How To Spot Fake Off White Air Force 1 Low Nike Volt

How To Spot Fake Off White Air Force 1 Low Nike Volt

The most efficient way to authenticate Off-White Air Force 1 Low Nike Volt is to inspect the box label and the tongue label. In case you still have doubts about authenticity of your pair, it is important to follow the steps below to confidently authenticate a pair using all methods. Do not forget that we offer authentication services for your pair if you are still concerned about legitimacy of your Off White’s! 

How to legit check Off White Air Force 1 Low Nike Volt?

Air Force 1 Off White Volt Legit Check: The Outer Details

The first step in the Off White authentication process should be verifying the outer details, which are in abundance in this model. Start by looking at the Swoosh and its tip, make sure that the tip is rounded. The replica Swooshes soften get the shape wrong. 

Another crucial aspect of the Swoosh is the stitching, which outlines it. An authentic pair would have this stitching looking quite dense and frequent, while a fake one would have it looking more spaced.

Additionally, verify the shape of the orange tab found in the area closer to the heel. An authentic tab is wide and short, while the fake tabs tend to be larger.

Air Force 1 Off White Volt Legit Check

Off White Volt Real vs Fake: The Midsole Print

There is an “AIR” printing found in the midsole of most of the Nike x Off-White collaborations, and this pair is not an exception. When carrying out the AF1 Off-White Volt legit check, make sure that the printing has the right placement.

Then, ensure that the brackets in the insole are not too dark; an authentic print would be semi-sheer. Moreover, check if the text has the right fonts. A common mistake found in the replica Off White shoes is that the R is too curved at its tip.

Off White Volt Real vs Fake

How To Authenticate Nike Air Force 1 Off White Volt: The Side of the Toe Box

Here is another way to see if the shape of this pair checks out. Take a careful look at the side of the toe box to see whether it is bulky. In case the toe box appears to be too inflated, there is a high chance of it not being legit, especially if the pair has not been worn before.

Another aspect to consider is the midsole stitching, as the threads used in the replica Off White Volts are often too thin. Meanwhile, an authentic pair would have thick sews due to high-quality materials being used.

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How To Authenticate Nike Air Force 1 Off White Volt

Legit Check Guide AF1 Off White Volt: The Upper Side of the Toe Box

It is worth examining the upper side of the toe box as well, as some of the model’s unique stitching details are placed there. In the fake vs real Off White Volt comparison below, notice how the double zig-zag stitching is much more consistent in the authentic reference. Overall, the shapes and colours are much more vibrant in the authentic Off White pair.

Additionally, check the transparency of the tape outlining the intersection of the side net, and the upper toe box mesh material. An authentic pair has this pair looking very transparent, which results in the stitching underneath it being clearly visible.

If you are a big fan of Off White shoes, make sure to check out other authentication guides: Off White Presto OG, Off White Jordan 1 Chicago, Off White Jordan 4 Sail.

Legit Check Guide AF1 Off White Volt

How To Spot Real Air Force 1 Off White Volts: The Medial Print

The major part of the inner side of the sneaker is covered by the signature printing. It is crucial to ensure that the right fonts are used, while remembering that some factory flaws are still possible to be spotted in the retail pairs as well. Also, not every pair will have the text placed exactly the same, as it depends on various factors, including the size.

Take a look at the part of the text, which extends from under the Swoosh on the left - the authentic text looks thinner and taller, while the fake one is bulky.

The opposite is noticed when inspecting the trademark (™) sign, which is a common reference point in our Off White Nike authentication guides. The fake text is often much larger and taller compared to the authentic one.

How To Spot Real Air Force 1 Off White Volts

Off White Volts Fake vs Real: The Heel Tab

The suede patch in the heel features the Nike Swoosh and the “LOGO” engraving, which are good reference points when checking the authenticity of your sneakers. Make sure that the fonts are respected, and that the letters are not too spaced out.

Then, make sure that the foam bit at the top of the tab is not too thick, as this would be a clear sign of a replica pair. 

Finally, check the texture of suede used in the tab; an authentic tab would have a very smooth suede, which would never look too grainy. A fake Off White Volts pair would, on the contrary, have a very rough and grainy texture.

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Off White Volts Fake vs Real

How To Legit Check Nike AF1 Off White Volt: The Heel Printing

Moving further along the heel of your pair, you should find some text printed on its middle part. The fonts are crucial here, so make sure you refer to the authentic example from our Off White AF1 Volt real vs fake comparison below. The flaws are often found in the number ‘9’, hence focus on that during the verification process.

Another detail that must be considered is the texture of the material used in the heel. The netting is often too obvious in the fake pairs, making the texture look very rough. The main difference is that the fake pair created the net pattern through the colours, while an authentic pair would use actual materials and fabrics to create this effect.

How To Legit Check Nike AF1 Off White Volt

Nike Off White Volt Authentication: The Outsole Rubber

The use of different textures is present in every aspect of the pair, which becomes obvious when checking the outsole rubber. The grainy texture of the midsole area can almost never be copied by the replica producers. Although it is a reliable detail to verify, keep in mind that the texture changes depending on the pair’s condition. A general rule is that the authentic outsole has little space between the grains.

Another pattern worth verifying is the star pattern in the outsole of your pair. The stars must have the correct shape, which is shown in the comparison below, and, again, have little space between its details. The fake stars often appear to be tilted to one side as well, so keep that in mind, as the authentic ones are always straight.

Nike Off White Volt Authentication

Fake vs Real Off White Air Force 1 Volt: The Zip Tie

The last but not least verification method for this model is the zip tie method, which is used when checking the pair in person, as the online postings rarely have its photos. Overall, the print must be clean and easily readable, yet some retail ones have smudges as factory flaws. Some replicas have the text not aligned and/ or not properly centered, so this would be a clear red flag.

Remember that the trademark sign (™) would need to have a lighter font than the rest of the text, which is a signature detail to almost every Nike x Off-White zip tie. 

Finally, make sure that there are not major flaws in the composition of the zip tie, and that the bumps on the right do not have extra material showing.

Fake vs Real Off White Air Force 1 Volt

Are Air Force 1s still cool?

Air Force 1s remained the most popular sneakers in 2020. This model is definitely popular and such collaborations as the one we were reviewing today help the model to remain in demand. 

How to authenticate Off White Air Force 1 Volts in 30 seconds?

The quickest way to authenticate would be to inspect the size tag and the insole. Another reliable and fast way to verify the authenticity of your pair would be to inspect the inner print details.

To Conclusion...

If you still have doubts about authenticity of your pair, feel free to reach out to our team of experts for help! Authenticity certificate included, live chat with your personal Nike authenticators is now available too.


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