27 Online Reseller Business Ideas

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The world of e-commerce allows many profit opportunities. Entrepreneurs see the reselling business as an excellent opportunity to build a reliable income source.

The reseller faces many challenges, from researching the market sourcing inventory to developing meaningful relationships with your customers.

This article shares profitable online resale business ideas. Go through them and choose the one that aligns with your vision.

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Clothing Resale

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Clothing resale is one of the reselling business ideas to consider. This is a profitable idea in the world of conscious consumers, and we explain why.

Mass production in the fashion industry and the focus on trends have raised the need for unique and vintage pieces that speak of the customer's style. This makes the clothing reseller business a profitable option that isn't only a side hustle, but also a lucrative business.

The clothes reselling business requires good attention to detail and fashion sense to source the inventory. Business owners can find products for sale in vintage stores, thrift shops, online auctions, and even flea markets.

If you decide to get into the clothing resale business, make sure to authenticate your products to avoid selling fakes. 

Shoe Reselling

A shoe reseller business is one of the great reselling opportunities out there. The eBay sign is that you don't have to invest much money in this business. You can start small and gradually increase your shoe inventory according to the market trends.

Finding inventory depends on the business model you choose. You can find your products in outlet stores if you want to resell brand-new shoes. We recommend using a shoe authenticator before buying expensive shoes to avoid getting scammed.

This goes for the cheaper models, but you can also track the limited edition releases in brand stores. As for pre-loved shoes, you can get them at thrift stores and online marketplaces.

We have a full guide on How to Resell Sneakers, check it out. 

Accessory Reselling

If you are into jewelry, bags, and glasses, accessory reselling is another online reseller business idea to try. Sourcing various upscale accessories can be done through online auctions, thrift stores, and directly from collectors.

If you work with high-end accessories, authenticity is the most crucial aspect of this reseller business. Researchers must invest time and effort to learn how to distinguish between fake and real products. Or they can turn to authentication websites for help.

If you want to sell adorable accessories, go with online wholesale suppliers.

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Electronics Resale

The electronics market will be worth US$1,052.0 billion in 2023. The expected annual growth by 2028 is 2.27%, opening business opportunities.

The electronics reseller business involve sourcing and selling pre-owned electronics such as laptops, smartphones, audio equipment, and gaming consoles. The electronics are sourced from refurbished electronics suppliers, online marketplaces, or businesses that want to sell their inventory.

Despite sourcing, business owners need to focus on product quality and functionality. They should invest in testing, check for hardware and software issues, and report the product condition.

Book Reselling

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The book reselling business includes sourcing and selling second-hand books. This profitable business model allows customers to explore different books with affordable prices. 

Business owners usually source their products from online marketplaces, thrift stores, library sales, and book fairs. Inspecting the overall condition of the books and classifying them are the key responsibilities.

Having diverse genres and enhancing your offer according to the latest trends and demand are ways to excel in this niche. Also, increasing your online presence and creating attractive product listings will attract customers.

Furniture Reselling

The furniture reselling business caters to individuals looking to furnish their space with unique pieces. It includes sourcing and selling second-hand furniture, while some include restoration. The current market trends support the growth of this niche.

For conscious customers, buying pre-owned furniture is a way to reduce the waste in landfills. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to secure high-quality pieces for affordable prices.

The interior design trends are also in favor of second-hand furniture. Incorporating unique pieces is gaining popularity, so customers demand distinctive designs that differentiate from the mass-produced pieces.

Vintage Vinyl Records

The vinyl record reselling business caters to nostalgic music lovers who appreciate authentic sounds. It involves sourcing, restoring, and selling vintage vinyl records to customers.

Finding vintage records can be a challenging job. Therefore, business owners must check online marketplaces, thrift stores, garage sales, and record fairs.

The fundamental aspects of the business are assessing the condition of the vinyl records, fixing any damage, and marketing them to the final customer.

Sports Equipment Resale

The sports equipment reselling business caters to individuals and athletes looking to purchase them at a reasonable price. The global sports equipment market is valued at USD 341 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 611.27 billion by 2031.

Acquiring quality inventory is crucial for this reseller business so that owners will refer to online marketplaces, sports schools, and sports clubs.

One of the critical areas of expertise is inspecting the sports equipment for damage. To achieve a better price, resellers can include refinishing services to offer products in excellent condition.

Gaming Console Reselling

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If you're looking for business ideas related to the gaming world - the gaming console reseller business is a lucrative opportunity, knowing that the global market value was USD 7880.23 million in 2022. The gaming industry is quite dynamic, and new trends are constantly emerging.

This reselling business focuses on sourcing, refurbishing, and selling pre-owned gaming consoles. A steady supply of gaming consoles can be sourced through online marketplaces, gaming events, or partnering with retailers.

