How to Build a Successful Resale Business

How to Build a Successful Resale Business

Countless appealing angles, including the growing sustainable fashion movement and the promise of vintage and unique pieces, make the luxury resale market one to watch. Building a steady client base and finding their permanent spot within the fashion industry, resellers continue to build strong business models and climb to the ranks of traditional retailers.

While its success can be attributed to an often-great selection of exclusive products, the shopping experience associated with the luxury resale market is often where they may fall short.

Whether in-store or online, investment in premium pieces is often synonymous with differentiated perks - from champagne flutes to exceptional packaging and great customer service. While pre-owned luxury pieces are often sold in perfect or great conditions, bringing with them their original quality, the premium experience gets lost in the way.

Ultimately, investing in aspects that emphasise the value of the products being offered is the way forward; joining unique, quality products and an unparalleled customer experience is a necessary formula for success.


Exceeding Customer Expectations

In its entirety, the premium shopping experience might not be able to be efficiently translated into the world of luxury resellers; however, that doesn't mean it can't make itself known in other valuable ways. Ultimately, the goal is simple - to provide your clients with relevant, streamlined, and efficient services that elevate their overall experience with your brand.

When it comes to the resale market, the luxury aspect of the sale can be reflected in offering clients reliable, effective, and quick ways to check on the legitimacy of the product they are looking to obtain - authentication services become an essential part of that equation.




The Need for Transparency

Unsurprisingly, authenticity can be found to be a leading concern amongst potential clients in luxury marketplaces, as counterfeit products are commonly found throughout the fashion industry.

Despite strict internal policies commonly put in place by resellers to ensure the exclusive listing of authentic pieces, this process is often not disclosed entirely to the consumer. Though unintentional, this lack of communication serves to perpetuate the cycle of uncertainty that famously accompanies vintage or pre-owned luxury purchases.

Especially when it comes to online retailers and virtual orders, providing a great authentication service is the first and most crucial step to building trust with your client base. By including both a certificate and the details of the relevant authentication services, your business efficiently bridges the gap between uncertainty and confidence when the time comes for your customers to make their purchases.

Why Go Further?

Often, authentication certificates are deemed as more than enough to confirm the legitimacy of a luxury piece. While that can be technically and theoretically “all you need,” the truth is building a reputation amongst clients requires more. 

Transparency is key - show your customers not only that they can use an authentication service, but that they should, and, even better, that you have done so for them. Investments pieces, as luxury goods are often called, should be treated as such - go the extra mile to show your customers you value their resources, time, and loyalty by providing exceptional products, and, equally as important, peace of mind.

Doing so doesn't have to be difficult or financially taxing on your business, either. Outsourcing reliable authentication services not only eliminates the need for internal work, but also provides a great opportunity for growth.

Partnering with a well-established service outside of your own means increasing your brand's legitimacy and raising the industry standard. By utilising services clients know and love, you are instantly expanding your client base and bringing legitimacy to your practice, in more ways than one.


As the luxury resale marketplace grows, so do authentication businesses. Almost as important as curating your product selection is finding the right service providers for you and your brand.

What to Look For

Establishing a partnership with a great authentication service takes a proactive approach to providing your clients with everything they may need or want, while also building trust through a secondary client base. Here are some things to look for when looking for the ideal authentication service match for you:

Social Proof

In the world of retail, social proof can be referenced as one of the most important elements of a retailer or service provider. Popular in the form of customer reviews, social proof shows customers clear evidence of legitimacy and quality of service. 

A successfully established business is fueled by social proof, a reputation that can translate into your own operation through a successful partnership.

With hundreds of verified customers and positive reviews, LegitGrails offers just that, an opportunity for luxury resale businesses to thrive 


A pleasant shopping "trip" is not analogous to extensive wait periods and endless email exchanges. By offering certificates along with product photos and the like, your business can provide a seamless and luxurious shopping experience.

Beyond taking the proactive approach to authentication services, clients at LegitGrails are able to get further authentication services as quickly as 30 minutes. As with many services, timely responses can be the final differentiating factor between you and other competing resale businesses.

Social Media and Accessibility

Outside of traditional communication methods like website forms and email inquiries, it is important for the right authentication services to be available and accessible through various platforms. As social media prevails and continues to establish itself prominently throughout the fashion and business worlds, online profiles are an important aspect to consider.

Another relevant form of social proof, active social media profiles allow consumers to easily interact with and witness the work of legitimate services at the same time.

For resale businesses, the need for quality luxury authentication services goes beyond the successful verification of goods. Offering legitimate products is certainly the place to begin, but nurturing solid client relationships and a reliable reputation in the luxury resale market is the way to go.


Both when it comes to building a reliable brand and confirming the legitimacy of premium goods, authentication services such as LegitGrails have proven to be essential in the luxury marketplace.



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