How To Spot Fake Off White Jordan 5 Black

How To Spot Fake Off White Jordan 5 Black

In short, the most important areas to verify are the shape of the toe box, the texture of the fabric and the midsole. You should also make sure that all the logos are correct, such as the Nike logo on the heel and the Jordan logo on the tongue. For additional help, check the outsole and the label on the shoe box. However, we advise you to read the whole guide to avoid getting scammed by dishonest resellers. 

How to legit check Off White Jordan 5 Black?

Jordan 5 Off White Black Authentication: The “23” Print

Let’s start by examining the side view of the sneaker, specifically the side that has the number “23” printed on it. 

Immediately, on the picture below you can notice a huge difference in colors. The grey color of the shoe is more dull and cold on the AF5 Black fake. The midsole of the authentic shoe is very dark grey, while the fake is much lighter.

Next up, we have the number “23” itself. You can notice that the inauthentic number is more fuzzy, has less texture, and more unclear silhouette. 

Lastly, check out the circle on the upper part of the shoe and the stitching around it. The mistake here is that the circle is smaller, and the stitching is quite messy and cheap-looking. And with that, let’s move on to the other side of the shoe.

Jordan 5 Off White Black Authentication

Off White Jordan 5 Black Legit Check: The Medial Print

The next step in your Jordan 5 Off-White legit check is checking the medial print on the side of the shoe.

First of all, check out the texture of the letters. The authentic text has paint-like texture, and the fake is not as textured. Instead it is just smooth.

Speaking about the font, the letters on the fake are slightly smaller, but also taller in shape. This may vary from pair to pair. However, what is common for most counterfeit pairs is that the letters are fuzzy and less legible in comparison to what the original print should look like.

Off White Jordan 5 Black Legit Check

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How to Spot Fake Off-White Jordan 5: The Toe Box 

The toe box might not seem like the most important detail here, but there are tons of small elements and hidden flaws to be noticed, and we are going to cover them all, starting with the overall form of the toe box!

How to Spot Fake Off-White Jordan 5

The original shape is more elongated, with a more smooth curve toward the toe box, while the fake is more straight and boxy. Overall, the original toe box appears more slim and elegant in design. Not only that, but it is also slightly more lifted above the floor. 

Next, pay attention to the midsole. The midsole of the fake Off-White AJ5 Black is semi-transparent, but the authentic has a completely solid color. Speaking of which, the color of the inauthentic one is lighter. Finally, the black rubber part of the midsole should be more textured, with more visible “grainy” detailing.

The stitching on the replica pair is also messy, with threads sticking out, which should never happen with an authentic pair. If you look at the close-up, you can see this issue very clearly. However, let’s check out one more example to understand the stitching flaws even better.

Right away, you can notice that stitches overall should be a bit larger and located higher on the toe box. Not only that, but the shape of the stitched line is more round and not as boxy as what we see on the replica Off-White Jordan 5 Black.

How To Spot Fake Jordan 5 Off White Black

One more little thing to mention is that the threading, as you may have noticed, can be quite messy both on authentic and fake pairs. In any case, it shouldn’t be too messy, and have threads sticking out, or some stitches being bigger/smaller than the rest.

Fake OW Jordan 5: The Heel

The rear side, decorated with a big Nike logo, is very valuable to us in terms of authentication, as the logo is where many counterfeit manufacturers have imperfections.

Firstly, the Nike logo on the fake is quite unclear, the lines are blurry and not distinct. Especially the “AIR” writing is very fuzzy, and the letters barely resemble themselves. As for the Swoosh, it looks weird, doesn’t keep its trademark perfect curve, and the tip is not as pointy as it should be.

The midsole, as we previously mentioned, is not as textured as it should be, and it even appears a bit glossy, which is, of course, incorrect. 

Now, let’s focus on the texture of the fabric. The “net” texture is slightly incorrect, because the color of the net is actually lighter in authentic pairs. Also, the little squares that form the net should not touch each other at all. In fact, if you look closely, you can notice that the pattern is not exactly a net, and resembles a bunch of little waves more. The replica, however, shows a less interesting, plain checkerboard pattern with a bunch of little squares connected to each other.

