How to spot fake Off White Air Force 1 Low Nike Volt | Air Force 1 Low Off White Volt Fake vs Real

Isn't it frustrating when you are not sure if you get real or fake Off White Air Force 1 sneakers? For this matter, we decided to write a guide that will help you spot fake Off White Air Force 1 Volt in 3 methods. 

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The Off White Insole Method

One of the first things you should look for when checking your Off White Volts is the colour of the insoles. An authentic Off White Volt pair would have the insole be the same neon green as the shoe itself, unlike a replica which may have a differently shaded insole - as you can see on our Off White fake vs real comparison photos below. 

The positioning of the two black boxes on the insole is another thing you should verify. The distance of the print to the back edge of the insole should be slightly larger than a side of the square box. As you can see on our photos - this distance is much smaller on sneaker reps.  You should also check the size and the font of “THE TEN” writing - on the photos you can see that the writing on the fake Off White insole is less sharp and is smaller than the one on the authentic insole.

Air Force 1 Off White Volt Insole Fake vs Real | Off White Legit Check

The Backside of the Insole Method

The backside of the insoles on the Air Force 1 Off White Volt can give you more reassurance or suspicion about the legitimacy of your pair. The insole backside of your authentic Off White Volt must show some glue marks on them - especially in the bottom half of the insole near the heel. There’s a high chance that the Off White replicas will not show any glue marks as we have on our comparison photos. 

Real insoles will have a light lined pattern from those same glue marks, which may look like the insole has some texture to it. A fake Off White Volt insole will simply look flat, so look out for that. And of course, the colour of the insole backside is something you should check as well. The colour of an authentic insole is bright blue, while a fake would look washed out and have greyish-blue colour to it. 

Air Force 1 Off White Volt Insole Fake vs Real | Off White Legit Check

The Off White Size Tag Method

It is important to legit check Air Force 1 Off White Volt size tag as well. Even the best Off White Volt replicas often mess up the size tag. Similarly to other Off White pairs, the text on fake size tag is bolder and looks faded, compared to the crisp print on an authentic Off White size tag.

You should also pay attention to the font and the spacing of the text. As you can see in the Off White Volt size tag real vs fake comparison the 'EUR' print is placed too low on the fake insole, which is a common flaw in replicas of this model. You can also notice how the squished together are the 'MADE IN CHINA' and its french translation. On the fake Off White size tag there is little or no space between the letters, while on an authentic size tag, the text is properly spaced out.

Some lower-quality replicas might also mess up the product code, so you should always search up the model code ('AO4606-700' in this case) in your search engine

Air Force 1 Off White Volt Size Tag Fake vs Real | Off White Legit Check

Utilizing all of these methods should give you a pretty good understanding whether your Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White Volt pair is real or fake, yet we suggest you use our Off White Legit Check service to guarantee a simple, fast and reliable check performed by our professional team using these and many other techniques to verify the authenticity of your grails.

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