How To Spot Real vs Fake Anti Social Social Club Hoodie (ASSC)

back of an anti social social club hoodie

When exploring streetwear fashion, telling apart genuine and fake items is essential, especially with sought-after pieces like Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) hoodies.

This guide breaks down key factors to help you discern between a real and fake ASSC hoodie, empowering you to make informed choices for your streetwear collection.

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Packaging and Labels

example of an authentic label on Anti Social Club hoodie

Start by checking the packaging and labels, key indicators of an authentic ASSC hoodie. Genuine products boast carefully designed packaging that mirrors the brand's commitment to quality.

Focus on the labels, looking for accurate and clear printing without any smudges. Counterfeit hoodies may show differences in packaging and label accuracy. Keep a sharp eye on these details during your examination.

Size and Quality of ASSC Lettering

authentic assc hoodie label

When you check the writing on the ASSC hoodie, it's a key step. A real hoodie usually has smaller, well-detailed writing, while a fake might show larger and less polished ASSC writing. Even though it may seem small, paying close attention is crucial because the details can be subtle and tricky to notice.

Especially when you look at the writing on the back of a genuine hoodie, you'll see sharp edges on each letter. The real ASSC hoodie keeps a sharp and clear look at the edges of the letters. On the other hand, the writing on the back of a fake Anti Social Social Club hoodie lacks this sharpness, looking less precise and more rounded.

Drawstring and Hoodie Details

ASSC hoodie details

Pay attention to the drawstring quality. Real ASSC hoodies have well-made drawstrings with consistent lengths and clear, sealed tips. Fakes may have lower-quality drawstrings with uneven lengths or frayed ends.

Examine the stitching and overall construction. Genuine ASSC pieces are known for high-quality craftsmanship, while fakes may have subpar stitching and inconsistent details.

Focus on the hood design. Real ASSC hoodies maintain a specific shape and structure, while fakes may have differences in shape, size, or alignment. Keep an eye on these details to tell if your ASSC hoodie is real or fake.

Inside Logo Verification

ASSC hoodie inside logo details

Genuine ASSC items have specific details here, with tags that are carefully crafted and have clear printing. There should be no smudges or irregularities. Check for precise font and spacing that match the brand's quality standards.

Counterfeit ASSC hoodies might show their lack of authenticity through differences in the tag, like lower printing quality, font inconsistencies, or noticeable deviations from the genuine inside tag.

Hoodie Pocket Design

Real ones have a unique design that reflects the brand's style. Look at the stitching and overall construction for meticulous craftsmanship, a sign of authenticity.

Fakes might not get this design right, showing stitching differences or a lack of attention to detail. Examine the pocket closely to tell if it's authentic or fake.

Bottom Line

To tell real from fake ASSC hoodies, closely inspect inside tags and pocket design.

Authentic pieces showcase clear and precise details, reflecting ASSC's craftsmanship. Counterfeit hoodies may show inconsistencies in printing, stitching, and design, signaling they might not be genuine. 

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