The business is responsible for testing, inspecting, and repairing the consoles. The best channels for selling are e-commerce platforms, branded websites, and social media.

Toy Reselling

Toy reselling businesses cater to customers looking for affordability and sustainability. The temporary nature of toys motivates customers to look for one option to save money.

Maintaining a high-quality and diverse inventory catering to different age groups is crucial for a successful business. Sourcing can be done through partnering with daycares, online marketplaces, and garage sales.

Safety and pristine conditions are the obligatory acts of a product. Resellers should inspect the toys for safety hazards and damage. Fixing and cleaning the products is part of their practices, ensuring the product is in perfect condition.

Collectibles Reselling

The cosmetics reselling business sells various collectibles, catering to enthusiasts looking to enhance their collections with unique and rare items. The reseller should have insights into the customer demands and more profound knowledge and passion for collectible items.

The business owner can source items through online marketplaces, estate sales, thrift stores, and through establishing personal connections with collectible enthusiasts.

The skill to identify rare items is crucial for maintaining this business. Resellers should learn how to authenticate goods, as the market is overflowing with replicas and counterfeits.

When selling online, the results should provide high-quality images and detailed descriptions of the collectibles.

Art Reselling

Art enthusiasts who appreciate unique pieces will turn to the art reselling business. The reseller sources their products through auction sales, online marketplaces, estate sales, or directly through artists.

The business owner needs to have a deeper understanding of art history, styles, and trends to be successful in this niche market. But also, it is essential to authenticate the artwork to ensure it is original.

Building trust with potential customers is crucial in this business. Therefore, resellers need to provide high-quality images, correct information, and origin.

Outdoor Gear Resale

The outdoor gear business focuses on sourcing, refurbishing, and selling outdoor gear. The products can be sourced from outdoor gear rental services willing to monetize their inventory, individuals looking to update their collections, and online marketplaces.

Resellers should inspect and fix the outdoor gear, ensuring it is in good condition and safe. The pricing depends on the product’s condition, popularity, and retail prices of brand-new gear.

Craft Supplies Reselling

The global arts and crafts supplies market is valued at USD 43.54 Bn in 2023. With a compound annual growth rate of 7.84%, the market is promising for new ventures.

The craft supplies reselling covers a broad category of products, and resellers can pick their specific craft niche to cater to. Some products to sell are fabrics, yarn, stationery, art paint, brushes, drawing, jewelry-making, DIY kits, etc.

Sourcing can be done through manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

Plant and Garden Reselling

The plant and garden reselling opportunities offer customers indoor and outdoor plants and gardening supplies. Offering a broad product range, focusing on community-related practices, and educating the target audience are ways to ensure a successful business in this niche.

A plant and garden business can offer plants, pots, seeds and bulbs, tools, garden decor, watering systems, and education materials. The inventory can be sourced through wholesale platforms, estate sales, auctions, garden centers, local artisans, trade shows, etc.

Kitchenware Reselling

The popularity of home cooking, urbanization, and healthy eating are the trends that increase the demand for kitchenware. A reselling business can provide cookware, utensils, cutlery, bakeware, small appliances, kitchen gadgets, dinerware, glassware, and linen.

Gently used kitchenware can be sourced from estate sales, second-hand markets, and liquidation sales to provide affordable products for your customers. For a successful business, focus on delivering high-quality products, diverse styles, and unique vintage finds.

Also, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends in the second-hand kitchenware market to understand what is trending.

Pet Supplies Reselling

three dogs playing with treats

The global pet supply industry is valued at USD 150.67 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow by 5.1% by 2030. The pet supplies reselling business caters to pet owners looking to save money and buy reasonably priced products.

The business offers various supplies, such as collars, bowls, beds, toys, grooming supplies, health products, apparel, crates, carriers, etc. Online marketplaces, fundraising events by shelters, second-hand stores, and online forums are great options for sourcing gently used pet supplies.

Brand-new products can be sourced through wholesale platforms and distributors.

Musical Instruments Resale

The musical instruments resale business provides affordable abutments, catering to music enthusiasts, collectors, and those who want to explore their musical talents. Resellers can also sell vintage instruments and limited edition releases as collectibles.

Scorn and musical instruments can be found on online marketplaces, estate sales, auction platforms, music instrument rental businesses, pawn shops, and repair shops. Also, musicians, bands, and schools can sell their equipment when upgrading.

The sellers must thoroughly inspect every musical instrument, ensuring they meet the quality standards. Also, they need to perform basic maintenance and cleaning.

Fitness Equipment Reselling

Active Lifestyle is a huge trend, as more individuals are conscious of health and wellbeing. With the fitness equipment being costly, a reselling business can provide affordable equipment in perfect condition.

