How To Spot Fake Jordan 1 Off White NRG

If you need to legit check Jordan 1 Off-White NRG, you have come to the right place. Even for the most experienced fashion lovers it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between an authentic item and a replica. Knowing this, we wrote a simple guide with all the information you need to know. 

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How To Legit Check Jordan 1 Off-White NRG?

  1. Inspect the overall shape
  2. Look at the medial print
  3. Check the Nike Swoosh
  4. Examine the Air Jordan Wings logo
  5. Authenticate the leather flap
  6. Notice the side tongue label
  7. Pay attention to the size tag
  8. Make sure the heel is authentic
  9. Authenticate the heel texture
  10. Inspect the midsole print
  11. Pay attention to the insole

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The Overall Shape Method

The first and most noticeable thing in most of the sneakers is their overall shape and appearance. No wonder it is so important to consider when it comes to Jordan 1 Off-White NRG authentication. 

On the comparison below you can easily spot a difference in shape of the toe box. The toe box of the fake sneakers appears larger and more upturned, giving the shoes a more massive and curved shape. The real ones are more straight and their toe box is flatter.

We also advise you to notice the difference in stitching on the suede rear panel. The color of the suede is different too.

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Overall Shape Method

The Medial Print Method

The second way to spot fake Jordan 1 Off-White NRG is by looking at the medial print on the sides of the shoes.

The main difference here is the thickness of the font, which on the authentic pair is much thicker. You should also pay attention to the size and placing of the medial text on your shoes. 

Counterfeit items come in all shapes and sizes, so the differences can vary. To make the authentication process easier, we suggest you to use this Jordan 1 Off-White NRG fake VS real comparison for guidance.

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Medial Print Method

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The Nike Swoosh Method

The Swoosh is one of the most unique details about this Nike x Off-White collaboration. Due to its originality, it is especially easy for counterfeit manufacturers to make a mistake.

Firstly, the Swoosh itself on the fake pair is longer than needed. Notice how it ends around the three lace holes. Another mistake is that it is placed too high, which is a common flaw in Jordan 1 Off-White NRG replicas.

Secondly, examine the orange tab next to the Swoosh. It should be wider and have a distinct rectangular shape. The orange stitching should be neat too.

Lastly, look at the blue threaded patch on the Swoosh. On this replica it is more tight than it should be, making the Swoosh look crooked. However, it can also be too loose depending on the counterfeit, so inspect this area carefully.

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Nike Swoosh Method

The Air Jordan Wings Logo Method

Next, you should take a look at the Air Jordan logo placed on the upper half of the shoe. 

In this case, on the replica Jordan 1 Off-White NRG the logo appears less squeezed in, and due to that is less visible.

You should also examine the perforations surrounding the logo. They should be delicate, equal in size and placed equally apart from each other. The mistake with the fake pair is that the perforations on it are too small and barely visible.

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Air Jordan Wings Logo

The Leather Flap Method

For the next method we are going to look at the leather flap with “85” text on it. On the fake Jordan 1 Off-White NRG, the quotation marks are longer and thinner. The number “5” also appears thinner and shorter.

Finally, the material of the flap is different. On the fake pair it is noticeably cheaper and more crude.

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Leather Flap Method

The Side Tongue Label Method

Moving on to our next method, you will have to examine the label on the side of the tongue. There is not much to notice here, except for a few small details.

Firstly, the stitching is different, and secondly, the letters of the logo are too big and thick on the replica pair. You might also spot a slight difference in color.

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Side Tongue Label Method

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The Size Tag Method

To continue the authentication, you should focus your attention on the size tag, because this small detail might actually be very helpful in determining the authenticity of the product.

The first mistake you can spot on the picture below is that the font and the Jumpman logo are too thick. It is especially easy to notice when comparing the XC letters in the top right corners.

And last but not least, the production dates on the fake size tag are wrong. 

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Size Tag Method

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The Heel Method

The heel method requires you to inspect the rear side of your Jordans. Here we would like to highlight that the heel is slightly thinner and higher, and has a “hourglass” shape. It is also worth noting that replica pairs often have different heights from the left to the right shoe.

Next, check the stitching and perforations on the heel. You can notice the same flaws as we discussed in our previous methods. Apart from that, the stitches of the fake pair seem to be placed closer to each other. 

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Heel Method

The Heel Texture Method

This part is pretty tricky, because the texture and pattern of the heel vary between authentic pairs. In general, the authentic texture is more deconstructed and messy, and the pattern itself is more dense.

On the fake pairs, however, the pattern has a more manufactured look and the pattern is not as random.

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Heel Texture Method

The Midsole Print Method

One of the last methods for today is the midsole print method, which requires you to look at the “AIR” print near the heel.

As you can see on the following fake VS real Jordan 1 Off-White NRG comparison, fake Jordans have a problem with the placement of the “AIR” text. It is placed too high compared to the original. 

In general, the text should be placed right in the middle of the insole, not too low and not too high. 

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Midsole Print Method

The Insole Method

The last method we are going to cover today is the insole method. The difference here is easily noticeable.

First of all, the color of the authentic insole is much lighter, it is baby blue rather than azure like it is on the replica. 

Secondly, the pattern of the insole is also wrong. The fake has straight vertical stripe pattern, while on the original the stripes are diagonal. 

Jordan 1 Off White NRG Fake vs Real Guide: The Insole Method

The Bottom Line

That brings us to the end of our guide. We hope you found this information helpful.

If you still need help with the authentication of your shoes, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Jordan 1 Off-White NRG authentication services!

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