How to Spot Real vs. Fake Polo Shirts

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In the world of fashion, distinguishing between authentic and counterfeit items is crucial for ensuring quality and value.

When it comes to polo shirts, the market is not immune to the presence of imitation products. Understanding the nuances that separate real polo shirts from their counterfeit counterparts can be a valuable skill for consumers.

In this guide, we'll explore various aspects to consider when inspecting polo shirts to determine their originality, helping you authenticate designer clothes made by Ralph Lauren. Enjoy!

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General Inspection

Identifying genuine polo shirts involves looking at their overall appearance and feel. Genuine polos are made with precision and careful attention to detail, providing a comfortable and durable garment.

Counterfeit polo shirts, however, may have inconsistencies in stitching, fabric texture, and overall quality. Paying attention to these general characteristics is crucial in the authentication process.

Examining specific details adds to the authenticity check. For example, checking the hem is important. Lay a genuine Polo by Ralph Lauren polo shirt on a flat surface, and you'll notice the back hemline is slightly longer than the front. If the hemlines are equal or the front is longer, it's likely a fake.

The branded collar label is another essential detail. Make sure there are no spelling errors, and the font aligns with the official Polo by Ralph Lauren logo. A genuine polo also has a size label, usually on the right side of the main collar label.

Lastly, pay attention to the stitching along the hem. Genuine Polo by Ralph Lauren polo shirts have a straight, even, and neatly stitched hem, with the back slightly longer than the front. Counterfeit versions might lack this precision.

Check the Logos

Ralph Laurent polo logo

Determining the authenticity of polo shirts often boils down to checking the logo closely. Ralph Lauren shirts have a unique logo featuring a small stitched graphic of a polo player on a horse.

Real ones have clear details, like a visible horse's tail and a straight right-back leg. The mallet held by the rider looks rectangular, and the whole image is well-defined, including the outline of the rider's leg.

On fake Ralph Lauren shirts, you might notice some subtle differences. The mallet on the rider's horse might be more circular than rectangular, and the horse's tail and right back leg might be tricky to make out.

The rider's leg on replicas might lack a clear definition. These differences usually come from lower-quality craftsmanship and less precision in stitching the logo.

For a good comparison, look at an image of the authentic logo. You can use a magnifying glass to get a closer look at the Ralph Lauren logo on your shirt. The key is to spot the signs of authenticity, like the rider's leg, the horse's tail and ears, and the clean finish of the logo.

The size of the logo might change with different styles, but on real shirts, it stays consistently upright, giving a polished look. Taking a close look at the logo is a reliable way to tell if your polo shirt is authentic or a counterfeit.

Back Side of The Logo Inspection

Delving deeper into logo inspection involves examining the back side of the logo. Authentic polo shirts maintain the same level of stitching quality on the inside as on the outside.

The stitching is dense and regular, with no visible loose threads or irregularities. Counterfeit polo shirts may reveal subpar stitching on the back side of the logo, indicating lower craftsmanship and a lack of attention to detail.

Back Label

Checking the authenticity of Polo by Ralph Lauren polo shirts involves looking closely at the collar label, a detail that's tricky for counterfeiters to copy. Real Ralph Lauren items have a special thread on the back of the collar label that's hard to duplicate.

It's important to inspect the collar label since all Ralph Lauren products have labels under the collar indicating the size. The main collar label has the Ralph Lauren logo, and there's a small tag on the right side with the size written on it. If there's no separate size label, it might be a fake.

Check if the font on the collar label is clear and without any misspelled words. The stitching along the collar should match the shirt's color. These details show the overall quality of genuine Ralph Lauren polo shirts.

Counterfeit versions might try to copy size labels, but even good replicas can have small differences. It's a good idea to compare the collar label on your shirt with pictures of real-size labels online.

Even tiny changes in the font, like spacing differences, can suggest a fake product. Carefully looking at the collar label is an important step in telling apart real and fake Ralph Lauren polo shirts.

Check the Buttons

polo shirt button comparison

Genuine polo shirts have high-quality buttons that are durable and look polished. They're neatly stitched with a cross-stitch and a pearl, and the thread matches the shirt's color.

In contrast, fake polo shirts might have buttons of lower quality, lacking the strength and elegance of genuine buttons. Signs of a fake include different stitching, thread that doesn't match, or loose threads.

To tell if a polo shirt is real or fake, take a close look at the buttons. Ralph Lauren polo shirts feature very neatly stitched and finished button holes.

Fabric Quality

Polo shirt fabric close up

One of the most telling indicators of a polo shirt's authenticity lies in the quality of the fabric. Authentic polo shirts are crafted from premium materials, resulting in a comfortable, breathable, and long-lasting garment. The fabric feels smooth, and the weave is consistent, contributing to an overall sense of quality. Counterfeit polo shirts, on the other hand, may use inferior materials, leading to a rough or synthetic feel.

In addition to the overall comfort, examining the fabric quality can help in determining the genuine nature of the polo shirt.


Inside Stitching

When checking if a polo shirt is real, don't overlook the inside stitching – an important detail. Genuine Polo shirts maintain high craftsmanship, even in less visible areas. Look closely at the stitching inside, considering its density and uniformity.

Authentic Polo shirts have precise stitching without loose threads or irregularities. Counterfeits may have subpar inside stitching, lacking the precision found in genuine products. Carefully inspecting inside stitching helps tell apart real and fake Polo shirts.

Care Instructions Tag

Authentic Polo shirts have top-notch care tags made of durable materials with clear printing. These tags, found near the shirt's bottom, include a registered trademark "R" and well-spaced text. If the text is unclear or lacks the "R," it's likely fake.

Counterfeit polos may have lower-quality tags with fuzzy printing or inconsistent font. Spotting the difference requires careful inspection of the care tag, where genuine products maintain trademarked and well-executed labeling standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the web.

Are Real Polo Shirts Manufactured in China?

Yes, authentic Polo Ralph Lauren shirts are made in various countries, including China. The brand ensures quality standards globally, and the "made in" label alone doesn't determine authenticity.

Why is Polo Ralph Lauren so Expensive?

The higher cost is due to using top-quality materials for durability and comfort. Meticulous craftsmanship and a reputation for timeless style contribute to perceived value.

What's the difference between Ralph Lauren Polo and US polo?

Ralph Lauren Polo is a luxury brand known for its quality and classic designs. US Polo Assn. is a separate brand with a sporty, casual style. They operate independently, targeting different markets.

The Bottom Line

Distinguishing real from fake polo shirts requires a careful examination of various elements. From inside stitching to care instructions, each detail contributes to authenticity.

It's crucial to assess with a discerning eye, ensuring the shirt reflects the craftsmanship of genuine Polo Ralph Lauren products. Staying informed empowers consumers to confidently choose authentic polo shirts.

However, if you feel like you’re not ready to authenticate such expensive things yourself, you can always contact Legit Grails and hire some designer authentication experts.


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