How To Spot Real Vs. Fake Rick Owens Ramones Shoes

Rick Ownes black and white shoes

In fashion, being sure your stuff is real is super important. Especially with fancy brands like Rick Owens, telling the real stuff from the fake stuff is a big deal.

In this guide, we'll show you how to spot real Rick Owens Ramones shoes.

Whether you're a big-time collector or just love fashion, knowing if your Rick Owens shoes are legit is key. Let's check out the details to make sure you're getting the real deal.

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Initial checks

Real vs fake Rick Owens Ramones: Overall look

Before you get into the tiny details of the shoes, start with the basics. Look at the box and its label. Real Rick Owens Ramones shoes come in a strong, good-quality box, usually with the brand's logo and info on it.

Make sure the label on the box looks right and matches the shoes' style and color. Also, check for any proof of purchase, like receipts or certificates, to ensure the shoes are real.

Inspect the Shoe Shape

Start by looking at the overall shape of the shoes. Real Rick Owens Ramones have a unique silhouette with a sleek and smooth design.

Check the proportions and curves carefully to make sure they match the brand's style. Fake shoes might have weird shapes, like bulges or uneven areas, which can show that they're not well-made.

Look at the Toe Box

When you check the shoes, focus on the toe box. Real Rick Owens Ramones have a nice, even shape, which shows they're well-made.

Look for any weird bumps or uneven parts in the toe box, as these might mean the shoes are fake. Also, check that the material in the toe box feels smooth and high-quality.

Serial Number Verification

Real vs fake Rick Owens Ramones: Serial number

Check the serial number to determine if your Rick Owens shoes are real. The serial number is unique to each authentic pair and is usually inside the shoe. For high-top Ramones, it's next to the zipper when you open it.

For low-tops, it's on the heel area inside your shoes. Let's look at high-tops here. Real serial numbers have thick, solid writing, while fake ones have thinner, smaller letters and numbers. Checking these details can help you ensure your Rick Owens shoes are genuine.

Analyzing Stitching and Construction

When you're inspecting the shoes, check the stitching closely. Real Rick Owens Ramones have neat stitching all over, showing good craftsmanship. Be cautious if you see longer or thicker stitches on fake pairs, and watch out for loose threads too.

Counterfeit Rick Owens shoes often have stitches that aren't straight, especially on the toe box. This part is often flawed in fake shoes. So, look at the stitching carefully to catch any signs of fake footwear.

Tongue Inspection

When you're checking the shoes, remember to inspect the tongue. Real Rick Owens Ramones have special badges inside, but only for high-tops. There are three types: one with just the logo, another with a picture of Rick Owens, and one with a reversed picture. Let's go through each style.

Real ones have thinner stitches at the top for the logo badge, while fake ones have thicker threads. Also, look at the bottom: the fake logo may be filled completely with white threads, while the real one has more detail, with some lines cut in the middle instead of filled with white stitches.

For the picture of Rick, real stitches have denser stitching with thicker threads, while fake ones have fewer and thinner stitches. The fake stitches may also be longer than the real ones.

Real ones have a distressed look for the inverted picture badge, even if the shoes are new. Fake ones may be completely filled with white without any distressing. Also, note that the fake threads are thicker and less dense compared to the real ones.

Pay close attention to these details to spot any signs of fake Rick Owens shoes.

Insole Inspection

Real vs fake Rick Owens Ramones: Insoles

The insole of Rick Owens Ramones shoes can help you tell if they're real. Real ones often have insoles with clear branding, like the Rick Owens logo or text.

Look closely at the insole to see if it matches what you know about real Rick Owens shoes. The shoes might be fake if you spot any differences or weird things in the insole.


To sum up, checking if Rick Owens Ramones shoes are real means looking closely at lots of things, from how the shoe looks overall to the small details in how it's made.

You can tell if Rick Owens shoes are genuine by checking everything carefully and making sure key things like serial numbers and logos are right. Buying real Rick Owens Ramones means getting top quality and keeping your fashion collection real. Also, you can check other brands using the luxury authentication service provided by us.


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