How To Spot Fake Off-White Jordan 4 Sail

Rumoured to release exclusively in womens sizing, the Off-White Jordan 4 Sail pair comes in a mix of clean “Sail/ Muslin-White” colours, and will be retailing at $200 USD on the 25th of July, 2020. 

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Nevertheless, a few weeks before the official release, the LegitGrails Team decided to share a few tips on how to spot fake Jordan 4 Off White Sails. Please keep in mind that the ‘early fakes’ are often much lower quality than the ones that come out after the release. These are just some general clues for you to look out for!

How To Legit Check Off-White Jordan 4 Sail?

1. The Outer Side Method

First, let’s look at the outer side of the shoe and find many important details. Moving from left to right, the first detail that would be worth checking out is the double stitching under the plastic cage. 

Authentic stitchings would be perfectly parallel to each other, and have little space between them. As you can see in the fake Off White Jordan 4 example, a replica pair would have it looking much messier. Moreover, you can notice how the fake sews are looking less consistent throughout the pair.

You can also notice how much more transparent the fake plastic cage is compared to a real one. Another clue would be checking the shape of this cage: as indicated in the real vs fake example, an authentic pair would have the cage looking shape and straight. Meanwhile, a replica Jordan 4 Sails pair could have it looking rounder.

How To Legit Check Off-White Jordan 4 Sail: The Outer Side Method

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2. The “AIR” Method

Zooming into the “AIR” printing on the midsole, the differences here are clear even from the first glance. An authentic “AIR” printing would be thin, tall and placed quite far down, almost touching the edge.

When it comes to the replica Off-White pairs, the “AIR” midsole printing is rarely copied properly. Even in the comparison below you can see how much smaller and thicker the fake printing looks. It is also placed much higher up on the midsole.

How To Legit Check Off-White Jordan 4 Sail: The "AIR" Method

3. The Front Side Method

Now, looking at the frontside of the AJ4 Off White Sails, a few differences can be pointed out here as well. First the length of an authentic tongue is a bit shorter than the fake one. An extremely long tongue is a common flaw amongst the fake pairs.

Next, you may notice major differences when comparing the two plastic ‘nets’ that can be found closer to the toe box. It is clear that the fake one looks like it is taking up more space, yet this can really differ from a size to a size. The main thing here would be the thickness of this net, which is thicker in the authentic pairs.

In the Jordan 4 Off White fake vs real comparison below you may also see another example of the inconsistent double stitching.

How To Legit Check Off-White Jordan 4 Sail: The Front Side Method

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4. The Inner Side Method

The fourth method suggests inspecting the inner side of the shoe, which also contains a few important details of this beautiful shoe. 

First, the printing underneath the plastic cage looks thinner in the fake pair. This also is very noticeable when looking at the ™ mark.

Second, the plastic cage is again looking curvier in the fake pair, and much straighter in the real one, as indicated with a yellow line.

Lastly, the perforations on the right of the text box look more defined and clean in the authentic pair. This is not the case when it comes to the counterfeit copy of the shoe, as the perforation holes are less consistent and much messier. 

How To Legit Check Off-White Jordan 4 Sail: The Inner Side Method

5. The Tongue Label Method

Inspecting the outer side of the tongue label, you should be able to easily tell a replica Jordan 4 Off White. Initially, look at the stitching which, as we have mentioned before, would be very clean and consistent in an authentic pair.

The Jumpman logo would be another important aspect to check on. In our fake example below, the logo looks incorrect in its dimensions and details such as the hand. 

The colours play a big role here, as an authentic logo would show a lighter shade of grey. The difference is particularly noticeable when verifying the ‘Flight’ writing at the bottom, as the fake one looks much more faded yet darker. 

How To Legit Check Off-White Jordan 4 Sail: The Tongue Label Method

6. The Air Jordan Hang Tag Method

Our last method of Jordan 4 Off White verification will look at the Air Jordan hang tag, which comes with every pair. 

Pay attention to the shape of the Jumpman logo itself, as it would be much more detailed in the real pairs. Moreover, you can really see the difference between the “Air” texts, as the real one is thinner and taller than the bulkier fake one.

Additionally, the corners of the beige square inside the authentic plastic box would be sharp. Meanwhile, as shown in the comparison below, the fake hang tag has its corners looking rounder.

How To Legit Check Off-White Jordan 4 Sail: The Air Jordan Hang Tag

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Hopefully, this authentication guide helped some of you with spotting a replica pair. In case you still need help, our Jordan 4 Off White authentication service and our Hype Team are always here for you! You can live chat with a legit check expert and find out if your kicks are the real deal.

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