How To Spot Fake Nike Sacai VaporWaffle

How To Spot Fake Nike Sacai VaporWaffle

The easiest way to authenticate Nike Sacai VaporWaffle would be to examine the size tag details. You have to also pay attention to the inner detailing of your pair and inspect the font of the text on the tongue labels. Make sure to authenticate the box label if available. Lastly, the toe box area may help you understand if your pair of Nike Sacai VaporWaffle is real or fake. 

How to Legit Check Nike Sacai VaporWaffle? 

Nike Sacai Authentication: The Overall Look 

The model has various outer details that are useful in spotting a fake pair. The printing details are very important, as the replica Nike Sacai tend to have inconsistencies.

Now, take a look at the double Swoosh. The two Swooshes would have almost the same size, and the leather version would be placed right above the printed one. 

While the replicas often have the leather Swoosh looking must be smaller, and the placement is likely to be off. Do forget that the size of the pair can play a crucial role in the way these details look.

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Nike VaporWaffle Legit Check: The Inner Detailing

When examining the inner side of the pair, there are some important details to consider. First, the heel window, that is a signature detail of this model. Make sure that its shape is not bluntly oval, and that the stitching pattern is correct.

Then, it is worth noting the look of the inner Swoosh. A huge giveaway of a pair of fake Nike Sacai VaporWaffle would be a swoosh that is too flat, especially around the vertical stitching line.

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Legit Check Sacai VaporWaffle: The Tongue Labels

The tongue labels are another detail that is doubled in this model, and it allows more room for the replica manufacturers to make mistakes. Although the labels have been perfected over the years of counterfeit production, there are still some details that can point out a replica.

When verifying the text, make sure to use the authentic Nike Sacai reference below to see what the authentic fonts should look like. Nonetheless, the fake pairs often use the wrong colours.

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Nike Sacai VaporWaffle Verification: The Heel Tabs

The heel area can be a huge help in the Sacai VaporWaffle authentication process, as we are able to inspect the shape of the pair and its details. Firstly, you may notice that the authentic pair is much narrower compared to its counterfeit copy. 

When looking at the fake vs real Nike VaporWaffle comparison below, it is obvious that the authentic grainy logo printing is much more detailed. The fake one looks faded, and the grains are not defined at all. 

Another set of differences could be spotted in the heel pull tab. The authentic tab is wide and its stitching is defined. Moreover, the authentic Nike Swoosh is larger than the replica one.

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Nike Sacai VaporWaffle Verification

Nike Sacai VaporWaffle Fake vs Real: The Toe Box

Looking at the toe box, the first step in the authentication is to check the net/ the knitting details. This aspect should also be verified throughout the pair. The fake knitting would have a very different structure and texture. In the comparison below we can see that the authentic knitting is less dense than the counterfeit one. 

Contrary to popular belief, the authentic stitching is sometimes more sloppy and inconsistent than the replica one. This can be explained by the fact that the authentic factories allow for some Quality Control flaws to slip through.

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How to Verify Nike VaporWaffle: The Size Label

The size label printing is not the most reliable method of authentication due to the QC flaws discussed above. However, to spot a fake pair, look for major inconsistencies in the text. It is often noted that the fake Sacai VaporWaffle have some parts of the text looking much thicker.

Remember to glance at the Swoosh printing and make sure that its shape is correct.

How to Verify Nike VaporWaffle

Fake vs Real Nike Sacai VaporWaffle: The Box Label

The main flaw that can be found in the box label is the same as the one in the size label. The printing inconsistencies are very common to the replica VaporWaffle pairs. Take a look at the Nike Sacai real vs fake comparison below to see some common differences.

Fake vs Real Nike Sacai VaporWaffle

Where can I authenticate Nike Sacai VaporWaffle?

You can authenticate your Nike Sacai VaporWaffle using our 24/7 Nike authentication services. Our legit check experts will be happy to help you. 

How long does Nike Sacai VaporWaffle authentication take?

Our experts are able to authenticate your pair in less than 30 minutes. If you prefer a cheaper option, you can purchase our 24 hours answer time service.

In Conclusion…

We hope that you have successfully authenticated your pair. In case you still have questions about legit checking your pair, please reach out to our Nike legit check team for help. Stay tuned as we're updating this guide with new fake batches coming into the market. 

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