Online marketplaces, auction platforms, and estate sales are perfect for sourcing pre-owned equipment. Also, you can turn to gyms and fitness centers that want to upgrade their current equipment and are willing to sell their old.

The resellers must inspect, fix, clean, and maintain the sports equipment. Also, they need to provide detailed instructions about using it.

Car Parts Reselling

The global car parts market is expected to grow by 5.7% by 2030, meaning it is a lucrative niche. Your business can provide new and used car parts, interior and exterior accessories, and fluids.

The resellers need to have profound knowledge of car parts and establish connections with sources. You can get car parts from salvage yards, automotive recycling centers, online marketplaces, mechanic shops, vehicle dismantlers, and wholesale suppliers.

Providing detailed information and ensuring the car parts are in perfect condition is crucial for this business to thrive. The reseller needs to give a description, parts, numbers, and compatibility so customers can find the right fit for their needs.

Camera and Photography Gear

Beginner photographers and those starting a business need affordable and quality photography gear. They will turn to resigning businesses to find used gear to save money.

The photography gear reselling business sells cameras, lenses, accessories, lighting equipment, memory, software, and storage. Photography studios sell their old equipment, and camera repair shops offer refurbished gear.

Social media groups, online marketplaces, and online forums are great places to look for used photography equipment.

Board Game Reselling

The board game reselling business is a specialized establishment that provides a wide range of board games for excellent prices. Offering classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, as well as modern games and educational ones, is a great way to cater to a broader target audience.

Limited edition games, rare releases, and board games that show exclusive craftsmanship hold their value. Retailers need to have excellent research skills and knowledge to profit from this.

With so many sourcing options, businesses can create a diverse inventory. Thrift stores, second-hand shops, local gaming groups, and libraries sell pre-owned board games.

Vintage Home Goods

The vintage home goods reselling business offers retro furniture, decor, kitchenware, textiles, and appliances. It caters to people looking for something different than the mass-produced home goods.

The thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, local artisans, garage sales, and estate sales are excellent starting points for sourcing inventory. When selecting the products to resell, the reseller needs to have a good eye for design and knowledge of the vintage brands.

The reseller needs to inspect and repair the products to ensure they are in perfect condition for listing. Also include detailed information about the brand, dimensions, condition, and style.

Costume and Party Supplies

a party mask

This business can provide mass-produced or unique costumes and party supplies, depending on the concept. Resellers can offer Halloween costumes, themed costumes, party decorations, themed tableware, party favors, and pinatas.

Wholesale suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and clearance sales are excellent places for sourcing brand-new costumes and party supplies. Resellers should create themed collections of costumes and party supplies to cater to different themes and celebrations.

Partnering with local event planners is an excellent way to increase your sales. Also, enhancing your marketing efforts for holidays such as Halloween is crucial.

Maternity and Baby Gear

The maternity and baby gear business is one of the feasible reselling opportunities. These types of products are used short term, as babies grow up so fast.

Due to this, expecting parents would want to pay less. On the other hand, parents with kids who have grown up will want to monetize their equipment. Your reselling business is the mediator, sorting the gently used baby equipment, inspecting, cleaning, repairing, and selling it for a reasonable price.

The product range is broad, including maternity clothing, baby clothing, nursery furniture, strollers, high chairs, baby safety products, and toys.

DIY and Craft Kits

The DIY and Craft Kits reseller business is a lucrative opportunity, considering the growing popularity of the DIY culture. Curated kits intended for painting, jewelry-making kits, DIYing home decor, model building, and holiday DIYs are the most sought-after products on the market.

The kits can be sourced from manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, but you can also work with local craftsmen.

Antiques Reselling

If you have a great eye for antiques and can instantly spot a valuable item, this reseller business model is the perfect fit. Your responsibility as a reseller is to source items with a rich history and exclusive craftsmanship that are sought after by collectors, then list them in your online store for sale.

Auctions, estate sales, antique fairs, flea markets, and thrift stores are ideal places to look for gems. But also you can work with private collectors to increase your inventory.

To make informed sourcing decisions, the reseller should have a deeper understanding of the antique styles, periods, and materials.

Tips for Success as a Reseller Business

No matter your chosen niche as a reseller, staying up to date with the market trends and demand is crucial. In addition, we share a few additional tips to position your reseller business on the market. 

Pick a niche that aligns with your interests, skills, and knowledge. 

Do research to find optimal suppliers that provide a steady product flow.

Use high-quality images so customers can assess the products they intend to purchase.

Write detailed and accurate product descriptions that are honest about the actual product condition.

Strive to provide impeccable customer experience to build close relationships with your customers.

Develop marketing strategies that resonate with your category. Build an online store, create social media profiles, and collaborate with influencers to promote your reseller business.

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