

The Outsole Method

Last up is the bottom of the shoe, also known as the outsole. It might look simple, but it's worth checking out. First, look at the circle shape on the top part of the bottom.

In fake ones, the circle is more like an oval, stretched tall. Also, the edge around it is not as thick as in real ones. Next, check the Nike logo. In fake ones, it's not in the middle and the letters look squished together.

How to tell if Jordan 1 Dark Mocha are fake: The Outsole Method

The Shoe Box Method

The last tip in this guide is to look at the label on the shoe box.

First, see how the USA size is written. In real ones, the text is bold, but in fake ones, it's not. Then look at the border around the sizes. In real ones, it's very thin. In fake ones, it's almost as thick as the letters inside it. The writing on fake labels also looks big and chunky, and all the letters seem the same.

Finally, check for the suggested price. It should be on the right side of the label. If it's not there, it's probably a fake.

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Legit Check Jordan 1 Dark Mocha: The Shoe Box Method

The Bottom Line

You have reached the end of our guide on how to legit check Jordan 1 Dark Mocha! We hope it helps you quickly authenticate your sneakers, but remember, if you have any doubts, LegitGrails got your back with our trusted authentication services: Jordan legit check.

See If Your Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Are Authentic

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