How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Black Cat

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Black Cat

Nobody wants to pay $300 for a pair of fake Jordan 4 Black Cats, right? They are made out of poor-quality materials, don’t have the same rigidity, and look awful in comparison to the original shoes.

Not to mention that fake shoes often make you more prone to ankle and foot injuries due to their poor design.

In this article, you’ll find 8 different methods you can use to spot a fake pair of Jordan 4 Black Cat.

How to legit check Jordan 4 Black Cat?

The Overall Look

The first step in this process must surely be the overall examination of the pair.

There are many stitching details that could help you spot a fake Jordan 4 Black Cat pair. What you should look for are inconsistencies in the stitching pattern around the cage. Remember that some retail pairs also have factory flaws, so don’t jump to conclusions.

Make sure to look at the shape of the heel. An authentic pair would have a bumpy and pronounced shape. Meanwhile, the replica AJ4 Black Cat pairs tend to have a flat heel.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Black Cat: Jordan 4 Black Cat Authentication

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The Side Toe Box

The next step would be inspecting the toe box from the side. As you may notice in the Jordan 4 Black Cat real vs fake comparison below, the authentic toe box has a completely different shape compared to the fake one.

The eyelets must also be reviewed. The perforations are usually large and defined, while the replicas tend to have small, inconsistently shaped holes. The finish also varies, as the reps look much shinier.

Fake vs Real Jordan 4 Black Cat

The Cage

Moving to the upper part of the toe box, we find a cage that is also present in some other parts of the pair. This cage is another signature element of the Jordan 4s – the fakes can rarely get it right.

When inspecting the cage, pay attention to its thickness, and the areas of the intersection. Notice how in the photos below, the authentic cage is much thinner, and the intersections are more defined.

Remember to check the stitching pattern throughout the pair, and this area should not be excluded. The authentic pattern is consistent and frequent.

Fake vs Real Jordan 4 Black Cat


The Tongue Label

At this step of the verification process, make sure to remember two crucial aspects: the stitching and the printing. Some lower-tier replicas may have threads of the wrong color, and the stitching may be very messy overall. Those are some definite red flags.

Take a good look at the Jordan logo printing, as one of the most common flaws is the incorrectly-shaped silhouette.

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How to Spot Real Jordan 4 Black Cat

The Heel Area

There is a heel tab that extends above the back lining of the shoe, and it allows us to spot a fake pair quite easily.

Counterfeits often have this tab looking very wide, the rectangular bumps looking too big and not defined, and the stitching pattern being off. Keeping these points in mind will help you avoid stumbling upon a rep.

Although it might seem unusual, the stitching that surrounds the heel logo is often inconsistent even in the retail pair, as shown in the comparison below.

How to Authenticate Black Cat Jordan 4

The Size Label

Even though the replica manufacturers are getting better at this, the size tag remains one of the most reliable details when it comes to authentication.

Some of the common indicators of a counterfeit Jordan 4 pair would be the text printing that is too thin (or thick), and the incorrect shape.

Make sure you pay attention to the frame that surrounds the label, and the quality of the materials used.

Jordan 4 Black Cat Legit Check


The Insole

Similarly to the size label, when verifying the insole, it is important to check the quality of the printing and the materials. A real Jumpman logo could also look thicker than usual, just because the stamping is meant to last.

It is not rare for authentic printing to feel off after some time, yet replica printing is not known for lasting.

AJ4 Black Cat Verification Process

The Box Label

Here, we are finishing off by mentioning the box label, which is a common area of production flaws for replica producers.

You should carefully inspect the text and look for the differences in the fonts used. Some lower-quality replicas may even have spelling errors and incorrect information about the pair.

Real vs Rep Jordan 4 Black Cat

How Can You Tell If Black Cat 4s Are Fake?

By inspecting the methods above, you will be able to authenticate your Black Cat 4s in no time. Just follow the steps above accurately and make sure your pair checkout with our authentic examples.

How Do You Clean Black Jordan 4 Black Cats?

You can clean black Jordan 4 Black Cats by regularly removing dust on the surface and using deep cleaning liquids in combination with a shoe brush when needed.

In Conclusion...

Make sure you follow the steps above to conduct a proper authentication of your pair. In case of any doubts do not hesitate to use the Jordan Legit Check service provided by our team. Our professional review will reach your inbox in less than 30 minutes!

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