How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Trophy Room

How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Trophy Room

To authenticate a pair of Jordan 1 Trophy Room quickly and accurately - verify the heel area and the Jordan Wings logo. After that, make sure the outsole details check out and the outer detailing is correct. Lastly, inspect the tongue labels to make sure your Jordan 1 Trophy Room's are legit.

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Jordan 1 Trophy Room Legit Check: The Outer Detailing

The first step in this authentication process is to take a careful look at the outer details in this pair. The aim of the design is to create a ‘damaged’ look to the shoe, hence some of the details may drastically vary from a retail pair to a retail pair. 

You must check if the wings logo is placed correctly, that it is not laying too flat on the flap, and that it is not placed too far from the upper stitching.

Additionally, the stitching pattern would need to be verified, in particular, the heel corner part of it. From our team’s research, numerous counterfeit pairs were found to have inconsistencies in that exact area.

Jordan 1 Trophy Room Legit Check

How to Authenticate Jordan 1 Trophy Room Chicago: The Wings Logo

Going more in depth on the wings logo, you should verify the fonts used. It may be more difficult to notice drastic differences due to the grainy texture of the leather, yet the replicas often use completely incorrect fonts in their text details.

Moreover, the ‘™’ sign could also be helpful, as the fake text often looks too large. To see the possible differences, take a look at the real vs fake Jordan 1 Trophy Room Chicago comparison below.

How to Authenticate Jordan 1 Trophy Room Chicago

Jordan 1 Trophy Room Fake vs Real: The Toe Box

If you have some knowledge of the replica Jordan production, it might not be a surprise to you that the latest batches are close to perfecting the Air Jordan shape. However, having to use a different kind of leather for this shoe might cause some difficulties for the counterfeit manufacturers in trying to copy the shape. This would definitely help us out.

Carefully check the shape of the toe box, and see if the double stitching has the right spacing. As you can see in the comparison below, the authentic pair has a smooth shape, and the stitching is almost placed at the edge. While the fake Jordans have a very bulky toe box.

In addition to that, you may notice that the stitching pattern has similar inconsistencies to those found in the corner stitching in the first authentication method. Such flaws are a definite red flag for your pair.

Jordan 1 Trophy Room Fake vs Real

Even though these methods of authenticating Jordan 1 Trophy Room are the most relevant to today’s counterfeit industry, beware that fake producers progress at insane rates. We notice virtually each month that it is getting harder and harder to differentiate original items from fakes, because replicas are getting pretty good. You should definitely try methods in this guide yourself, but if you spent a lot of money on an item, it may be wise to consider professional authentication.

Jordan 1 Trophy Room Chicago Authentication: The Heel Details

Moving forward, we should carefully inspect the heel of this pair, as there are some signature details that will definitely help us authenticate Jordan 1 Trophy Room. 

Firstly, this area has a lot of stitching details, which makes it easier for the reps to make errors. Make sure that the sews are placed tight together, and that there are no major holes caused by the stitching. 

As for the signature printing, an authentic Jordan 1 heel would have this detail looking sleek, while a fake could have it looking too thick. Remember to verify the placement of this print as well.

Jordan 1 Trophy Room Chicago Authentication

Fake vs Real Trophy Room Jordan 1: The Embroidery

Inside, you should find a white embroidery, which is another helpful detail in need of verification. The text should appear in cursive/ italics, and the embroidery pattern should have consistency to it. You may notice how the letters of the fake text are tilted to different sides, while the authentic ones are all reaching to the right. 

Another replica giveaway might be the incorrect font, yet remember that not all the retail pairs have the same fonts, as there are variations in the stitching.

Interested in getting to know other Jordan authentication guides? Check them out here: Jordan 1 Chicago, Jordan 1 Fearless, Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott.

Fake vs Real Trophy Room Jordan 1

Legit Check Trophy Room Chicagos: The Tongue Labels

It is worth examining the tongue labels because of their abundance of text details that can giveaway a counterfeit pair of Jordans. To start off, inspect the main label, especially the ® signs and see if the fonts are correct.

Then, see if the serial number tag has the right fonts used, as this is one of the most common flaws found in the replica Trophy Room Chicagos. 

Additionally, the numbers will of course differ in every pair, yet avoid some that are commonly used in the replicas; e.g. 1, 888, 1888, etc.

Legit Check Trophy Room Chicagos

Fake Jordan 1 Trophy Room: The Insole Patch

This method involves examining another signature detail of this model, which allows to see many details. You should of course verify the stitching pattern and see if it is consistent. Additionally, some of the smaller details such as the outlines of the stars, the colours and the fonts must also be legit checked.

Moreover, the insole texture should be checked; remember that the replicas tend to have the materials that rough, while the authentic ones have very smooth yet firm insoles.

Fake Jordan 1 Trophy Room

How to Spot a Real Jordan 1 Trophy Room Pair: The Outsole

To wrap it up, we will cover the outsole authentication method. Make sure that the Nike logo and the swoosh have the right shapes, although those might not be clearly visible.

The outsoles in this model have red and blue star printings placed below the rubber. This allows for the colours to pop out. The real Jordan 1 Trophy Room pairs have these stars clearly visible. The fake ones tend to be blurry, as the rubber used in the outsole is different. 

How to Spot a Real Jordan 1 Trophy Room Pair

What is the retail price for a pair of Jordan 1 Trophy Room's? 

The retail price is set at 170$. 

When is the Jordan 1 Trophy Room release date?

The release date is February 10th, 2021. 

In Conclusion... 

We at the LegitGrails Team want our readers to be prepared for the upcoming replicas of this legendary collaboration. This Jordan legit check guide uses the latest possible images for both the authentic and the counterfeit examples. Follow the steps above to make sure you learn how to spot fake Jordan 1 Trophy Room.

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