How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Retro Kaws

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Retro Kaws

To authenticate Jordan 4 Retro Kaws start by observing the toe box method as you can find a lot of differences if you are dealing with a counterfeit pair. Then check the heel and the heel counter and try to analyze as many details as possible. Then look at the tongue with its tag on the back. Don't forget to check the interior and insoles. Finally, finish off by analyzing the sizing tag.

How To Legit Jordan 4 Retro Kaws?

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Jordan 4 Retro Kaws Authentication: The Toe Box Method

We should start our authentication process with the toe box method.

The very first noticeable difference is the toe-cap, which is much higher on the fake sneaker, giving it a boxy look, when it is supposed to have the same measurements as the shoe in the left picture. The color difference is also noticeable, especially on the toe-cap, as it needs to be a shade darker than the rest part. 

Differences in the soles are also noticeable: counterfeiters decided to make the sole higher, which makes it even easier for us to spot the fake.

Jordan 4 Retro Kaws Authentication

Fake Jordan 4 Retro Kaws: The Heel Method

If we take a look at the sneakers on the heels, we will notice several differences: the first thing that should be pointed out is the height of the heel, as the counterfeit shoe is higher than the original one. 

The original heel counter from the side looks curvier whereas the fake one is flatter, which might not be as comfortable for your feet, considering that these are sports sneakers.

The cut-out part where the triangle detail goes in is much closer to the top part in the right picture which is a mistake, as it needs to be placed identically to the authentic sneaker. 

Overall, the authentic sneakers look more fuzzy compared to the fake pair.

Fake Jordan 4 Retro Kaws

How To Legit Jordan 4 Retro Kaws: The Heel Counter Method

This model has so many details, that it was almost impossible for counterfeiters to get each piece perfectly identical.

The double X on the authentic heel counter is thick and big whereas they are tiny, shaped and colored differently in the right picture. 

The embossed details on top of the heel counter are flatter on the counterfeit pair, giving us one more difference we can count on. (the same issue can be found with the counterfeit Nike Dunk Low sneakers, check it out)

How To Legit Jordan 4 Retro Kaws

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Retro Kaws: The Tongue Method

If you haven't noticed already, the "patch" that is put on the authentic tongue imitates the shape of it, that is why it looks so neat whereas the fake one is square-shaped giving the tongue a ridiculous look. 

The stitching also gives the replica away immediately.

The Jumpman logo can also be used as one of the most important details to observe, as it can make or break the replica. If we compare these two pictures, we'll be able to tell immediately which one is fake and which one is authentic. The original logo is more detailed and defined, whereas the fake one has just a similar outline and that's it. (for similar issues, check out Nike Dunk Off-White "The 50" Sneakers)

How To Spot Fake Jordan 4 Retro Kaws

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Jordan 4 Retro Kaws Real Vs Fake: The Tag Method

You can find the Air Jordan tag inside the tongue, which is super thin on the authentic sneaker so it doesn't bother you while wearing a pair.

On the contrary, the fake tag is much thicker with sloppy stitches. 

Finally, the letters - counterfeiters decided that big means better, that is probably why they made everything, including letters bigger, when they are supposed to be smaller and placed close to one another.

Jordan 4 Retro Kaws Real Vs Fake

Real Vs Fake Jordan 4 Retro Kaws: The Interior Method

Notice how many stitches are around the authentic insole whereas the fake one is outlined with just a couple of thread strings, making it look cheap-made. 

The surface of the counterfeit insole doesn't look like it feels great either when it is supposed to be soft for people to wear the sneakers comfortably.

Real Vs Fake Jordan 4 Retro Kaws

How To Tell If Jordan 4 Retro Kaws Are Fake: The Insole Method

The authentic insole is a little thicker and has rounded edges so the foot sits nicely and comfortably in the shoe whereas the fake insole is super flat and cheaply-made, which can not support your feet at all.

The surface of the original insole is made so your feet don't slip while walking or doing sports activities while the counterfeit one is all shiny and slippery making it useless.

How To Tell If Jordan 4 Retro Kaws Are Fake

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Legit Check Jordan 4 Retro Kaws: The Sizing Tag Method

The final method for today's authentication guide is the sizing tag. 

The brand took care of the tag's placement and flawlessness as much as it did on other important details. The authentic sizing tag is square-shaped and stitched perfectly to the background whereas the replica one has stitched the tag so poorly that it stayed crumpled, giving it a ridiculous look.

Apart from it, the numbers and letters on the fake tag are faded, asymmetrical and uneven.

Legit Check Jordan 4 Retro Kaws

Do Jordan 4 Retro Kaws run true to size?

Jordan 4 Retro Kaws run true to size, so if you are planning on buying a pair, then you should get them in your true size. If your size is out of stock, then we recommend going a size up and all you need to do is add insoles to your sneakers and you are good to go!

Are Jordan 4 Retro Kaws sneakers worth it?

Jordan sneakers are known for their unmatchable design and comfiness, so if this is what you are looking for then you should get a pair. Not only are Jordans sports sneakers but they can also be incorporated into your daily streetwear, so you can rock your sneakers in many different ways.

Where can I get Jordan 4 Retro Kaws sneakers authenticated?

If you need professional help our Hype team has your back! All you need to do is reach out via live chat and we’ll get your authenticity certificate as soon as possible. Check it out: Jordan legit check.

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