How to Tell if a Versace Purse is Real

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Versace is a luxury fashion house that stands for glamor and extravagance. Adorned with the signature Medusa head, their purses symbolize luxury.

The critical characteristics of Versace products are vivid colors, bold styles, and impeccable design. Most Versace bags cost between $1,000 and $3,000, depending on the style.

The high quality, exclusive craftsmanship, and timeless design are responsible for the high price. Therefore, the signature designs are often a target for counterfeiting.

Even though counterfeiters put a lot of effort into recreating identical copies, the craftsmanship of the skilled Versace artisans is unmatched. The differences are noticeable for the trained eye, so beginners like you might not know how to distinguish between a fake vs real Versace purse.

How to tell if a Versace purse is real? We reveal proven authentication methods that help you recognize fake Versace bags and avoid online scams!

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The Certilogo or CLG code is an authenticity code with all Versace bags. You can find the 12-digit code on the hang tag or label below the "made in Italy" line.

You can easily verify a bag using the CLG website, an authentication method different luxury dealers use. All you need to do is register on the site and enter the code.

Certificate of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity is a label that confirms your Versace bag authenticity. The label is attached to the inside seam of the interior lining.

The certificate of authenticity is written in black letters. However, it is essential to note that counterfeiters might try to recreate this label. To avoid a scam, verify the text and letters to ensure they are real.

The Packaging

Original Versace bags come in a branded dust bag and a box. The branded logo should closely match the original, and the materials should be high quality.

The original dust bag has the Medusa head logo in a circle, with the "Versace" text underneath. Look for photos of the original and compare to see if all the details match. Poorly done replicas usually have a low-quality material and have faded letters.

Make sure the box carries the same logo and font. Also, the material should be sturdy and give off quality vibes.

Production Stickers

Versace bags have two production stickers attached to the bag's interior. One is "made in Italy," and the second indicates the country of sale.

Counterfeiters can replicate these stickers, so analyzing the fonts and printing quality is essential.

The Overall Look & Feel

When you have an authentic designer bag in your hands, it instantly gives off a luxury feel. The skilled artisans ensure every detail is in line with Versace's quality.

Firstly, you can notice how the bag is heavy and sturdy. The surface feels smooth, and the leather carries a pleasant smell.

The stitching is nicely incorporated into the purse design and doesn't stand out oddly. The thread color perfectly matches the leather, except for some styles that are supposed to be contrasting.

Original Versace purses come with adjacent packaging with solid protection and branding purposes. A branded dust bag and a high-quality box accompany all handbags.

The Medusa Head Logo

example of a real Versace medusa head

How to tell if a Versace bag is real by analyzing the Medusa head logo? The trademark symbol of this brand is recognizable and helps us distinguish a fake vs real Versace purse.

The Medusa head logo adorns the front of the bag. In some styles, it is encircled with a row of Greek letters. You can also find the "Versace" logo underneath.

You can notice how the Medusa head looks dimensional and detailed. The relief shapes are crafted with high precision.

In counterfeit purses, you can notice poorly done details that make the logo look flimsy. Also, you can detect variations in color and finish.

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The Hardware

example of fake vs real Versace hardware

Analyzing the hardware is a crucial authentication method that helps you spot a fake Versace bag. Any color, quality, and engraving inconsistencies reveal a poorly done copy.

First, we start with analyzing the pull shape. You can see the curvy edges in the part where the two components meet. In comparison, the edges are square in the counterfeit bags.

Next, we examine the "Versace" logo vertically engraved into the metal. Here, we spot inconsistencies in the letter size and font.

The original font features dimensional letters, remaining consistent throughout the purse design. On the other hand, the letters have very thin lines in the fake logo.

The difference in fonts is very apparent when analyzing the closeups. Notice how the letter "C" has a more round shape in the fake logo. Also, the letter "E" has longer horizontal lines.

Despite examining the logo and shape, don't forget to compare the zipper color in the fake vs. real Versace bag. Both come with a golden color, but the fake zipper has an intense sheen and a prominent yellow undertone.

Lastly, you can notice a difference in the quality. The zipper on the authentic purse feels heavy, and gloves smoothly when zipping and unzipping. Whereas the fake one feels light, clumsy, and might have chips or dents.

The Stitching Quality

fake vs real Versace stitching

How to tell if a Versace purse is real by analyzing the stitching? The quality and precision are essential clues to look for. We look closer at the label stitching in fake vs real Versace bag.

The individual stitches in the authentic bag are uniform and slightly angular. However, they shape a straight line. The preciseness indicates that sophisticated machinery was used in the production process.

On the other hand, we can't say the same for the fake Versace bag. The closeup photo reveals stitching inconsistencies, indicating a counterfeit product.

Firstly, the individual stitches vary in size and don't shape a straight line. Also, we can notice gaps between the stitches. These flaws make the stitching look sloppy, giving off a low-quality feel.

Real Leather Smell

Versace purses are made of premium quality leather. Despite guaranteeing longevity, the leather brings a delicate touch to the bag.

You can recognize genuine leather with the smell test. Whether the bag is brand new or pre-owned, it will have a distinguishable leathery scent.

The original leather smells earthy and musky. Overall, the smell is sweet and pleasant.

On the other hand, fake Versace purchases made of faux leather won't show the same characteristics.

The fake one has an unpleasant smell that can resemble chemicals and plastic.

You can touch the bag to feel its texture despite the smell test. The genuine leather feels buttery smooth when you glide your fingers across the surface.

The leather has an uneven texture consisting of tiny bumps that vary in shape and size. This is a machine-made faux material if the leather grain is uniform and consistent.

How to Avoid Buying a Fake Versace When Shopping Online?

Purchasing products from the official Versace website is the safest method to get genuine goods. However, online marketplaces offer good deals on Versace purses. Or you might be after a specific vintage style you've fallen in love with.

In such cases, you should be very careful when purchasing. Take a few extra steps to ensure you're buying a genuine Versace bag. The first thing you should do is verify the seller rating and reviews.

Ensure you're buying from an established seller with an excellent reputation and no record of selling counterfeit goods. Also, check the website's policies to see how they protect you from buying fake counterfeit bags.

Also, be careful when buying from generic designer stores. Reputable retail stores have excellent reviews and a strong social media presence and won't hesitate to provide additional info about a product.

Counterfeiters use low pricing as bait for unsuspecting customers. Even though you might find discounts on Versace purchases, don't expect a price that is too low. Remember that Verace products hold on to their price even though they're second-hand. Therefore, any deal that is too good to be true is a red flag.

If you spot a deal on brand new faulty purses, this should raise suspicion. Versace discards any defective products and does not release them for sale.


Original Versace purses have authentication labels, but you must still authenticate them. Excellent stitching quality, sturdy hardware, and a precise Medusa logo are the features that help you identify an original.

Also, do detailed research before you buy a Versace purse online. Find your chosen style's average price range and avoid bargains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Versace serial number?

The Versace CLG code is printed on a label attached to the bag's interior lining. You can verify the code online to authenticate your bag.

Where are Versace purses made?

Versace products are always made in Italy. This brand doesn't have production facilities outside of Italy. The manufacturing tag indicates the bag's origin and where it is sold.

What is the Versace symbol?

The recognizable Versace symbol depicts the head of Medusa, a figure present in Greek mythology. The inspiration for this logo came from the flooring of ruins in the Reggio Calabria, where Versace spent time in his childhood days.

When it comes to symbolism, Medusa has an enchanting beauty. She captivated everyone around, and they couldn't turn their heads away.

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