Finally, examine the two stitched black lines on the top. They form two “hills”, which are quite sharp/narrow on the original sneaker, but on the fake they are more smooth and not as sharp.

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Fake OW Jordan 5

The tongue part is a beautiful element of this shoe, but it is not just beautiful. It is also useful, as with its help you can easily verify the authenticity of your Jordans.

Replica AJ5 Off-White

The first way to do that is by looking at the Jumpman logo. First, make sure his proportions are accurate. In case with this replica the ball that he’s holding is bigger than on the authentic, and his legs are too thick. Jumpman is embroidered with red thread, and this threading should be pretty dense, but not too dense (not sticking out). In this situation it is way too dense, you can notice it poking out, especially if you look at the contour. 

Then, look at the grey outline around the logo. The counterfeit has it bigger and wider. Also the spongy part around the upper corner of the tongue is thicker on the real shoe.

AJ5 Off White Black real VS fake

The second way to make sure is by using your phone flashlight and activating the reflective 3M material the tongue is made of. The 3M should be bright and reflect a lot of light, giving a strong proper glow. There is not much else to say about this method, let’s just say it will be obvious when you look at it!

Fake VS Real Jordan 5 Off-White: The Inner Tongue Lettering

The upside down logo is a staple for OW Jordan 5 pairs.

Let’s start with examining a very important element. Notice that the letter J in “Jordan” should be a bit crooked in regards to other letters, whereas the logo on the right has it in line with the rest of the letters, which instantly gives away a fake. As for the font itself, it is noticeably less bold on the replica. The letters are also shorter and placed closer to the upper border of the logo tag, when actually they should be placed right in the middle of the tag. 

Authenticate your pair by the density of the threading, it should be not too dense but look natural, without any “bald” spots.The stitching around the logo needs to be thinner and more dainty.

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Fake VS Real Jordan 5 Off-White

How to Legit Check AJ5 Off White Black: The Outsole

The final element of the sneakers that we’ll focus on is the outsole. 

Right off the bat, you probably noticed the discoloration of the sole on the fake VS real Jordan 5 Off-White Black comparison below. However, this discoloration is perfectly normal and natural for all pairs, since the rubber material of the outsole tends to wear out and change color.

The outsole, however, should be semi-transparent, which the following replica isn’t. If you look closely, you should be able to see the rubber tabs of different colors overlapping with each other, due to their transparent materials.

As for the Nike logo, the best way to spot any inconsistencies on it is by looking up Nike logo and comparing it to the logo stamped on your shoe. For example, this counterfeit has thinner letters, but it may vary from pair to pair in fake products. The authentic, of course, should have its logo looking identical to the original Nike logo. 

How to Legit Check Off White Jordan 5 Black

Legit Check OW Jordan 5 Black: The Shoe Box Label

Last but not least, take a close look at the label of the shoe box, specifically the fonts.

The first difference is the color of the letters, which are light grey on the fake, but black on the authentic. The letters are also a bit smaller and thinner in comparison to the real product. 

Finally, it seems like the OW Jordan 5 Black replica uses a different font on its shoe box, because the letters are noticeably less wide, and they seem more squeezed together, as seen on the close-up pictures below. 

Legit Check OW Jordan 5 Black

How can you tell if Off-White Jordan 5 are fake?

The main things to pay attention to are the inner tongue logo tag (especially the letter J), the stitching of the toe box, the medial texts, and the texture of the fabric. 

Where can I get Jordan Off White 5?

As we are writing this guide, this model is officially sold out. However, you can still get your hands on it through resell websites such as StockX. Make sure you choose a trusted reseller and use our tips to avoid buying a replica!

The Bottom Line

Thank you for reading this guide! If you’re struggling to authenticate your brand items on your own, feel free to ask us for extra assistance. Our helpful professionals will gladly answer all your questions and provide excellent legit check service: Off-White legit check.

Get To Know If Your Off White Jordan 5 Black Are Real


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